Cool Custom: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

The owner of this 1968 Camaro believes that the car received the custom treatment at some point in the early 1980s, but given the style of the graphics that have been applied to the car, it may actually date back further than that. Regardless of this, it is an essentially solid car, and while it might not be original, it could easily serve as an ongoing insight into a long-past era in vehicle customization. The Camaro is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $23,750, although the option is available to make an offer.

Looking at the Camaro, the first thing that grabs your eye is the custom paint. I’ve had a careful look at the supplied photos, and I believe that these have all been applied by hand, and there is actually some fairly nice and skillful airbrush work apparent on the Camaro’s flanks. While the owner does refer to the fact that he believes that the work may have been performed in the early 1980s, the style of the graphics could easily date back as far as the early to mid-1970s. In addition to this, someone has taken a lot of time and effort over the steel fender flares, and this takes the already tough looks of the car up a notch. However, the car is far from perfect. There are a few chips and scrapes around the car, but thankfully, the majority of these appear to be in the white base paint, rather than in the graphics. There is a crack in the hood where the scoop has been molded in, while there is also rust appearing around the rear window. There is a small amount of rust visible in the bottoms of the fenders, and this is unfortunate because that does encroach into the airbrush work. Matching that following repairs will not be an easy job.

Given the external appearance of the car, I don’t think that it will come as any surprise to learn that this is not a numbers-matching vehicle. The owner mentions the fact that the Camaro has what he believes to be an original 33,000 miles on the odometer, but given the fact that the car is now fitted with a 350ci crate engine and a 350 automatic transmission, I don’t really see the mileage claim as a major selling point myself. That combination, allied to the 12-bolt rear end, should see the Camaro performing quite nicely. The Camaro has also recently received new tires, new brakes, a new fuel pump, and the Holley carburetor has been rebuilt. The owner doesn’t inform us as to how well the car runs and drives, but I would expect that it should perform both tasks fairly well.

The interior of the Camaro does present very well, but once again, originality is not the key. The bench front seat is original, and all of the upholstered surfaces and the carpet look to be in good condition. Beyond that, the car has been fitted with an aftermarket tachometer and other auxiliary gauges to monitor the health of the 350. I am quite surprised by the fact that there is no aftermarket stereo, as this is something that I really did expect to find. However, the Hurst shifter and aftermarket wheel are well within character for this vehicle.

If you are a person fixated on originality, then this Camaro certainly isn’t for you. It would be conceivable to return the car to a more stock appearance, but I think that to do this would be a real shame. In its day, this Camaro must have been as sharp and as cool as cars came, and it is still a really interesting car today. If the next owner could address the few apparent issues without disturbing the look of the car, then I believe that it would certainly continue to attract its fair share of attention well into the future.


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  1. Steve R

    It’s cool as a period piece. I think you are right, it looks 70’s, not 1980’s. I don’t think the seller knows, he might not even care. It’s probably priced high since it only really serves one purpose, as a throwback “day two” car. Someone has been throwing later parts at it, whoever buys it would be wise to find some vintage speed equipment for the engine and guages.

    Steve R

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    • Chris M.

      Great summary of a car with a mistaken identity.

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    • Rosco

      Awesome custom Camaro, but would hardly call it a throwback “day two” car. Mechanical repairs if needed, a few paint touch ups, repair the area around the rear window, and drive it.

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  2. Troy s

    There are definitely things about this car that ring early eighties, but I believe this freak has been an evolving project since ’69 or ’70. Those are sharp looking wheels and not eighties at all. At some point this probably had a nasty rat under the hood, or very highly strung mouse motor. Seems like I’ve seen this car elsewhere.

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    • Fahrvergnugen Farhvergnugen Member

      Yes a rat would seem likely, especially as that scoop cries out for a high rise manifold or blower. It also needs to use those arches properly and get slammed.

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  3. TimM

    I hate buying something that is someone else’s idea of what is cool!! I would loose the front and rear flares and send the paint job back to John Travolta and he could use it in a remake of one of those 80’s disco movies he did!! It looks straight but you know there’s plastic in those flares!! To each his own!! Just my opinion!!!

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  4. 68custom

    neat car, be worth a look and trying to figure out how close to original it is/was. the bench seat and deluxe interior is rarely seen so it makes you wonder if perhaps its a street freak from the mid to late seventies, or a hodge podge of parts thrown together? neat car regardless!

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I admit the paint job and flairs harken back to the 70’s, though the paint typically was on a van and not a street car. Personally I think today most people would be more inclined to repaint it more inline with a stock color.

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  6. DRV

    I can’t tell if those Keystone rims are the original brand or Cragars. Either way it puts them in the late 60’s . They could have been bought later , but rarely did anyone retro rod in the 70’s. Too bad about the rust.

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  7. rpol35

    I haven’t seen a paint job like this in years, probably not since the mid to late ’70’s.

    I knew this person years ago who had a really clean ’68 Nova with a 327 CI, 325 HP engine (really rare) and finished in the original plain, red lacquer. He had a similar paint “experience” like this one applied to it and stupidly parked it at a shopping center in a real shaky part of town, The car got stolen and was never recovered.

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    Now this is one Camaro that I WOULDN’T walk right past at a car show. Love that paint and flares. If there was ever a car that was screaming for an LS swap and a blower its this one. Seller is dreaming on that price though.

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  9. Classic Steel

    My cousin in the late 70s used to do this to 67-69 Camaros on the side for extra cash . It looks just like one of them in 1978 Etc.
    Ahh the good old days of 1200 dollar muscle cars in running condition 😎
    I suggest leave it alone and-put classic
    retro license plates on the car and drive it like you stole it 😉. The only other Possible add would be some
    massive exhaust side pipes

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  10. Chillywind


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  11. Desert rat

    First off those are keystone wheels, the first custom wheels I every bought for a car were these brand/style wheels, as for the rest of the car I’d touch up the paint slap on the afore mentioned side pipes and stuff in a big block with a blower setting on top . Now this would stand out at the local cruse night!

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  12. Morley

    The 70’s where not kind to cars or society . I think it was a sad time in our history. Crush it an put everyone out of their misery–including the car. Morley

  13. dogwater

    Get the DA out start sanding, could be a lot of mud below look at the hood scoop,flares etc

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  14. Big Rob

    It’s a period piece, love it or hate. Personally, I love it. These cars were a dime a dozen back then. I got my drivers license in 1983, and we bought and sold these, along with many other makes and models, between a grand and 1500 dollars. Definitely the good old days. If we had been a little smarter, instead of driving them into the ground, we would have been storing them somewhere to retire on! Hindsight is 20/20 as they say!

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  15. Tort Member

    Nice paint if you were driving it back in the seventies however way overpriced if you were to bring it back out of that era. Do and enjoy doing most of all the work on projects except when it comes to a quality paint job and if you have had a show quality classic car painted you know it’s very pricey. Not having a 302 or big block and a crate motor brings value down along with the fender flares. Nice car overall if priced lower.

  16. Bob McK Member

    This beautiful car is a perfect example of why I would never customize a car. The person that does it will love it, but the resale market is very limited and its value is much less than one that has been kept stock. (in most cases)

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    • Troy s

      @BobMcK,, you are completely spot on about why someone would customize a car like this, or any other number of cars, it was always for the love of it or maybe lust is a better word.
      Never about a return investment, never back years ago…

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  17. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    No Sale at $23,750. (?)

  18. Comet

    This style of paintjob was popular on the early to mid 70’s show car circuit. I remember the extravagant displays with lots of mirrors, lights, and strategically placed fake fur. Time is a cruel thief.

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    • Chris M.

      Lol!! I remember! Do you recall when putting stuffed animal toys in the back seat or rear deck speaker was the fad? Not only tacky but also very creepy!

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  19. jerry z

    I would make a copy of the “Aloha Bobby and Rose” Camaro. It already has the flares, just get some wheels that will fill up them up!

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  20. KevinLee

    Exactly my thought too, jerry z! I think it’s probably one of the movie cars ever, not to mention what a badass hot rod it was.

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  21. Shawnga Shawn G Member

    I’m going to check up on this car. Looks like one I remember some people owning in the late 70s, in west-central Illinois. I thought they used to drag race it. Gonna check with one of the gentleman’s daughter.

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  22. Smoore

    Re doing the car now the car had hardly any rust one of the best camaros iv ever took apart factory ss 12 bolt car

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