Clean Daily Classic? 1966 Dodge Dart 270 Wagon

Brian BirknerBy Brian Birkner

Clean and original classic Mopars that aren’t eaten up with rust are quite a rare find now a ‘days. With a beautiful original appearance, and plenty of space, this 1966 Dodge Dart 270 wagon is in excellent condition. Ready to drive, with room for friends, this great looking wagon is offered for $5,500! Check it out here on craigslist out of Fresno, California.

Under the hood the 225 cubic inch slant 6 engine is clean and backed by an automatic transmission. An Alloy radiator is present, and a great deal of maintenance has recently been performed. The brakes, exhaust, transmission seals and filter, as well as a brake master cylinder have been serviced. The seller eludes that more work has been completed, and this wagon appears not only clean, but in great running and driving condition as well. Although interior photos are lacking from the for sale ad, I would be will to bet the interior is quite nice, but possibly sports a few age marks from time and use.

From the outside, it is hard to find anything to quibble over. The paint is still shiny, although it could likely use a good waxing. Shiny and beautiful, the body trim and glass are in place without any apparent flaws. A set of rallye wheels are fitted spicing up this Dodge’s already great looks. Rust of any kind looks to be out of the question, and overall this looks like an incredible solid driver condition survivor. Could this Mopar wagon be your next classic daily driver?

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  1. leiniedude

    I think it looks really good with the rallye wheels. I wish I had a step van to trade. Shooting brake?

  2. RS

    Dandy car! A 318 and air conditioning would have made it perfect. The slant six is a great engine but guess where the distributor is…? Hint: under the side the direction the block is leaning. It was hard to get at on a Coronet, this looks tougher. Time to convert to electronic ignition.

    • Ed P

      Converting the distributor would be a good thing. They were hard to work on. But, the starter is easy to reach.

  3. Howard A Member

    For me, this would be absatively, posilutely perfect. Mid 60’s Dart/Valiant wagon, check, slant 6, check, automatic, double check. Interior probably rough, no pics, but these are simply unavailable in the midwest. I may be spending the winter in L.A. and I might just come back with something like this. Gotta hunt tho, last time I was there, couple years back, very, VERY few of these classics driving around. I took note of that. They are in alleys and back lots, though I’m sure little cities up the coast still have some of these types of cars. For me, this is the best BF yet.

    • Mountainwoodie

      jeeze…..don’t tell me yer speling is going to hell too……….Gimme a brake!

  4. Dolphin Dolphin Staff

    To me these ’60s slant-6 wagons are the Volvo family wagons, American style, with 2 more cylinders—a very good thing.

  5. Doug

    I had one in the late 70’s, used it as a tow car when going to money races so we could carry a spare ( motorcycle) engine and other bits. The thing ran great , got decent mileage, only problem was overheating. Apparently the car had been in
    non-op status for an extended period of time, and back then, few cars from the 50’s-60’s in the central part of California ever had anything but plain old water in the cooling system. I had the system flushed at a radiator shop, and the very next weekend the car was boiling going up a long grade – the radiator was clogged with rust. I got one of those Prestone flush and fill kits that fit into the heater hose, and flushed a ton of rust out. Apparently, there was so much rust and scale in the block that there was no way to get it all out, and every time we tried running it up a long grade it would want to overheat, even with an electric fan, due to the rust breaking loose and clogging the radiator. I finally bought a totalled Valiant and put that slant six engine in – no more problems !

  6. Bruce Fischer

    I would be willing to trade my BIG 56 Mopar for a Mopar station wagon with one of those bullet proof 6 cylinder motors. Bruce.

  7. John

    The 225 slant 6 had a bad habit of wearing out every half million miles or so. Unless you put synthetic oil in them, that is. No one is really sure how far they will go with Mobil 1. None of them have stopped yet. My wife’s mother had one. She traded it in for a Mustang. I warned her that they were just a passing fad. She wouldn’t’ listen. Her daughter was just like her.

  8. Rustytech

    I have many fond memories of these. My father in law and I each had two. He had a 2 door sedan and a wagon that looked much like this one. I had a 4 door sedan 65, and a GT hardtop, all but the GT were slant 6’s. Great running cars and would have lasted forever except for the mid Atlantic salt. We patched them several times, but the tin worm eventually won. I miss them all.

  9. chad

    owned/drove this very car (well, darker blue) & a another ’64. When the body rusted off the ’64 bought the ’66. Engine blew’n put the ’64 into the ’66. Drove all around the parameter states, both coasts & north’n south (took 1 yr off as a late 20s something) loaded down w/all my cast iron pots’n pans, skis, etc. A 300K motor. Both were 170s. Now into the ‘falcon’ motors (sm six: 144, 170, 200, 250; ‘big six’: 240, 300).
    Back east/yrs later drove a fleet of cabs but now Kcars. Just as reliable…

  10. RNR

    No interior pics? If this thing was in Boston I’d pay $5,500 if it didn’t have any seats!

  11. Alexander

    Slant sixes make the sweetest noise when fitted with headers! I still miss my ’77 Aspen wagon!

    • Ed P

      Alex you scare me. My 78 Aspen wagon was a nightmare of problems. It turned me off on Chrysler cars ever since.

  12. Chuck Pierce

    It sure is a sweet car. Noted the new aluminum radiator and the aftermarket Holley carb. Maybe someone with an itch to go to the drags? A header, and an aluminum intake, race gas and go get some time slips! (probably about 17.5s) I’d drive her, for sure! Chuck in Kansas


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