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Crazy Custom Shoebox: 1950 Ford

If you squint just enough, you can maybe, just barely see a 1950 Ford there somewhere. This is one custom car, whether it’s to everyone’s, or anyone’s, liking is another question. It can be found on eBay with a single bid of $2,500 and there is no reserve with another six days left on the auction. How high will this one go? And, in case you’re wondering, “there are 144 spokes on each rim”.

Bumper? I ain’t got no bumper! I don’t need no bumper! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ bumper! I wonder if a certain “Mike” from Count’s Kustoms was an inspiration for this car? The trunk lid looks pretty good, but the panel gaps are all over the map on this custom shoebox Ford. It makes a person wonder if a tube frame was used to hold things together before the car was cut apart, like on a standard restoration. Standard restoration? What am I thinking?!

According to the seller, the car’s body from front to back is all 1950 Ford. And, in all fairness, this could be a good start to a super nice, or at least a super interesting, custom work of car art. But, I think they’re done with it, calling it a rat rod and could those plastic surgery scars have been meant to be there forever without being covered up, in some sort of hide-your-children-and-run-for-your-lives sort of scary-car creation way? It’s on air bags with a Chevy S-10 front and rear clip. Isn’t that like giving someone a blood transfusion using Keith Richards’ blood? The intermingling of species doesn’t end there!

The clutch pedal looks pretty nice. No, I’m kidding, the seller did a ton of work here, including putting in Geo Tracker seats. I say, including putting in Geo Tracker seats. In a 1950 Ford. The purist in me is cringing inside, but hey, that’s why they call it a custom, it’s not stock nor is it meant to be. This car has been clear-coated on the inside and out, which leads me to believe that they’re either done with the car or they’re trying to slow down the surface rust a bit until it can be completed. Or, is it completed? The doors look a little rough, but you’ll have room for your luggage behind the seats. And about that shifter, it’s the standard 47.039-inch-tall rat rod shifter. But, no skull shift knob? Come on! There are no engine photos showing the “305 Chevy small block engine. The transmission is an automatic 700R with aluminum cooling unit underneath. Car has steel headers, electric fuel pump, weland intake and a 4 barrel electric pump that works off the key.” Let us know your thoughts on this Ford/Chevy custom!


  1. hans grafftenberg

    I honestly don’t even know where to start. It is bad on every single level. I know for damn sure I wouldn’t want it on the same roads my wife and kid are driving on. I feel sorry for the old pickup cab in the background. Surely he has been collecting tractor parts and shopping carts to cut up to weld to it.

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  2. JW

    Here’s my usual response to something this weird. Hey I wouldn’t mind Keith Richards blood, he’s got to have the best / most good genes on the planet to survive all these years while smoking cigarettes / pot / other drugs / alcohol then with a rockers hectic road lifestyle and he still plays a mean guitar at his age.

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  3. Kincer Dave

    I don’t know what to say, I mean, really?! Was there even any type of measuring device used in this project, everything looks like it was done by eye. I’m sorry I usually don’t bash anyone’s car to each their own but this thing is junk, to even make this into anything appealing would take a fortune.

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    • TC.

      The choice of carpet color looks half okay, it’s all downhill from there on in !!

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  4. Rocko

    Maybe the guy wanted to start his own Reality TV show….

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  5. EJB

    I like customs and all, and I appreciate that if it’s your car you can do what you want with it but; I just threw up in my mouth a little while looking at this.

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  6. rustylink

    that is one sad looking chop – the rear window alone makes me a little sad. I think he did a dis-service by clear coating it. Letting it rust in peace seems more dignified.

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  7. Dennis

    I agree with the monkey ! What a waste of time, energy and a car. Just think what other thoughts the owner thinks of, wow ! The wheels, the money should say it twice, once for the car and once for the wheels !

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  8. Bob Hess

    The Alpha conversion should look pretty good to you folks after this one….

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    • audifan

      That’s so true, even so it was definitely no Alpha conversion of an Alfa Romeo.

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  9. sir mike

    Take off all the good Ford parts to sell,sell off the Chevy mtr/trans and give the rest a decent burial.

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  10. Jay E.

    This project is “off” on so many levels, could it actually be considered art? Naahh, that would be like calling a childs painting a Picasso. But hey, even Picasso started somewhere.

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  11. erikj

    Yeak,This is one of the first times a car of any makeup like this scared me!!!
    Yes what a waste of time and a 50 ford. I agree sell off the parts and give the rest a decent burial. Sorry if this offended any.
    Know I shall try to have some coffee and eat breakfast.

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  12. Fred W.

    “Rust in Peace” is the only rust related pun I have ever heard Mike Wolfe (American Pickers) NOT use. But it certainly applies to this Frankenshoebox. Probably the scariest looking creation ever seen on BF.

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  13. Rustytech Member

    Looks like horney Mike from count’s custom was in on this one. Mad Max sequel anyone?

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  14. terry

    Those wheels totally ruin this car’s looks.

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  15. Howard A Member

    Now just a ding-dang diddly minute, I think it’s really cool. I like most rat-rods, because they are so different. Trouble is, and this is nothing new, it’s very hard to find someone that shares your vision. Are the wheels funky, yeah, the proportions off, well, yeah, but I see a bunch of buddies getting together after work, and whatever the inspiration, came up with this. I’m sure many a cutting torch tank and welding rods went into this. I bet it’s fun to drive.

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    • Jeffro

      You forgot to add the beer in your equation. Buddies + Beer + Inspiration= Whatever the hell this is supposed to be

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    • jaygryph

      I dunno, it still feels weird when I agree with you, but yeah, I think this is pretty cool for two reasons that many many much better thought out projects do not have.

      It runs.

      It drives.

      I’ve seen a lot of ‘some day’ nice car projects and heard a whole lot of excuses from guys as to why their rigs are laid up. This ugly ass thing runs and drives, and it’s cheap.

      If this car runs and drives, what the hell is your excuse for why your hotrod does not? It’s a car right? It’s got wheels right? They roll for a reason right? Here this ugly hackjob is, being more able to function as a car (albiet one that will give you tetanus) than so many peoples project cars.

      Ya know how all these cars ended up in barns? It’s because they were someones ‘some day’ project they never got around to, I imagine while looking longingly at a car shows and drives that they didn’t get to take part in, badmouthing the people in their lowly, badly built, cheapo crap cans who are actually out enjoying them and having a good time.

      I hope someone gets this and does a bunch of burnouts, and slides it across a grass field, and piles all their buddies into it for a memorable rough and tumble trip to a car show. I hope they wave at the guys standing around in polo shirts talking about their stalled projects.

      I hope it motivates some of them.

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  16. Mike

    Horrible chop job. Right side of rear window is smaller than left. Scary.

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  17. JACKinNWPA Jack NW PA Member

    Drinkin’ and a weldin’ weldin’ and a drinkin’ don’t know what I’m thinkin’ when I’m weldin and a drinkin’. ….now that should be a song!

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  18. Dusty Stalz

    I didn’t see anything about it being registered and it’s not plated by the look of it. Wouldn’t pass inspection where I’m from with the battery in the passenger footwell and ‘lecksand’ windows. I hope this car wasn’t in too good a shape before it was mutilated.

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    • Mark S

      You beat me to it I couldn’t agree more there is nowhere that I can think of where this poor mutilated car would pass an inspection I don’t even no where to begin to comment on how many things I see wrong with this build if you don’t know what your doing you should stay the f**k away from cutting tools and welding equipment. If the roof welds are that scary can you imagine the frame welds. I’d be afraid that it would brake in half while traveling down the road. Someone should call this guy and tell him to read the barn find comments and just maybe he will stay away from this kind of thing until he gets some training. Again as others have said part it out and crush what is left before someone gets killed.

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      • Jeffro

        Actually, I’ve seen worse on road in Georgia.

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  19. Chebby

    The little gray rabbit in the passenger seat is a clue: this is Frank the Bunny’s ride

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    They could not have had a measuring tape of any kind/ Every thing on this thing is crooked. Where would you start to repair it? The person who did this to this vehicle has some serious issues. Why clear coat every thing, waste of money. I do not like bashing other peoples dreams but this thing is a nightmare. Sorry to put it this way but from 0-10 with ten being the highest it’s JUNK.

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  21. Larry K

    A good car for a villain. Maybe the Joker.

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  22. CCFisher

    This is not a rat rod. It’s a bat rod. As in, “body work performed using a baseball bat,” or “hit it with a bat until it dies.”

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  23. D Grass

    I think crayons and a 2 year old played a big part in this build.

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  24. redwagon

    contrary to what many have expressed here i like the overall design. i like the way it looks – low and wide – i like the stance. i could do without the organ pipe exhaust and the spikes on the hood, no thanks.

    however, i am in complete agreement on the quality of the work. even if i excuse the fact that it may not be completed the misshapen rear window, the rough doors, the welds that look like they may never look good, the battery in the passenger foot well (no way to bring a friend!) all scream poorly executed.

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  25. Joe Haska

    I can’t believe it I agree with Howard again. This car defines you can build what ever you want, and if people don’t like it, that’s their problem. It is why I like Hot Rods and Customs, they are an expression ” of your creativity ” not everyone else. Yes, if you are going to drive it , it has to be safe. Do I like this car not so much, but that’s not the point.

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  26. That Guy

    Rat rods aren’t my thing, but when I see one I can’t help but smile and enjoy the outrageousness of it all. This car is more an art project than a serious vehicle, and art is pretty darn subjective.

    I kind of dig it, and would enjoy looking at it and seeing someone else drive it. But I wouldn’t want to own it.

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  27. Dickie F

    Sadly there are some benefits to owning this car when visiting the old ‘hood.
    You could drive in, park, visit, party, pick up blondie, park, chat, drink, do an all nighter, smoke, sell things, cruise, past out…
    And in the morning leave without a scratch…
    Cause all will keep their distance from that.

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    • Lion

      Right on, Dickie, and the cops won’t even pull it over cause they don’t want to spend hours writing up what they encountered. But you do need a passenger to hold the battery in place with their feet while your doing donuts.

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  28. Somer

    While funky, it is reminiscent of some the sectioned business coupes I use to see in the “little books”.

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  29. Jeffro

    You’d need a tetanus shot to drive it. I’ll take my chances with the girl who has herpes.

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  30. SunbeamerStu

    I like the baleen wheels. They’re kriller.

    Thank you, and goodnight. You’ve been a wonderful audience.

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  31. Jack Homen

    I love the profile, but everything else, well no. If the intent was to create a take on a shade tree rat rod then they hit the mark. But what is disturbing is if this was not an attempt to do so, then what do the mechanicals merit. Just throwing body parts on a S10 front and rear clips doesn’t make a safe cruiser. Wonder what the welds to the 50 Ford chassis look like? And yes that rear window makes you think it was eye balled. Rust in Peace Indeed.

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  32. rando

    Mebbe they accidentally chopped a couple inches out of the tape measure working on the first side…?

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  33. MG`zer


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  34. kevin

    Unsafe at any speed!

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    • Motrbob

      Any speed???? It is unsafe just sitting there! Make a great coffin though, just bolt on brass handles to carry it.

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  35. Don Kraycik

    I’d like to know what the guy was drinking/smoking/shooting up when he built(?) this. I’d want to know so I could tell my son what to avoid.

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  36. the one

    Bubba got a blow torch for Christmas! Shazam!

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  37. Moe G

    Bummed me out seeing this on barn finds. What a sad ending to that poor car. Please put this back in the barn, and I hope no one finds this ever again.

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  38. HBC

    OMG. What a disaster!!!!

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  39. HateBarnFinds

    I squinted until my head hurt. I want to throw up in whomever decided to print this debacles mouth. Have a great day

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  40. Lion

    Ohhh Hate, We want to see these ugly things just to keep the blood flowing.
    I’ll bet you spent more time checking out the outrageous touches on this car than on a lot of the stuff your brousing.
    Ha Ha

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  41. David L Member

    My guess is that the builder had an idea, sketched it out on a pad and went to work on it. His skills weren’t up to the task, stood back and realized it was crap and decided to call it a ‘rat rod’ to cover all of the mistakes, misalignments, poor workmanship, etc., etc. Gives a bad name to ‘rat rods’. This one is just sad.

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  42. Zack

    Trash the rims put some fat tires in the rear, new front fenders and some normal sized wheels, take the spikes off the roof, clean up the welds (the frame and trunk), try to straighten the panel gaps, take the hood off, put in a flat head V8 or an old hemi like a 331 or a 291, and then I think it would be cool.

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  43. Dave French

    This is an embarrassment. Number one, if your going to chop it at least take the time to do a decent job. The chop isn’t even a chop,, more of a complete hack job. Number two, those types of Grant steering wheels do not belong in a 49-51 Ford. Period. Period. And I can only imagine what else was thrown at this poor thing. The rims are about as ghetto as it gets as well. Those are for a Donk.. or some other insignificant 70s or 80s cheap ass ghetto ride. Have respect for the past. AT LEAST PART THE POOR CAR OUT….

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