Cruel Climate: ’85 Toyota Corolla GT-S

Mention the letters AE86 to any Toyota fanboy and their eyes will grow wide as they’ve just been told there is a Santa Claus. Yes, the rear-wheel drive Corolla is the hot hatch you’d pine for if the GTI or Escort GT didn’t do it for you, but by this point most have suffered at the hands of boyracers or rusted to death. This is a case of the latter; check out this rough-but-stock Corolla GT-S here on eBay.

The seller claims he purchased it from an older owner who used it as his “station car.” I had a relative who did this and worked in Manhattan; he routinely parked old BMWs at the local train terminal, unphased by door dings or parking lot scrapes. The seller claims this Corolla GT-S remains original right down to its factory limited slip differential and factory body graphics.

The rust is extensive in the body. The seller strangely has thrown a bunch of money at this car, including a “…fresh rebuild with all Toyota internals.” Seems strange to me to invest a major sum of money in a car this rusty, which the seller acknowledges will require replacing multiple body panels and the rear hatch. The interior is also quite rough as the driver’s seat will need work as well.

Wow – that is some serious rust. Interestingly, the rear tailgate on my ’81 Toyota HiAce is the rustiest part of that vehicle, too. The seller is absolutely reaching beyond what could be considered a reasonable opening bid by starting things off at a cool $1,900. No matter how much the JDM and/or drift crowd may love these AE86s, the amount of bodywork needed will make this one a money-loser very quickly if bought for anything other than parts.

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  1. jwinters


  2. UK Paul

    Around the rear tail lights is really something ..

  3. sir mike

    Might be worth it if the motor was rebuilt and for the LSD rear……6 cents a pound scrap for the rest.

  4. newport pagnell

    R.I.P- Death due to sodium chloride poisoning.

  5. dh

    Nice to see the aftermarket rust-proofing plugs in the door openings. That sure kept the rust worm away…

  6. irocrob

    Why would someone invest any money at all ? Looks rusty even for a Canadian.

  7. Pa Tina

    Hiding the license plate was a nice touch.

  8. Craig

    It would make a great conversion. To razor blades.

  9. 68 custom

    I test drove one of these in 86 after noticing the LSD rear and thought it would make a nice commuter,boy was I surprised at how peppy they were and the one I tested was loaded and very nice. But I ended up buying a 86 Toyota 4×4 pickup cause I knew it would do well in the snow, never got stuck but the bed on it rusted out like this poor car…

  10. dgrass

    Pull the motor and trans, circle file the rest under N for nope.

  11. Robert

    Alas probably a parts car or donor for a reshell. Those tail lights alone are worth a serious penny or two, as any Stevens body Lotus Esprit owner will tell you……unobtanium.

    • dgrass

      I agree with you Robert, unfortunately both appear to be broken. (drivers side is covered in tape, and the right is split.)

      • Robert

        There’s a couple of NOS ones included in the ebay listing pics (albeit with sprinter logo on one)

  12. Kiwi Glen

    I have an MGB GT that is about as rusty as this. I have assessed carefully on what work needs doing and getting a list of parts and speciality tools. I have now embarked on a serious attempt into making it a trailer. It has been sliced in half and the front has gone to the MG dealer in the sky. Currently working on a custom draw bar and will have a neat little trailer it is the only practical way of saving something that is cool but realistically worthless

  13. 1st Gear

    Expensive boat anchor

  14. Gay Car Nut

    I’ve always loved this generation Toyota Corolla.

  15. Joe Nose

    Imagine how much fun it would be to drift this thing, and while doing donuts, watching all the metal flake way in an ever-widening circle of rust.

    Not. -1.

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