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Custom 1962 Corvair Rampside Flatbed


The seller mentions that this custom Corvair would be perfect for someone who wants something unique. Well, I can’t argue that. Chevrolet made a Corvair Rampside pickup, but it never came equipped with a flatbed. Someone did a ton of work to covert this one and it looks like they did a good job. So, if you are looking for something very unique, this flatbed Corvair is located in Arlington, Texas  and is being offered by Classical Gas for $16,750.


As you can see, the fabrication work looks top notch here. The taillights and integrated steps are nice touches too. I’m not sure how much this thing can actually haul, but I’m sure it would be enough for most of us. This would be a fun rig to take to car shows on Saturday morning before stopping at the hardware store on the way home.


There’s a flat-six under that flatbed! Talk about unique. That’s a 110 horsepower engine out of a ’65 Corvair and everything has been gone through to make this a dependable hauler. Everything is hidden under a hydraulic lift, but you’ll probably want to open it as often as you can just to show off that clean engine bay!


You’ll probably want to open the door too because the interior looks just as good. I’d probably lose the steering wheel wrap or replace the steering wheel. I’m just nitpicking now. Normally, I’d say to keep things stock, but I’m not sure if it would really matter here. This isn’t an unrestored survivor by any means, but it could be a fun functional classic.

Here’s a video showing what this little rig can do. The price may be hard to swallow, but I doubt you could replicate it for less. Also, you couldn’t buy anything new that’s more unique. This one is going to take a special kind of buyer. The rims might be a bit much for me, but everything else looks just about right. What do you think?


  1. Hoos Member

    I would have preferred to see an original rampside bed, but who knows what happened to it. Given that it is missing, this is a great looking truck. If I had the garage space…..

  2. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    Ditch those horrible wheels & i’m all in. I’d need to add full height panels though as I’m more of a user than a cruiser.

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  3. Bill Terwilleger

    Built right the Corvair Van can be quite the workhorse. Pictured here, our 1964 four speed with oversize GM brakes, 3:89 posi axle mated up with a 1966 Corsa 140/4 Single Rochester’s, dome pistons, total seal rings, stainless steel valves, otto oil pan and valve covers, external oil cooler, electronic ignition, alcohol injection, RAM air and dual Clark’s Tuned Extractor Exhaust system produced 235 BHP @ 4500 RPMs and towed our 61 back and forth to auto shows all over the northeast without issues. True… top speed was 72 MPH, steep hills were 50 MPH and towing I think we got 12 MPG but it never left me stranded, and the rubber necking traffic in the passing lane was worth every mile. My only regret.. was selling that van. I wish I knew where it was today. Last seen 1989, somewhere in or around Wingate North Carolina with Everett Smith. Glad I kept the 61 :)

  4. Howard A Member

    Somebody stuck a ton of time ( and money) into this, and I’m not sure why. These “home made” pickup beds, while functional, always looked a little corny to me, I mean, seemed like a pretty decent original to begin with, why not just put those resources into making it original. These are so rare. Sellers of these types of vehicles rarely find someone with the same tastes, and usually take a bath on these.

    • Vin in NJ

      I agree. A lot of time and money went into a bed with little to no use.

    • Mark S

      It is possible that he started out with a rust bucket as these were known for that issue. Maybe it was this or the crusher. I think he did a great job putting this truck together. Trucks like these are for show not for work. I’ve built decks for trucks there not that hard to do if your a welder fabricator, maybe this guy is. I think it is kind of cool I wouldn’t change a thing. If you did want to carry anything it would be easy to load and synch strap it down.

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  5. David Montanbeau

    Love the Vair

  6. DrinkinGasoline

    The Rampsides were such versatile vehicles and as mentioned, now rare. The quality is there and it is a cool looking but again, as mentioned, it’s a matter of taste. I’ll provide the bubbles for the seller’s bath. It’s the holiday season and I’m feeling generous.

  7. Vince Habel

    There were quite a few of these in the late 70s and early 80s. I don’t know who was building them.

  8. Rustytech Member

    Never was a big fan of the Corvairs trucks and vans, but this is cool and you certainly wouldn’t have to worry about finding another one at the local car show.

  9. Texas Tea

    Very nice job. I like it a lot and many hours invested. Buy it for a good price and turn it into your own ideal of what it should be.

    Not my kind of horsepower, but still very nice.

  10. ccrvtt

    Very nice choice of colors, good workmanship. Maybe not the most practical but at least it’s a low liftover height for loading sheetrock & 4×8’s. I like the wheels. Nice find.

  11. Corveric

    Good looking truck, and as long as you are not a go-faster, this ought to get up and go just fine. I usually think that if the vehicle you start with is a good solid car, there is some responsibility to return it to stock, but if it is a beater or a rust bucket, consider it your palette for your imagination and dreams. Mine started off going back to stock, but then one day I had 1,500# of steel parts in it and I realized I was going to have to lower the truck because I loved the look. From there, modifications ran rampant.

    I know that mine cost a lot more than I could ever sell it for, but it is mine and I did not build it with an idea to selling it. Mine is just a different take on a flatdeck. And as for wheels, I have three sets for my truck. Everytime I switch, I get somebody telling me how much more they like the current ones better than the ones I had on last time – regardless of which are on at the time. Apparently wheels are very much a personal taste.

    It looks like this flatdeck was done by somebody with an eye for detail. It looks great! If I was on the market for another, I would be all over that!!! In fact now that I’ve seen it, I think I’ll just remind my lovely first wife what a good husband I have been lately. Christmas is coming !


  12. Dominique Legeai

    ….16K seems more than fair to me!

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