Coupe Survivor: 1976 Jaguar XJ6C

This pretty 1976 Jaguar XJ6 coupe is, in my view, one of the prettiest cars you can buy for under $20,000 today. While this era of the XJ6 is typically marred by shoddy build quality and finicky electronics, the loyal factions that keep buying them have no doubt identified most of the hot spots for trouble. This example appears to have been in the hands of the right sort of owner for most of its life, and while the odometer has likely rolled over at least once, the condition remains impressive for an unrestored car. The Jaguar is listed here on eBay where the seller is asking $17,000 with the option to submit a best offer.

To me, any coupe that does away with the thick B-pillar to create the appearance of open-air cruising is destined to be gorgeous. It’s a design I wish more manufacturers had the courage to employ, as a coupe with its two front windows and rear quarter glass rolled all the way down is one of the prettiest sights you’ll see. At this stage of the XJ6, the larger, U.S.-mandated safety bumpers were the norm, but Jaguar did a better job than other manufacturers at masking their appearance within the pretty chrome bumpers. The Jaguar doesn’t appear to suffer from any body damage or rust, and the seller notes that even the floors are solid.

I know of one of these in a small private collection on Cape Cod, at a place called Toad Hall Sports Cars. I last visited it years ago and was disappointed to see some colleagues take a trip to the museum and report back with photos showing the bodywork between the trunk and rear glass had gaping holes in it. You do have to treat these coupes with care, as the bodywork is more fragile than you’d expect. The same goes for the cabins, where the acres of real wood trim is susceptible to sun damage and warping. This one is better than most dashes I’ve seen in unrestored cars over the years, but it will still need restoration if you want a perfect dash.

The seller notes the Jaguar “….starts on the button every time.” The engine bay presents well, not overly detailed but also quite tidy. The six-cylinder should prove less meddlesome to deal with than the 12, even if the bigger engine seems to only enhance the inherent sexiness of a car like this. The deep green paint and biscuit interior is a terrific look on a Jaguar of practically any vintage, but it works quite well here. The seller’s asking price is not unreasonable, but it never hurts to see if it can be acquired for less. Jaguar sedans of this variety are a dime a dozen, but clean coupes don’t turn up that often – would you make a run at this one if you’re in the market?


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  1. Dave Suton

    Love these coupes. Elegant and timeless. If you have any engine issues, reliable chevrolet 5.7 drops right in and easily hooks up the the hydramatic. Lucas electrical systems would be my only worry

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    • jo6pac

      They make replacement wiring harness for them. There is a company that makes all the motor mounts also. I saw one done a 350 chevy it was sweet.

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  2. John

    Re the Lucas electrical, you can purchase a NOS jar of smoke on ebay quite reasonably so it should not be to much of a worry.

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  3. alphasud Member

    Please don’t put a SBC in this one! Save that for the standard 4-door. That in-line 6 is a wonderful engine and as few of these were produced they are collectable. If someone from the UK sees this listing it will be on the first ship back to the homeland.

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  4. CCFisher

    These are beautiful cars. This one is missing its vinyl roof, so there’s probably a repaint in its history.

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  5. Ben T.Spanner

    I wish it had a small block Chevy. it would then be worth $8500 and be in my garage.

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  6. Maestro1 Member

    Be in touch with the Seller and ask him/her about making a cash offer right now. You can’t steal the car, but a minor reduction in proce would be helpful.
    I’ve driven several but never owned a Chevrolet powered car, and they were what you would expect, smooth and trouble free. You can get the same result from the existing drive train if you know these cars really well or are near someone who does.
    I have space restrictions otherwise I’d be on the phone………
    Thanks for this. The cars aren’t very common.

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  7. angliagt angliagt Member

    When going to look at cars like this,take a friend who
    is level-headed,& non-emotional.
    I went & looked at a XJ6L 4 door,in that great maroon
    color.Seems the fuel pump quit,& the owner let it sit for a few
    I came back, with a Friend who was a great mechanic,
    & talked me out of it.Came to the conclusion that I’d be better off
    taking a cutting torch,& cut a hole in the trunk lid,& throw $100 bills
    into it!

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  8. Ed

    At the junkyard I frequent, there are always two or three of these in the yard, either the wiring is on fire or the engine has exploded. I have been tempted to get one of these, but a total wiring job and/or engine repairs is a bit out of my patience level. It is always nice to see one that is well kept though.

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  9. tompdx Member

    I had a Jag with a V-8 conversion. It was such a beautiful car (’62 Mk II sedan) that I thought I could get over the abortion under the hood. Unfortunately, I never could. Sold it after 6 months. Please don’t ruin Jaguars with SBCs.

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    • oilngas

      Nothing worse than a Jag that sounds like an Impala when you crank it. There was a Dallas shop called John’s Jags. He had a kit to install the 700R4. That was nice. Dropped RPM 500 on the hiway. Quiet and smooth behind the 6.

  10. Gerard Frederick

    No, no, no, no! A Jag with a Chevy V-8 is not ruining it, it´s turning it into a car! But why buy something that is infamous for lousy engine reliability coupled to perennially sick Lucas electrics? Frankly these things are worse than anything excepting maybe an older Maserati. I always felt it was an insult to offer this stuff for sale. The arrogance of the manufacturer was legendary.

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  11. Gregory Stegall

    I’ve owned four XJ’s over the years. Find a good Jag mechanic and send him a bottle of his favorite scotch once in a while. You’d be amazed what a bite this will take on maintenance!

  12. Harry

    You Americans really like to ruin every car with that 65 year old engine called small block chevy..? Why? Why take out 250hp Jag engine and drop 160hp chevy in? I dont know if i should laugh or cry.

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  13. Gerard Frederick

    Well Harry, we Americans know a good engine when we see it and also know a POS when we see it. We are funny that way.

  14. Al

    Fascinating comments from guys who from what I see here have never picked up a tool or a multimeter. I bought the car. The ad is a bit outdated.

  15. Gerard Frederick

    Good luck to you Al. Hopefully you will not be required to pick up too many tools too many times!

    • Al

      What many don’t seem to understand is WHY some seek out these cars. The sheer joy we get laying hands on something that has so much character. I have owned & maintained over 50 cars in my 76 years from Detroit, Europe & Japan. American vehicles. The differences are striking, like comparing Heide Klum to the Housewives of New Jersey.

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