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Deserted Datsun: 1969 Datsun 2000

It is always fascinating what you will find in the middle of nowhere. This 1969 Datsun 2000 roadster appears to have been left for dead out in the wild, although this Datsun isn’t so bad off. Relatively solid, and straight, this Datsun could certainly be put to use. Despite its left for dead appearance, this little roadster is offered at $3,500. Find it here on craigslist out of Whitewater, Colorado. Our friend Dustyn sent in this submission. Thanks Dustyn!

Looking over the photos of this Datsun reveals a promising little roadster, but there are definitely some concerns. The engine has been dismantled for rebuild, and the convertible top is just nonexistent at this point. There is some evidence that the red seats are still present, though we assume them to be in rough condition. The cylinder head looks to be in fair visual condition, despite some mild rust developing on the cam and other valve train components. Classic Japanese cars have come a long way in the past 15 years, and values on these Datsun Roadsters are starting to climb. This particular car lacks a title, and is likely not a full on restoration candidate. Although we can see this roadster becoming a track day car, as BRE had great success with these cars in the 1960’s. Or perhaps this would make a good parts car, for a heavily rusted roadster.

Looking over the body shows a very reasonable car. The rockers and quarters are nice, with only the lower area of the front fenders suffering from some minor rust bubbling. The front apron, and lower portion of the front fenders are tweaked, but is certainly manageable. With any classic Japanese car, restoration parts are not heavily produced, so often we are left with sourcing reasonable used condition parts. This roadster has some promise as it is not eaten up with rust, making for some sort of usefulness. What would you do with this classy Japanese roadster?



  1. Mikey MO

    This is not a 1969 this is a 1970 looking at the rear markers and the rear reflectors and the front marker lights and turn signals

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    • steve m

      9/69 was yes probably a 70 model……but who cares, a “potentially” rust free 2000 for this price…..sold IMHO

  2. Stephen

    Too bad it has no title, it appears to be in fine structural condition. I’d even go so far as to bet the motor would be fine after a good cleaning and putting it back together, (on the condition all the parts are present). It would make a fine donor car for someone who has one of these cars as a long term project and needs spares or complete body panels. Sadly without a title there is very little that could be done with it other than part it out or cut it up and race it

  3. JD

    Not difficult to obtain a title on vehicles from this era, you just need to post a bond which costs about $120.00 and apply for lost title with a statement of facts filled out. I’m not a buyer on this car but thought any potential buyers should know it’s fairly easy.

      • Mike S

        You’re both wrong. Getting a title for a car in Colorado is next to impossible. You have to get it bonded, flatbed it to the police headquarters for vin verification, get it appraised at a dealership, AND fill out ten ages of paperwork. Any questions to the main office take four months for a reply. And all this has to be done AFTER you are required by law to track down the legal owner and have them transfer the paperwork themselves, if they want anything to do with the vehicle.

        I bought a 1965 Dodge Dart/Charger without a title, the seller said the owner died in 1978. So I called the main office and told them that the owner died in 1978; their response was to locate the owner and have them transfer the paperwork….

        I had a vehicle titled in Colorado one time and have to say that I’ll never do it again. It took eight months to get the title; by that time, the car was packed away in the garage and I bought a new car to work on….

  4. steve m

    In Florida to the best of my knowledge, no title means means worthless. This makes me sick, as this is one of my dream cars, I would have a friend on the way tomorrow with a trailer from Nevada if it had a title.

    • David Frank David F Member

      It appears it’s possible to get a title in Florida by the same process you do in other states. A quick Googley search shows several methods.

      • steve m

        I have already called my friend in Reno to find his availability and left a him a message, its a long way to go for a risk, and Ill call the owner first, but if the sheetmetal is right I have an L28ET and a body man waiting on it. Any BF “friends” in the area can help out I am a VERY serious buyer. I can reciprocate with cash or look at a car in Florida for someone.

    • Jason

      FYI Whitewater is nearly in Utah. But you’ve still got the full width of two states to cross.

      • steve m

        654 miles math done….lol…Thanks :)

    • DWF

      Steve M. I sent this in and live less than 50 miles from it. If you were able to contact the owner I may be able to help you out.

  5. Jacob

    Have these become expensive over the past few years? I swear you could get a much better (DRIVING!) roadster for much less. If this were the earlier version with a shorter windshield that price might be a bit more justifiable but my god does it seem steep.

  6. angliagt

    These have shot up in value in the last few years,
    but then again,hasn’t almost every desirable car?

  7. Rocko


    • waynard

      500-750. Still got to get to it, move it and get a title.

  8. ron tyrrell

    Would love to have this for parts but a little to far from Portland to make a serious attempt in recovering it. I have two very nice 1970 2000’s roadsters and always looking for parts. Right now I need a intake manifold for the side draft carbs offered on the higher horse power 2000 engine if any one has a lead. Will be watching this for a response . Also I for on installing the throttle body injection on the 2000 engine. Most people recommend putting a 200 SX engine in place of original but I like staying original. I fact worked on these when they were new and I think this is a very good engine, dominated E and D production in their day.

  9. Joe

    First time I met the great racer Randy Pobst, he was running a ragged one of these at a Tampa parking lot autocross. It looked like crap. May have even been just a 1600. Of course, he took Fastest Time of Day. Just killed every other car there. That was before he made it big. I couldn’t figure out how he was just so much quicker than everyone else in that junker.

  10. the one

    Some folks got it.

  11. Steve

    the 70 2L is the second rarest of all the 2L cars

    • mikey mo

      Actually 67.5 two litres are

  12. S Ryan

    That looks like about the same place I left my last Datsun.
    It wasn’t nearly this nice.

  13. Brian Scheel

    I had a SRL311 in Houston in the early 80`s with a 10 gt baffled oil pan, twin Solex carbs, think 3:90 gears, factory 5 sp, baby blue, black interior, did a lot of Car Craft shows then, but was a Corvette Killer with their owners in disbelief they were beaten by a Datsun Raodster!

    • Scott

      Early 80’s? That’s not saying much Brian and no reason to stick your chest out considering the tail end of the C3 Vette & the beginning of the C4. 76′ & 77′ the 350ci made 180hp and until 83′ the highest hp you could get was 230hp off the showroom floor. In 89′ the most was 240hp unless you went to the Callaway in 87′ had 345hp that was about a $10,000.00 option. I think my grandma had a Ford Escort that was faster & my other grandma had a Chevy Chevette that was faster than the Escort( for the people out there that are sense of humor impaired that’s a joke) believe me that little Datsun wouldn’t of wanted to tangle with 70′ Vette. You can talk that all you want, please let us know when you have a story involving real American Muscle.

  14. Jason

    Please don’t ever post again, chad.

  15. Brian Scheel

    Evening Scott!
    Yes at the Same time I had my Muscle Car!
    69 Chevelle SS 396 Convertible ,l34, 350hp, th400, . 355 posi . Etc w/build sheet to prove now that it’s a real true as convt, as you must know after 68 chevelles vin decoded as 6 or 8, HT or Convertible as well as the 70 72`s, trust me on this I’ve made more than a few enemies when I told them they had a clone ssh trying to pass off as a real ss,see I purchased mine in 74, from original owner w/48k, so I do know about muscle, , yet a 70 vette surely would a taken my SRL Roadster, im talking about the a-h`s that bought a new vette at the time, which were dogs compared to earlier issues, but I more than surprised vette owners and the same with ta`s and the z`s!!
    Now I’m reworking a 68 GS 400 Convertible !
    Muscle Car is in my Blood and down to my Bones!!!!

    • Scott

      You’ve lost me somewhere, what’s your muscle car knowledge( I guess I’m supposed to be impressed) have to do with the price of rice in China? Or that your Datsun could out run a late C3 Corvette that didn’t even make 200hp? I can’t stroke your ego when your not making any sense?

  16. SR

    Now in Colorado you have to do all that run around if the car was purchased after July/1/2006.

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