Dear Santa: 1969 Hurst/Olds

We hope you have been good this year, as this 1969 Hurst/Olds survivor is here just in time to beg, plead, and bribe Santa to bring it to you. You won’t shoot your eye out with Oldsmobile’s 455 firepower, but you may hurt some innocent tires in the process. Showing only 80,000 miles, and a genuine Hurst/Olds vin number, we hope you have a whole lot of delicious cookies, and you better be sure the milk is spiked as well. This seller is looking to trade this Oldsmobile for another muscle car being either a Camaro, Chevelle, Cuda, or Challnger. Find it here on craigslist out of Trion, Georgia.

Taking a look at the massive 455 cubic inch V8 reveals a mostly clean and stock engine, minus the unique “ram air” cleaner with its trap door system. This Hurst/Olds is equipped with the Hurst Dual Gate shifter automatic, or better known as the “his/hers” shifter. The engine bay is a little dirty needing some detailing, but the engine and bay overall look good. There is no major rust or corrosion of any sort, and all of the under hood components wear an even coat of paint. This is an air condition equipped car, so after you get a little rowdy with this one you can cool off and enjoy the ride.

The interior of this Oldsmobile is very nice, though there are some minor concerns. There is some mold present in the interior of this olds showing it has lived with some moisture. The seats, and the brake pedal, are the moldy items, but that is easily fixed. The loop pile carpet looks very nice, and not heavily worn. The passenger side of the tunnel looks to have some minor discoloration, but again not too big of a concern. The glove box has an alignment issue, and there is some minor surface rust on it in 3 small places likely the size of a dime. Aside from these issues, this interior is very nice. The seats look awesome, as does the rest of the interior. We would clean this one up, and leave it be.

This Hurst/Olds will gain as many looks as the fishnet leg lamp from the movie “A Christmas Story”, though we are sure your spouse will not be as off put by the Olds. White with the brilliant Firefrost gold, this Oldsmobile is a real beauty. Nearly blemish free, this thing needs a giant bow, some cleaning supplies neatly wrapped in the trunk, and a card board standup of Linda Vaughn who was “Miss Hurst Golden Shifter”. The only issue we really see is that the front bumper looks a little dull, and there is some rust that has formed on the lower driver side of the bumper. Otherwise, this thing is a jewel. So what bribery tactics will you be implementing on Santa this year to get this awesome Hurst/Olds survivor?


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WANTED 1988-1994 Toyota Pickup or 4Runner 200,000 miles or less, no rust Contact

WANTED 70 71 Chevrolet MonteCarlo Contact

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  1. ccrvtt

    Asking price? “Yes, it is expensive…” So I checked Hemmings and there’s one there for $54K in better shape but without A/C.

    Being from Lansing I love these cars, but I’d be a bit leery of this seller.

    “Yes, it is expensive…”

  2. David W Member

    With only 906 of these made in 1969, and the prices of Hurst Olds gone out of sight, I can only dream. The moldy interior on this car and the missing ram air set up does give me pause, but any Hurst Olds is a desirable beast and this one is too. Nice find Brian. Santa does not have a big enough bag to fit the gold needed for me to buy this one though. Happy holidays regardless!

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  3. Doug S

    I grew up with the “Father” of the Hurst Olds, Jack “Doc” Watson’s son Jason, and was a frequent guest at their house and many many times and got to see my fair share of Hurst/Olds his and not his. Jack was a wonderful person and he did wonderful things LONG LIVE THE HURST OLDS!!!!!

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    • Ralph Spears

      There is a video on you tube with Doc Watson showing the new 68 H/O

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  4. Jeffro

    Santa is just an old fat bastard who taunts me with nice cars but never delivers. I’ve been good 3 years running…ok, it’s actually been 2 years. But none the less, I leave home made cookies, spiked egg nog, and a shot of bourbon. Ok….I drank the shot. However, I was very specific on the 69 pontiac GTO Judge…he left me a Hot Wheels. I’m asking for this Olds. This is his last chance

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    • CapNemo

      Yeah, that sweaty, red clad, chimney crawling goon still owes me a drum since since I was 10! I’ll see him one day!

    • Woodie Man

      Classic Jeffro!

      Merry Christmas even though you been a bad boy and are getting diddly!

  5. JD

    Love this car but I never call on ads that don’t list their asking price. I’m not in a habit of negotiating with myself and people who run ads like this usually act as if their ride is the last great hope on earth.

    • waynard

      I agree. In addition, the overall look of this car just doesn’t feel right. Plus that front bumper looks a little cattywumpus on the right side where it meets the fender. Slightly bent? I’m not sure how BF can pass judgement on the interior with only one photo. Are there more I’m not seeing? Why the mold and the glove box issues? I’d like a lot more pictures.

      And, I’d definitely want a PPI before I sent out my hard earned.

    • Dickie F

      I had a friend who was a very successful used car salesman. To me he was a con, but he was successful and still alive.
      One day I asked him how he did it.
      His reply made a lot of sense.

      He said that he never sold cars,
      he allowed people to buy cars from him.
      It is about the salesman’s not really for sale attitude and the customer’s ” I want what I cannot have kicks in?”

  6. Doug

    I own one of these. It’s a blast to drive!!!

  7. Rick

    if there isn’t a price on it , then its not for sale !!!

  8. Gunner

    My favorite year for the Hurst/Olds. These cars display brute attitude. Only the Hurst/Olds got the stump pulling 455 for 68 & 69. The 442 had to wait until 70. As a young man, I used to be in awe of these cars, when I got the chance to see one. As a guy who has owned four different Buick GS Models, there was always a special place for these unique musclecars for me. 380 hp & 500 ft/lbs torque! Get u some o dat friends!

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    • Jay Calk

      Actually the GS Stage 1 was 375 HP and 510 torque lbs.

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  9. Mr. Bond

    I love it too, but that is one odd looking manual!

  10. hoberg

    They also have a tribute car like it for $17k. Oddly more and better pics.

  11. G 1

    To me – From me gifts, never leave you disappointed.

  12. Rustytech Member

    This would create a dilemma for me. I love the 442’s but not crazy about the graphics on the hurst models, but I wouldn’t feel right changing it either. Guess I’ll leave this one for someone who will love it as it is.

  13. erikj

    nice 442, Again out of my reach. I had 3 from the 80,s -last one 2002 all 68s. soo nice and a gentleman’s hot rod, and being a Hurst edition. all of mine where rag 442. But the first was a 455/4spd/12 bolt posi. Man that was fast.

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  14. sparkster

    poor man’s 442 / Hurst. Why is the engine painted orange ?

  15. kenzo

    Craiglist ad says it’s manual transmission. Don’t you need a clutch pedal for a manual transmission?
    Passenger side front bumper to fender seems a bit off.
    Only listing part of the VIN.
    I wonder if its a real one or just the VIN plate is?
    If I had or was selling a car like this I would clean the mould off and do a detail.
    Something doesn’t quite match up.

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  16. Richard V

    Hmm, listing now deleted…

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