Cummins Included: 1951 Dodge Power Wagon

The owner of this Dodge Power Wagon had intended it to be a resto-mod project, but his plans have changed, so he has decided to sell the truck, along with all of the components that he intended to fit to it. You will find this Dodge listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Oglesby, Illinois, and is being offered for sale with a clear title. The seller has set a BIN price of $7,500, but the option is there to make an offer.

The truck is definitely solid. The frame looks really good, and rust in the body is fairly minimal. There are a few spots in the doors, and there is also some in the floor. Otherwise, it looks quite good. The seller says that the glass is not great, but he has spares in the boxes and crates of parts that are included in the sale.

The interior of the truck doesn’t look that bad and should tidy up quite well. The floor panels have been removed to allow access to the PTO, which currently isn’t attached to the vehicle. The door trims will need some attention, along with the headliner, but the rest of it should clean up reasonably well.

This is where the resto-mod fun can start. The truck is still fitted with its numbers matching T137 engine, transmission, transfer case, and PTO. The engine last ran in 2015. The owner has also sourced a good 12 valve “Cummings” diesel engine, automatic transmission, transfer case, front and rear axles, wiring harness, steering column, dash (with VIN plate), and radiator from a 1990 W250 donor truck. The donor truck was driven to his property, so he knows that these components are good. It was his intention to marry these components to the Power Wagon, but he is now not in a position to be able to do this. In addition to these components, there are also boxes and crates of parts that will be included in the sale.

For the right person, this Dodge Power Wagon represents an interesting project. The option is certainly there to perform a full restoration, but the inclusion of the additional drive-train components opens up some further options to consider. If you look at everything that is included in the sale, you certainly are getting a lot of machinery for your dollar.

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  1. wuzjeepnowsaab


  2. Dean

    Dad would get a kick out of this old Power Wagon

  3. Jimmy

    Oglesby, Illinois just across the Illinois river from where I used to own a farmhouse and 3 acres, if it wasn’t in Illinois I would still be there. Now to the truck with all the parts and extra drivetrain included I think this is a deal. If I still lived close by and with the shop I had there I would make a serious offer. I would dump the flat bed and either find a original pickup box or fab one up of my own design and get rid of the winch & guard and replace with a bumper. Just my thoughts.

  4. Boatman Member

    “Cummings” Adam? Really? Come on!

    • Brian Boyd

      Also, Safeways and…so on.

  5. Classic Steel

    Cummins Corp office and factory In Columbus Indiana

    It’s a monster power wagon but looks fun.

  6. Joe Howell

    Now that’s a truck. I love the looks of those old Power Wagons. Reminds me of a shrunken version of the Deuce and a Half I owned 30+ years ago.

  7. jwinters

    a person who does not know it is CUMMINS, not Cummings, should not be writing automotive articles, let alone claim to be a journalist.

    • Herb

      The author is quoting the ebay advertisement…

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

        Exactly. If you read the whole post you’ll notice the word is in quotes.

  8. John Dragseth

    Not surprising, it’s gone already (3 hours after your post). I own a 48 Power Wagon, and this was a really good deal. The Cummins 4BT is a perfect swap for old Power Wagons.

  9. Steve S

    If I could get this truck and everything I would get the original drive train back together and running and then take the Cummins and transmission and put it in a different 4×4 Dodge truck and take the flat bed off it if there is the parts for a regular bed or build one like Jimmy said and I live a few hours from where this truck is in Illinois that is my thoughts about the truck and extra drive train and everything

  10. Kenneth Carney

    @jwinters: Oh for cryin’ out loud, cut him
    some slack will ya’!! Just because he
    mispelled the word Cummins doesn’t mean he’s incompetant as you suggest
    he is. If you don’t like Adam’s posts, then
    write one yourself and let us see it. I find
    them to be very entertaining. As for the
    truck, I like it–too bad I’m broke!!

  11. Howard A Member

    Now just a ding-dang diddly minute, as an old timer, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying Cummings. It’s slang for Cummins and if you oppose that spelling, you weren’t around in Cummins heyday. If you had a Cummins motor back then, you had a runnin’ truck ( better than a Detroit, but not as good as a Cat)
    It’s a popular swap for these, but the old “flattie” would be good enough for me.

  12. geomechs Member

    I’ve heard Cummins called just about everything, from a Columbus Vibrator to a POS. I’ve got a customer who orginated somewhere behind the former Iron Curtain, who calls it a ‘Cumminks.’ Whoever wants to swap a 5.9 into this has got his work cut out for him. He’s going to need some of that new ‘Poly Slide’ stuff that you can get from the drug store. According to one of my favorite comedians, it will allow you to slide a Cadillac into a dog house…

  13. Karl

    I was in my shop a couple hrs ago and showed this to my buddy and told it will be gone before I can walk to the house! It was. I am not sure you guys realize what a great deal this truck was. All the engine, radiator throw it all in the garbage this was still a totally smokin deal. The person who bought this truck could sell it tomorrow for 25k and that includes nothing but this truck.
    I am mid process in a frame off on a 50 Power Wagon it will be done perfect factory original and I will be asking 90k it after I drive it for a year!!!!

  14. BR


    • Dean

      There should be no “P” in swimming, either

  15. Matt steele

    Looks it the ride would be a real kidney bruiser

  16. LAB3

    At that price they probably wanted just the engine, those 12v engines are the Holy Grail for the coal rolling “ain’t none of that electronic bs stuff where you gotta plug stuff in and I kin fix it all myself” crowd.

  17. Doug

    While the 12 valve is a great engine, the 4 cylinder Cummins will fit with MUCH less hassle. The company that is currently re-popping these Power Wagons offers the choice of the GM LS gas engine or the 4 cylinder Cummins. They also offer a crew cab version.

    • Karl

      Doug do you know the name of the Company. That is repopping these Power Wagons, I would like to check them out.

      • Jon Rappuhn

        Can’t remember the name but they had one of their Power Wagons at SEMA 4 or 5 years ago. Price was as breath taking as the truck was. Believe they were from Idaho, some place around Boise if I remember correctly. Had all the info and pics stored on laptop, unfortunately the hard drive has long since died and the local computer guru was unable to recover anything. Know it’s a long shot but hope it helps.

      • Mark R.

        Desert Power Wagons. I believe they’re out of Arizona

  18. Wrong Way Member

    And it’s gone! Would have been a very good deal, I think! Especially with that diesel engine and all those parts! Whomever got this I hope that when they get done they will post pics, if they look on this site that is! I was actually getting excited just to look at this post, but very disappointed when it was gone! Something like losing your girlfriend kind of feeling? :-)

  19. Karl

    The company is Legact trucks out of Jackson Hole Wyoming, I looked them up last night.
    Essentially they are a high quality resto-mod shop. The make the power Wagon into either a regular cab or a 4 door, put a completely modern GM power train and drive train in the truck, it looks more or less like a 1950 Power Wagon driving down the road, except it’s going 75 mph! The quality sure looked to be there but quality does not come cheap!!!! Regular 2 door PW like mine with their changes started at 185,000 the extended cab version started at 225,000 STARTED!!!! I bet you could be 350,000 USD$$$$ in a very short time!!!
    The trucks look beautiful if they can sell enough of them more power to them!!!

    • Jon Rappuhn

      Thank you for the correction, at least I was in the region, lol. And yes I could see them in the $400,000 easily.

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