Classic Cars, Race Cars, and Motorcycles Up For Auction

Some classic collections can tend to follow a single theme, and when they come up for sale, diversity can be lacking. There’s no danger of that with the JAB Collection, which was the work of John Begg. The collection is now set to be sold, and with a total of 281 lots on offer, it looks like there might be something for everyone. The auction will take place on June 14th in Springfield, Michigan. If you want to get a full idea of the lots on offer, you will find all of the information here at VanDerBrink Auctions.

This rather handsome 1935 Ford Cabriolet is just one of the classic cars that is on offer. This is an older restoration, and it has held up well. Powered by a flathead V8 engine with a manual transmission, it features pleated leather upholstery on both the bench seat and rumble seat. It hasn’t run in a while and has been in storage. Judging by the condition, the storage environment has been good, and it might not take much to return the car to the road.

If you are looking for something a bit newer and exotic, then maybe a 1996 Ferrari 456 GT Coupe might tick the boxes for you. The car runs but is said to need some work. The 5.5-liter V12 engine should produce 436hp, and send that to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission. The interior is grey leather, and the Ferrari is claimed to have traveled a mere 20,101 miles. As well as American and Italian cars, the collection includes some nice classics from Britain, France, and Sweden.

If turning left and going fast is what you love (and who doesn’t?), then you will have plenty of choice in this auction. This 1947 Kurtis Kraft-Chimnery Midget, complete with trailer might be a nice little thing to park in your workshop. With a fuel-injected Chevy II 4-cylinder engine, this little rocket boasts all that would have been the latest and greatest in equipment when it first hit the track. With a quick-change rear end and 4-wheel cross-drilled disc brakes, this would have been a potent piece of gear in its day.

The auction isn’t just restricted to complete vehicles, because there is also an incredible array of parts and complete engines up for grabs as well. This Ford flathead V8 is a great example. With Edmunds racing heads and a McCulloch supercharger, this would be a potent piece of gear to drop into any hot rod. The engine has been beautifully detailed and finished, and has been set up to run on a stand for a race car builder.

If 4-wheels is just too many for you, the assortment of motorcycles available is mouth-watering. There are plenty of speedway solos, but some incredibly nice classic road bikes as well. This 1952 Vincent Series C Rapide is one that really caught my eye. With a 1,000cc V-Twin engine, it was a pretty impressive bike in its day, with a claimed top speed of 110mph. The bike has been in storage, and it hasn’t run in a while. It might need a bit of coaxing to bring it back to life, but the bike does come with some unspecified extras.

As I said, the diversity is endless. If you long for a more sedate pace, then a vintage Doctor’s Buggy might be what you’re looking for. One thing is for sure, no matter what you might be looking for, there’s a reasonable chance that you will find it in this collection.


  1. Howard A Member

    This always bums me out. A fantastic collection, took a lifetime to gather, whoosh,,,gone in an afternoon. I had to look up that blue car. I’s the 1936 Pierce Arrow Town Car,,what a beast! And that Vincent, I know someone here that would love that bike, although, not going anywhere without a chain, which may lead me to believe it may be locked up. Still, what a bike. Some folks will get some nice stuff, although, a lot of it, there may not be a lot of interest anymore, like the Midget racers.
    This John Begg was quite an person, apparently. I always wonder how someone can amass a collection like this. Turns out, he was an engineer, that designed propane valves and fittings. If you’ve ever handled a propane tank, it’s a good bet his valves and fittings were on it. I read, this guy was a millionaire, but you’d never know it, wearing ragged clothes, drove an old Cadillac, even his family didn’t know the extent of his wealth until he died, I think he died, anyway, quite a story behind all this.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      It’s always sad to see a collection suddenly go on the auction block because the owner passed away and no one is interested in preserving the collection. But it has actually gone on for some time. The Long Island Auto Museum got its start from collections and parts of collections from the families of deceased collectors. Unfortunately when it was time to ‘move on’ that collection was sold off and busted up.

      Some millionaires are well-disguised. I remember when the police picked up an old man, in a ragged moth-eaten coat, ragged pants and mismatched boots, on the street just south of the city. He didn’t have any ID, or anything and he had somewhat of a speech impediment. With nothing to go on they just locked him up. The chief stopped by and noticed the old man in the cell. He went up front and said to the arresting officers: “Do you guys have any idea who you’ve got locked up back there?” Neither of them knew. The chief went on to tell them that the man was worth the better part of $10M. The guy was hauling grain to the elevators and ran out of gas. He was walking into town to phone one of his boys to bring him some gas…

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    • Gino Collalto

      Chain is on the other side, there is 2 sprockets so you can change the wheel around for different gear ratio

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  2. bull

    We are ALL just a caretaker when it comes to our STUFF.

    As the cute blond Jamie Colby says:

    “You Can’t Take It With You”!

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  3. Billy Banger

    Hello Howard, The Vincent motorcycle does have a chain on it, they drive from the other side, look were the chainguard is and if you look closely, you can see the chain. Vincent designed the wheel so that you could turn it round for different gearing, they had two sprockets on the wheel. My guess would be for solo and sidecar gearing. Cheers. Billy.

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    • Tirefriar

      Things you could do before the time of directional tires…

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  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Would I love to have some of these? You Betcha! Can I afford to pick up some of these? No way in heck.
    Still can dream.

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  5. luke arnott Member

    Vincents now make silly money, even the 500cc Comet.They were very expensive new, leaked oil for a pastime and the lights were useless.Still, cheaper than a Brough Superior!

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  6. Duff

    I’m thinkin’ the Doctor’s Buggy is BEGGIN’ for an LS!!

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  7. BR

    Interesting cooling system on that flattie. Should be good for 1/4 mile.

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  8. charlie Member

    A Brough Superior? British car with Hudson drivetrain? Have not heard of one for almost 50 years when I owned an MG with a Hudson drivetrain. But mine was an aftermarket conversion, sort of like putting a small block Chevie in anything else these days.

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    • luke arnott Member

      I meant Brough motorbikes (as in “The Rolls Royce of Motorcycles”).T E Lawrence was killed on one ( or murdered by MI5).Brough made about 90 cars as well,nearly all Hudson powered,though they did one with a Lincoln V12.

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      • James Member

        You can still see one of T.E. Lawrence’s Brough Superiors at The Imperial War Museum in London. I believe it is the one he was killed on. :( In real life it is a BEAST!!! Scary just to look at, let alone thinking about riding it!

  9. Charlie Member

    Being 77, and having owned 3 dozen cars and two bikes, I think I know a lot, but there is something new every day here.

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  10. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    More Maseratis than Maserati.

  11. Ted

    I need that midget, not want, need. If anyone can crowd fund for me I’ll make sure to take you as the passenger in every race I enter.

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