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Crazy 1938 Ford Cab Over Custom

1934 Ford Cab Over Custom

It’s not a barn find, but this custom creation deserves a mention just because it’s crazy cool! Someone has done a ton of work here. The body is riding on a newer van chassis and there’s a V8 mounted midship. There’s a custom interior and a ton of little surprises to be found throughout. The seller mentions that it’s more of a cruiser than a racer, but the work done does seem high quality. There’s a ton of interest here on eBay where the auction ends tomorrow night!

Custom Interior

Although the majority of us here may prefer original classics, we can all appreciate all the hard work that went into building this. Custom fabrication is an art form and some guys are good at it and some are not. I think it’s safe to say that the guy who put this together is pretty talented.

Mid Mounted V8

There’s a shot of the engine mounted way up in the chassis. The much needed air bag system is also back there. This thing was built more for looks than performance, but it’s not like any cab over truck ever was quick. At least they upgraded the brakes an suspension with discs up front and sway bars on both ends.

Custom Tail

Checkout the rear end treatment! The spiked lug nuts, flamed sidepipe, and pirate sticker are a little over the top for me, but I supposed they go with the theme here. The worn paint did give this truck a “barn findy” look, but the seller mentions that it’s actually faux patina. Oh well, it’s all for fun. I just cant help but wonder if I could build something similar for less. How about you guys?


  1. jaygryph

    That’s a heck of a build. I’d happily rock that all day long, though I do agree the lug nuts, flame part of the side pipe, and autozone skull emblem could go back on the shelf to make it a much cleaner looking vehicle overall. Neat find!

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  2. Blueprint

    Coolest. Truck. Ever.

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  3. Chris in WNC

    crazy good workmanship, just not my style…….

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  4. Dairymen


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  5. Dairymen

    By the way it’s a 1938

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  6. David C

    I think as in any custom build the builder always struggles to make the project appealing to multiple buyers if they intend to sell. Personal taste always enters into it.
    There are some things about this that I don’t care for and would change but there is sooo much to like!! Very cool.

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  7. hhaleblian

    I need my mommy

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  8. Chris in Nashville

    Love it… But would never buy it.

    Would rather have nice paint than fake patina and never will you see me in a truck with an unusable bed!

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  9. Rob

    too bad they went the SBC route in a Ford truck. It’s enough to stop me from purchasing it. Ford engines go in Fords, Chevy engines go in Chevys, etc.

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    • Rocco


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    • Randy

      Should have put a diesel in it. Especially a truck this big. A Cummins or Powerstroke would have been a lot more appealing to the truck guys.

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Hi Randy. That seems to be the trend these days: Get a written off truck like a Ford 550 and adapt the cab/body to the chassis to make one classy hauler. There’s one drawback that is gaining momentum: some DMV’s are balking at registering the chassis from a previously written-off vehicle. If the vehicle has been sold for junk, that’s OK; but if a vehicle has been totalled, that might be a problem. I might add that I know of a situation where the donor truck was a recovered stolen (and partially stripped) vehicle and the new owner ran into the same problem.

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      • Horse Radish

        What else is new:
        DMV burocrats giving you grief, as they are just trying to cover their behind in terms of liability

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  10. JW

    A lot of quality craftsmanship here but as stated the SBC in a Ford turns me off.

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  11. Howard A Member

    Incredible build here. Like it or not, this is where the hobby is going. While the looks aren’t to my taste, it sure is a neat truck.

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  12. John

    This has Steam Punk cool all over it. This will not appeal to the masses but it definitely rocks, the fluidity, the build, the post apocalyptic feel, it all renders down to one thing…awesome!

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  13. hearsetrax

    curious project with ample potential

    but after I got rid of the spikes and replaced the sbc with a decent ford crate motor

    and redid the paint …might make for a curious toy

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  14. 70 king

    nice build! love the irony of a chevy motor in a ford, like 5.0 mustangs running LS motors at the strip.

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  15. Dan h

    that truck is bad to the bone

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  16. Dave Wright

    The workmanship looks great……..but this thing is Ugly……..

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  17. Danno

    That looks spectacular. I’m guessing it’s being driven in a parking lot because it can’t turn sharply enough to make a street corner.

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  18. Van

    This Beggs for a custom 5th wheel toy hauler.

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  19. MikeK

    There are times when it’s a good thing I don’t have tons of disposable income. This is one of those times! Love it.

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  20. Mark S

    I’m going to join the Ford motors for fords Chevy motors for chevy’s. But a cumins diesel would be a good option. Secondly what’s wrong with putting a decent paint job on this truck. I would paint it forest green with black fenders. I’d pinstripe it with gold pinstripe. Finally I’d get rid of the oversized wheels in favor of standard one ton wheels painted to match the green body colour. and raise the ride a small amount.

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  21. guggie

    pet peeve with me,
    beautiful old Ford truck or car and they shove a chevy 350 in it , Ford is a Ford keep it that way !

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  22. Jerry L

    Ford small blocks don’t fit in 1940 vintage Fords as they are too long. The choice is to tear out the great looking firewall or use a small block Chevy. I have a 1940 Ford pickup with the original firewall. The Chevy engines are much cheaper as well and can be repaired by almost any idiot including yours truly. SBT.

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    • jimbosidecar

      The Chevy crate motors are cheap, no doubt, but a 289 Ford is dimensionally smaller than any Chevy small block. There is a similar truck in my neighborhood that the owner planted a small 4 cylinder diesel into (Perkins?)

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  23. Greg

    I built this on a Chevy 3/4 ton van chassis. It’s air bagged for the comments regarding the ride height. I had the engine and tranny laying around so I used them. In retrospect maybe the skulls could go, I did put red led lights in the skulls eyes, looked cool at night. Glad people liked it

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  24. Kris Schwennsen

    I’ve got a 55 C-700 that is getting a 350 in because like this builder, it’s available and repairable. Good luck finding 352 parts or upgrades. I want mine to be reliable, updateable and drivable. Otherwise, I’m putting the engine up front which is even harder on a cab over but might have plenty of room for a hidden super charger or huge twin turbos…

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