Clown Car To Barn Car: 1949 Austin Devon


Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

This 1949 Austin Devon has a history of circus use (!) before being stored in a barn for over 20 years. Now it’s been pulled out of the barn and is up for sale in Appleton, Wisconsin for $1,400. Thanks to Robert R for submitting this find!  It’s advertised here on craigslist. While more than 450,000 Devons were built, they are unusual to see today, especially in the United States. We don’t know anything more about this particular car, and even the advertiser is selling it for their landlord. There’s no title, although there are ways to legally acquire one depending on your location; check details before you purchase! There are parts available from specialists, even over here, so don’t be afraid of taking this one on if it captures your fancy. Does it?

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  1. cory

    I’m selling for my landlord, but there is no title. Uhh, sure. Better follow up with that landlord before cash changes hands

  2. Pete

    It kind of bugs me how pre-70’s cars are advertised as ‘no title’. There
    were no titles then, only registrations. A bill of sale should suffice to
    re-register them if they are not found on a stolen roster and they pass

  3. Bob Lichty

    I can live with “not running”, and “Selling for landlord”, but “No title” is the kiss of death. Next.

  4. Tirefriar

    Looks like a miniature late 30’s Ford sedan, no?

  5. francisco

    Send this guy money, and you’ll find out who the clown is.

  6. Howard A Member

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