De Plane, De Plane! 1973 Honda Jolly

No, this isn’t the vehicle that they used on Fantasy Island, but if a regular Honda Civic isn’t wacky enough for you, maybe this custom 1973 Honda Jolly would be? This unusual vehicle is on eBay with a buy it now price of $5,000 or you can make an offer. This is one located possibly as far from any tropical island as you can get: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

I don’t know what the market would be for this car, some sort of tour company? A Fantasy Island reunion? That would be a small reunion, no pun intended. It looks like a lot of work went into this conversion, hopefully it was strengthened structurally since the entire top half of it is gone and it was obviously lengthened. The seller says that it’s “street legal, special wheels & tires, will run on beach sand, lightweight approx. 1400 lbs.”

You’ve probably all see the famous Fiat Jolly, and of course if Jamie had one this is what it would look like.. Other companies made them, too. They were usually for resort areas and maybe there’s a resort in Oklahoma City that I don’t know about, or just that someone there liked it and bought it for their collection. It sure looks like it was well done but there are no detail photos at all, and of course there are no engine photos, silly! What a question to ask about an online ad!

But, speaking of engine, the seller has a couple of things to say about this one: “Strong overhead cam hemi engine with about 55 hp & 85 mph top speed, two speed semi automatic” and then they go on to say that this “car has been parked for the last 5 years & is not running @ this time, due to fuel issues basically carburetor & fuel tank & no brakes, This could cost up to $500 to have it fixed.” This would have been fantastic if it would have had the typical wicker-like seating instead of hot, sticky vinyl, but it looks like it’s in decent condition from what’s visible in the only interior photo. You’ll want to have this one checked out pretty thoroughly if you can’t check it out yourself. Would any of you have a use for this thing? Maybe a Barn Finds theme park ride?

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  1. Francisco

    If you ever see what Fiat Jollys sell for, this is a downright bargain.


    Back in the 1980’s there was an AMC dealer who had been also been a Fiat dealer. At the time Fiat had just left the US. I remember a Jolly sitting as pretty as you please in the corner of the service area. I had never seen or heard of one before and the manager proceeded to give me a history lesson on it’s rarity. The car belonged to the owner of the dealership. It should be noted that Renault made a Jolly type vehicle as well.

    Through the years I have noted the values and they are astronomical. This little Honda is a smoken deal in comparison. A newer version of a classic. Not sure what you would do with it but once sorting out the mechanicals would be reliable more so then the earlier vehicles it updated. What a striking little car. This will be a quick sale!

  3. Paul

    Not my thing but a bargain!

  4. ron

    just get a moke.

    • Bill

      If you can find a Moke at $5k… I agree though, I like this but a Moke is very cool!

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Speaking of the Mini Moke, a well-liked Mini salesman in Massachusetts, Hrach (aka Mr. Mini) used to go to the Mini gatherings with his Moke. In the group panoramic pictures, he would park it one end and then drive it to the other end while the picture being taken, so it appeared that him and his Moke were two places at one time!

      For anyone who doesn’t know Hrach, here is a video by the BBC when he owned a jewelry business. He sold it and started selling the new Mini as soon as they were available. Great guy, and he is truly missed.

  5. Fred W.

    In resort seaside communities this would be the most popular car around. Keep in a garage and watch the value go up.

    • John

      This is still an early Civic. Put it near salt water and it will dissolve over night.

  6. Oil Slick

    Why is this in Oky?

    • Francisco

      There are over 2000 miles of shoreline in Oklahoma. That’s a lot of beaches.

      • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Staff

        That’s a great point, Francisco! I was joking around, but OK has it’s share of water.

  7. Cape Cod Wally

    Nice…might be a crowd pleaser here on Cape Cod…To the $500 to fix the fuel system and brakes(which might be a bit low), add more $$$ to fix and paint the crumpled hood. Think I’ll pass… out of garage space

  8. Brakeservo

    Those who compare this backyard built beach bomb to a Fiat Jolley and proclaim it to be a great value might just as well be comparing a Fiberfab MGTD kit on a VW pan to a real MG an calling it a bargain as well. Fake is fake and real is real. A Fiat Jolley is a real car, this Honda is perhaps just an expediently recycled wreck, no matter how fun or cool looking! No real collector value at all, not now, not ever!

  9. SteveN

    #6 on the 405 list ( street outlaws)….

  10. Bill McCoskey

    I used to oversee the maintenance of a $10 million rental villa on the west coast of Barbados. Since the weather on Barbados is between 72 & 78 every day, with a quick 10 minute rain shower most afternoons, this type of car is just what you need. We had a couple of open air cars at the villa; a ’79 Portugese built Mini-Moke, and a ’89 Suzuki sedan that was cut down like this Honda.

    The Suzuki dealer on the island bought late model used Suzuki cars in South America, cut off the top of the car before shipping it to the island, and was able to bring the cars in as incomplete cars for rebuilding, thereby avoiding the 161% vehicle import tax! Yes, that’s not a typo, the import tax was [and probably still is] 161%. A car that costs $20,000 would cost $32,200 in additional taxes to import. Back in about 1992 a friend there bought a new Jeep Cherokee, he went to Miami and ordered it with RHD, to be shipped to Barbados. He said the car cost him $70,000 when it landed.

  11. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    What a deal!!! I’m not sure I’d be comfortable racing one, but I’d love it as a pit vehicle!!!! Cool find!

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