Collection Liquidation: Stash of Mercedes-Benz 220S Sedans

This listing is for a large stash of Mercedes-Benz 220S sedans, all left outside for quite some time and ranging from pure parts cars to potentially restorable projects. This series of Mercedes sedan is known as the W180 chassis, also known as a Ponton in enthusiast circles. It’s not the most desirable model when found in base-spec sedan form, which is what this seller has seemingly accumulated in bulk quantities. The listing cites rare parts as the main driver for exploring what he has for sale, but I wonder how many enthusiasts are actively restoring this model, which is far from the top of the food chain as it relates to the most collectible classes. Find the listing here on craigslist in Littleton, Colorado.

The top photo shows what looks like a fairly roached parts car; this sedan and the next one both appear largely complete. To acquire multiple versions of the same model is a fascination I’ve never quite understood, as it seems to me that once you’ve experienced one, you’ve seen them all, especially with a car as standardized as this. Mercedes wasn’t in the game of making wild varieties of the same model, at least not at this point in its history, so the seller must simply be a fan of the W180 line. Given these cars reside in Colorado, the good news is that the bodywork is likely quite sound.

Glass looks good on these cars as well, along with the chrome trim like the bumpers and headlight rings. The seller also cites decent pieces of wood trim from the interiors as being savable, but doesn’t cite whether the mechanical bits can be re-used as well. These were fairly long-lived models with simple inline-six powerplants that weren’t particularly powerful but did withstand a fair amount of abuse. The seller notes that every car on his property will come with a clean title, which makes it possible to justify a long-range purchase if you share the same enthusiasm for this chassis as he does. Note the front European license plate holder on this car -a possible gray market example?

This is perhaps the best one of them all, at least that he’s photographed. The hubcaps are still present along with the optional driving lamps. The Ponton models are most desirable in two-door and drop top form, so the sedans have always been cheap to buy. That’s probably an obstacle for the seller here, as those owners are few and far between and also aren’t likely spending big bucks on an OEM-correct restoration. But I’m sure there’s someone out there who could happily spend a day at this seller’s property scooping up untold spares that have long since vanished from parts shelves and production lines everywhere. Would you take any of these Pontons home for restoration purposes?


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  1. delboy

    In my town back in the 60s, they were used as taxis. Disappeared quickly when the Department Of Transport approved the newly arrived Toyota Crowns for driving duty. A friend’s father had the white 2.2 litre Ponton exactly like the one pictured in the last shot. We occasionally got a lift in it to school. The cheap sod would make us push start it 50 feet to incline so he didn’t have to waste the starter motor or fuel.

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    • Solosolo Member

      Back in 1965 I drove 1964 MB 190 diesel fintail taxis in Durban, South Africa, and they were magnificent. Having never driven a Merc before I found the quality to be outstanding. No drag strip kings but lovely to drive.

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    • Ike Onick

      Ha! You had it easy!! In my town back in the 60s, the cheap sod driving our school bus made us push start the bus, on an incline, in the rain, both ways, twice a day.

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      • Cobra Steve

        You had it easy! We had to push the school bus over snow-covered roads! Took a real team effort….

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  2. Terrry

    These were quality automobiles, built like a brick outhouse. They’ll never win an auto fashion show but they’d always get you there and back.

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    • Ike Onick

      Just curious- Has anyone ever seen a brick outhouse?

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      • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

        Outhouse find

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      • Ike Onick

        Thanks! Now I don’t have to waste any more time thinking about that.

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    • markc

      I disagree on the build- they were unibody cars that would have big rust issues like any other

  3. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    The W180 is one of my favorite Silver Stars. The fact that they are not rusted into the earth with trees growing out of them, like most that I see, is definitely a plus. IMO, the only thing that would make them better is if they were fitted with oil burners.

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  4. Kenn

    A chance to own a Mercedes at an affordable price will attract some buyers. Not everyone is looking for outstanding style or performance. Comfort and reliability count for a lot, and the Mercedes marque adds the panache.

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  5. Kenn

    Ike, I don’t know where Bluetec320’s is, but there used to be one on a back road north of St Johns, MI many years ago. Which I had occasion to use! (We called it a ceramic deficatorium to impress the ladies…)

    • Ike Onick

      And I’ll bet they were impressed!

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