Cross Ram V8: 1964 Chrysler 300K

When you look at the Chrysler Letter Series cars that were built between 1955 and 1965, the 300K had the highest build number. However, with a build total of 3,647, they still weren’t built in overwhelming numbers. You will find this 300K listed for sale here on Craigslist. Located in Swansea, Massachusetts, it is being offered for sale with a clean title. The owner has set a sale price of $13,500 for this Chrysler. A big shout out and a thank you has to go to Barn Finder Ikey H for locating this one for us.

This Chrysler certainly looks nice. The owner describes it as a survivor, but while the car may be one, I think that the paint is newer than the rest of the car. Having said that, that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad car. There are a few shots of the underside of the car, and it’s about as clean as you could possibly ask for. The seller is the car’s second owner, and it just has the look of a car that has been reasonably well cared for.

The interior isn’t perfect, but I also think that it is completely original. The car is fitted with power windows, a tilt wheel, A/C and leather upholstery. The leather looks like it needs a good attack with a quality leather cleaner and conditioner, as the light upholstery has a lot of dark marks in the creases, which is not an uncommon problem. There is also some wear on some components, such as the metal inlay on the door trims. Overall though, the interior looks pretty good for a car that is 54-years-old.

Under the hood is enough to get your pulse racing. You look at that engine and you can see immediately why the Letter Series was considered by some to be the father of the muscle car. That’s a 413ci cross-ram dual-quad engine that pumps out a rather healthy 390hp and 485ft/lb of torque. That was enough to push the 4,200lb Chrysler from 0-60 mph in 6.8 seconds, and on to a top speed of 133mph. This engine is hooked to a 3-speed TorqueFlite automatic transmission and then to the original Sure-Grip rear end. The car is also fitted with power steering and power brakes. The owner says that the car runs great and that it has heaps of power and torque. Hardly surprising really.

This Chrysler 300K is a nice car that appears to need little work to make it a show-stopper. That Cross Ram engine makes it an extremely desirable car, and cars fitted with that option obviously command a premium in the market-place. Finding a nice example that is optioned as this one reveals that the starting price is around $25,000, and an immaculate example will sell for around $32,000. This one doesn’t seem to need a lot of work to make it really nice, so the asking price seems to be quite reasonable.

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  1. canadainmarkseh Member

    That is a beautiful car and well preserved if it has been repainted that is a good thing shows that the owner kept on top of his maintenance. I think the price might be fair given its condition and rarity. I like its styling and would have no problem putting it into my garage great find.

  2. Del

    Wonderfull car.

    Super Priced.

    Won’t last long

    • JimmyinTEXAS

      If I were closer I would be in route for a personal inspection. Man it is nice.

  3. Anthony in RI

    Never liked the style of these much, but saw this on Hot Rod tonight… You can make these look sharp

    • Fla finn

      Those rear wheels…no thanks, I never liked the look of big rear rims filling(almost) the entire wheel well. From the side looks to me like the car doesn’t have tires at all, just the big ass rim…

      The one for sale here sounds like a very good price..I would get it if….you know…money…

  4. r s

    I love it. AC, power windows, buckets, tilt wheel – but imagine having to put plugs in it…

    • Mark

      Probably easier than replacing plugs in the current mopar 3.6 liter which requires upper intake plenum removal.

    • Miguel Member

      r s, it looks like there is access through the wheel wells.

      I will trade easy access to plugs for the jaw dropping look of this engine every time you open the hood at a car show.

      • PatrickM

        Correct. on all counts. And, I’ve heard that the cross ram was very impractical. Looked great, but…. A high rise would do better. But, then, you would have to cut the hood But, if a guy’s gonna do all that, who care about a few holes here and there?

    • Tony, Australia.

      I think the impressive look of the cross rams far outweighs the problem of fitting plugs every 12 months or so. I wonder if they’d fit on my 62 Imperial’s 413, I’ll have to check that out ??

  5. stillrunners


  6. Dave Wright

    I had a 300K Convertible 40 years ago. Very fine car, excellent fit and finish…….the 413 was a magnificent often under appreciated engine that held up better than the 440’s. It is a good thing it in on the east coast…….far away. I think the price is great and at that entry cost… will appreciate strongly over the next years.

  7. mlm

    13K for this nice of a car? It probably will not last long.Somebody is going to have a nice car at a good deal.

  8. LAB3

    Pulling the engine for another project would for sure be wrong but man that would look nice sitting in the front of an old rat rod with no hood on it!

    • Steve R


      Buy a used manifold on the secondary market, find a couple of used Edelbrock carbs make some linkage and be done.

      Steve R

  9. squarebodygm

    I see late model 300 black chrome rims and red calipers peeking through. Oh yeah.

    • Miguel Member

      I hate it when you can see the calipers. I think it look stupid.

      Give me the full wheel covers any day.

      • TC

        I agree Miguel, and then on top of that they have black mags with multiple thin spokes, when the car is a dark color, they end up looking like wood spoked buggy wheels from the 1900’s, ridiculous in my book. Wheels should stand out not blend in, hence the need for chrome or stainless full dish wheel covers regardless of the car’s color.

  10. Miguel Member

    I am going to have to get me some of these.

    I am going to investigate what the laws are going to be in January to cross the cars into Mexico now that there is a new trade agreement with the US.

    I hope you guys here will help me find some cars to buy.

    • Tony, Australia.

      Miguel, I solved the open spoke wheel problem on my 2006 300C, I bought a set of four Chinese red plastic (Brembo branded) caliper covers, I get a lot of comments about the Brembo brakes on my car now, they’re only stuck on with silicone but sh..t they look impressive and only cost ten bucks, he, he !

  11. squarebodygm

    Goodness Miguel, why so testy about calipers? It was just a vision… Not intended to create hatred feelings.

    You obviously have a strong affection towards full wheel covers. I don’t. No biggie.

    Relax… Try not to hate so much. Maybe just try disliking things that you dont care for but others do. Just saying…

    • canadainmarkseh Member

      I think when you can see the calipers it makes it easier to keep an eye on brake pad wear.

  12. Steve S

    My dad has told me that the cross ram intake came in the trunk of these cars and alot of the dealers could swap the dual 4 barrel for the cross ram intake and some dealers didn’t know what the cross ram intake was and got rid of them just wondering if that was true

  13. RichS Member

    Surprised the 300 didn’t have the squared off steering wheel, like
    the 64 New Yorker my friends mom had back in the 70’s.

    • Rick VanGameren

      The round wheel was used with tilt steering.

  14. Mister319

    Look at that brake pedal, Herman Munster could put both feet on that thing in a panic stop.

  15. Ed P

    The 300k is my favorite of the letter cars. This is a very nice example.

  16. Maestro1

    Miguel, you are doing the right thing in reverse. The cars in the US are too expensive unless the ratio of peso to dollar is good. The problem of course is finding them. And the market in general is not helping. You also need a good deal with a Transporter and find someone who is familiar with the New NAFTA.
    I also understand that there is a tremendous parts issue in Central America. I don’t know if you have any interest in this but it might be worth looking into.

    • Miguel Member

      Maestro1, I will be sending Mexican cars to the US, but there are cars that were not here that I would love to have.

      My concern on a car like is would be our crappy gasoline available. I can already hear the engine ticking from the low octane.

      A friend of mine is a Customs Agent and when January rolls around we will discuss the new rules and what it will take.

      I buy my parts on Ebay and Mexico is in North America.

      The shock and awe this car would inspire when I open the hood at a car show would be worth the price of admission.

      People can keep their Mustangs and Shelbys.

  17. mainlymuscle

    Great car,unbelievable price, and the most spectacular manifold ever created !

  18. Bill Bocheff

    I had a 64 new yorker four door with a 413 4bbl that would launch when one got into the secondaries. I can only imagine what this crossram beast would do!

  19. STM

    HS batman a really great car that is going to appreciate and is undervalued. Nice change from the rust bucket that the are claimed to be easy to restore.


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