Dusty $100,000: 1970 Porsche 911S

Another dusty air cooled find is looking for a new home. Stored for an undetermined amount of time, this 911S is a California native that has had just two owners in its lifetime. Pulled from its garage to see the light of day once more, this Porsche is a clean and promising survivor. With 6 days remaining, there have been 14 bids raising the auction price to $100,000. Take a look at it here on ebay out of Laguna Hills, California. Thanks to reader Tristan C. for the rich and dusty find!

Taking a peek under the deck lid reveals an air cooled 2.2l engine that produces 180 horsepower. Tidy and untouched this engine looks the part with only minor corrosion on the massive cooling fan. A tight ratio 5 speed transaxle propels this Porsche from 0-60 in 8 seconds. Although the sales ad is lacking in information, this engine’s components appears clean and undamaged likely coming from a well maintained past with records going back into the 1980’s. Well appreciated, this 911S has covered 139,098 miles in its lifetime.

Inside is the heart of a German sports car with a simplistic interior and manual transaxle selector. In very nice condition there are only a few minor things to point out. First off there is a not so pleasant steering wheel wrap installed that hopefully isn’t hiding any damage. A few of the knobs on the dash have succumbed to heat and have begun to crack.  Speaking of cracks, the classic Pioneer radio is cracked, but again these are all minor concerns. Overall the interior is in excellent condition as the seats are superb, and the carpet is clean and springy.

The only thing I have seen so far on this Porsche that has raised an eyebrow is the paint. I can’t decide if its the photos, the light, or my eyes playing tricks on me. The paint on the nose of the car appears to have a matte finish and the tail end of the car looks to have more of a shine, and a slightly richer color. Beyond that possibility, the body looks excellent with only one ding present at the bottom of the driver door.  Beyond that, the body appears arrow straight and absolutely rust free. Upon examining the underbody photos, you can see how solid this Porsche is, and appreciate it for the jewel that it is. Does this yellow 911S rank high on your dream car wish list?


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  1. TRP

    It has had at least one partial respray in its years. I wonder what lies beneath that mismatched paint?

    One of my parents friends had one just like this when I was a kid. At that time I was more partial to a TransAm or early Firebirds. My how things change. I would love this one in my garage

    • RayT Member

      A little more than “partial,” I think. Whoever painted it managed to leave a little bit of overspray here and there, and didn’t address what looks like some damage at the bottom of the driver’s door….

      Assuming there are no serious issues underneath the paint, and the mechanicals work as well as they look, this might be a good car, though the flipper and the $100K “bidder” — who, if I read the eBay listing correctly, is making their first bid ever for this — are venturing into what seems to me Crazy-money Land.

      The downside to the stratospheric prices being asked for a lot of cars these days — especially Porsches, it seems — is that most people who cough up this kind of loot will be reluctant to actually drive their new toys. That’s doubly bad with early 911s, especially in their higher-performance versions. Can’t imagine NOT driving the wheels off this!

  2. whippeteer

    Wish I had had $4995 when I was in High School for that 1964 911 that was on a used car lot.

  3. Woodie Man

    This will end up selling for more than double what I just sold my ’70 911 T sunroof w/air last year. Granted it seems to be more or less all there but still………and yes it’s an S. Shouldn’t it have the S valence up front under the bumper? Maybe the ’70 S didnt have the valence. I can’t remember. There is in my mind always value in buying the most original unmolested example you can afford. But this, I dont know…..I would think anything in the stratosphere of a hundred K would have to be a concourse near example. Then what good is it? Cant drive it.

  4. Don H

    Is the painted yellow tail pipe a option ?😉👍

  5. fulltoy1

    $100k he’s really dreaming or thought he was on Barrett Jackson and all for $100k you get a Repaint not a Concourse Restoration.. =(

  6. stevee

    Don’t make fun of the seller for the $100,000 bid– poke fun at the bidder(s)! If you want to talk about the But It Now price, go for it. However: “asking too much” and dropping the price is way easier than trying to extract more $$ after the sale.

  7. Tom

    Ridiculous. I’ve had three 911’s. They’re fun. They’re not $100k fun.

  8. Lemble

    I always find these listings strange. The obvious problems that are normally mentioned are ignored because is has the correct name on the front. The car is at best a driver and with 139 on the clock in need of a major overhaul of all the vitals to be a safe reliable driver at that.

  9. geoff a

    70,000 buys a new Vett that would run circles around this. Why would you pay that kind of money for a car that needs everything and you can not drive it fast with out having some time at a track with an instructor. Just saying

  10. Nova Scotian

    …my friend had one of these in his garage up until last year. It was his high school “dream” car. The one that said the statement “you really made it”, to everyone around you. He spent many thousands fixing it up, as he is not mechanically inclined…zero in fact….and it just sat in his garage because he said it didn’t drive that well, and if you put milage on it, it depreciates it, and further, requires more mechanical maintenance the more you drive it.
    While it looks nice, it is an expensive endeavour to buy this and operate it. Actually, you don’t drive this car. It’s more of a “park your money in this while it gains in value, rather than in a bank where no one else can see it.”, kinda mantra.
    He sold his after a few years in his garage…for a tidy profit, after paying a high roller broker to move it on.

  11. GurnB

    It’s a simple concept….. Supply and Demand.

  12. jwinters

    why are these overgrown volkswagons so desireable these days? 0-60 in 8 seconds is about as fast as a ford maverick or a 6 cylinder impala of the same vintage.

  13. JimmyJ

    They have to be at there peak there crazy expensive it reminds me of the muscle car trend in the late 80s i assume everyone who bought back then lost money?

  14. DonC

    Jwinters….a 911 is anything BUT an overgrown Volkswagen. Regardless of the 0-60 time, it’s a Porsche that outmaneuvers most of the cars of its era. Put it up against my 2002 911 (996) and its left in the dust. Of course. As much as my 71 Vette would get smoked by today’s vetted. I could ask the same about the ridiculous prices being paid for BelAirs, Cameros, and Mustangs, or real estate in my area. I wouldn’t pay $100,000 for this either, but it’s most certainly not a VW.

  15. Warren

    Looks like an Earl Schieb special painted years ago. I probably did not read deep enough into the description, but did it even mention the mechanical condition?

  16. KevinR

    Mis-matched paint; overspray everywhere. Sirens front and rear. Poorly mounted speakers that will sound awful but have ruined the door panels in the process. Undriven for many years necessitating a full mechanical going over, including new fluids, hoses, tires, etc…

    All for the bargain price of… who knows, because the reserve is still not met at $115,000.

    I love 911s, but with the insanity of today’s prices, it’s going to remain a long distance love affair.

  17. Rick

    You people are clueless to market rates for anything short of a muscle car with a blue oval. Restored this is a 250k car.

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