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Dirt Cheap Car Collection for Sale!

Sometimes, truth in advertising does actually happen, as a seller on craigslist has listed a variety of projects for the dirt-cheap prices they deserve. This seems to be more a case of a personal junkyard that a new owner wants cleared out, as they presumably now own or are otherwise running the property with no interest in being a landlord to a field of wayward cars and trucks. The vehicles are located in Fairbanks, Alaska, which certainly limits their marketability to some extent and may explain the fires-sale pricing. Find the cars, including this AMC Eagle 4×4 wagon for just $50, here on craigslist.

$50! Seems impossible these days given the price of scrap keeps even completely trashed cars on private property at $500 or better. On top of that, clean AMC Eagles have been selling regularly for $10,000 or more, so there’s usually a follow-on effect where once throwaway cars start to cost more than a few bucks. This is a Fox-body chassis Mercury Capri, otherwise known as a Ford Mustang, that supposedly even ran when parked and is offered up for just $100. I doubt it’s a 5.0, but one can hope. Of course, sitting in the Alaskan dirt like it is, how likely is it that the floors are completely gone?

Interestingly, the seller seems to have some history on the vehicles, which may mean they are his cars and trucks or he is listing them on behalf of an older relative. This 1963 Dodge Dart has supposedly been parked for 40 years with a burnt valve, and you have to wonder if that means the body is in better shape than you’d otherwise expect when you consider all of those years off the roads. I’d love to see this Dart get power-washed to at least see what’s underneath all that tree debris and other airborne dirt that has clouded the paint. Even the chrome still looks presentable. The asking price for the Dart is $1,000.

And look at this adorable little workhorse. These light-duty pickups always seem to find their way into rural enclaves, likely owing to their reliability and cheap parts. They’re kind of like an old mule – not very fast or powerful, but you can beat the heck out of it and it likely won’t complain much. The Luv is listed for $500 with a broken hood release, which seems to be the least of your concerns at the moment. What grabs my attention here is the lack of corrosion around the edges of the body panels and the attractive chrome bumper – is it possible that this one can be saved? Which one would you try to rescue?


  1. Charles F Connell Member

    Wow, just WOW. But I totally admire & respect the effort!!

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  2. Cadmanls Member

    Most states require a title and seems they have been sitting for a long period of time. To think they will ever be road worthy again is doubtful. Now as parts they have some value. Those wagoneers found somewhere to go already.

    • Mark Tuovinen

      Without a title you have to post a bond in Alaska, a bill of sale doesn’t do it. When I saw the first photo I immediately thought it had to be here in Alaska. I would be wary of any of the vehicles that have sunk down to their floor boards in the soil. This isn’t a desert and that soil does not drain well. With the amount of snow and rain they get even the ground under the car will be wet.

    • AMCFAN

      Titles are no issue in some states. There are many places on the web that will procure the paperwork to get a title. It is legal. May cost $250.

      I would think a few parts would off the Eagle for $50. would net a goldmine for someone with an early AMC. Lots of parts are an upgrade and will interchange. For instance the Eagle here has the plastic inner fender liners the 70-79 Gremlin Hornet Concord and Spirit didn’t get. The tops of the fenders commonly rust out. There is the glass switches and the 4WD specific pieces people always need.

      What one doesn’t need could post on one of the many AMC FB groups and help many out. The Jeeps same way.

      The only bad thing is where you will have to go to get them. Driving to the city is easy. On a wooded hill side is a different story. Did I say the fuel prices suck?

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  3. RoughDiamond Member

    Somebody probably got a bargain on that running and driving Jeep Cherokee. It’s heartbreaking to see that Dodge Dart sitting like that buried up to its floorboards. That Chevrolet Luv truck shows some promise since it’s sitting well above ground.

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  4. Rw

    They don’t salt or brine the roads,saves vehicles.

  5. Steve Clinton

    “all sold as is, you haul”
    ALASKA? No thanks. $50 to purchase, $5000 to ship to the mainland US.

  6. T. Pond

    It would cost more to ship from Fairbanks than the car would cost! (to NC)

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  7. John B

    A slant-6 never dies….

  8. Troy

    With out legal title I don’t know how you would get them through customs to transport through Canada putting them in a container and shipping around Canada to Bellingham Washington or Seattle would be expensive

  9. Ken Harris

    That Dart is a ’64. Just sayin’.

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