Eclectic Collection: Barn Finds in Baltimore

This listing for what appears to be a shed or barn full of projects doesn’t have much info to go on, and prices listed seem ambitious. But there are some interesting projects here that may warrant a phone call, just to see if a deal can be struck. Among them is this AMC Javelin listed for $7,500, which makes the one I listed here on Barn Finds seem like a bargain! Find the whole collection here on craigslist and located near Baltimore.

Now, this Datsun 280Z seems reasonably priced at just $750. But interior photos show a fair amount of mold, and I have to wonder if that jacked-up stance in the front means the drivetrain has been stripped out. And what is it parked next to – a Honda S600, or a Datsun 1200/1600 roadster? Whatever it is, it’s not mentioned in the listing, which also references a VW kit car not seen in photos.

This oddball appears to be a Renault NN1, or the 6CV, made between 1924 and 1930. This is a vehicle that paints a pretty vivid picture of the range of this collection, as it didn’t stop with a certain era or make of vehicle. The asking price on the Renault is $5,000, which seems reasonable given the rarity here in the U.S. and completeness seen in the listing’s photos.

Then there’s this GT6, which seems expensive at $5,000. It’s not to say the Triumph coupe can’t pull that sort of money, but there’s generally more than a few of these to choose from on craigslist at any given time, many of them running projects. I do like the color of this one, however. Other vehicles mentioned in the listing include a Triumph Herald; Nash Metropolitan; a Datsun 240; and the aforementioned kit car.

Have something to sell? List it here on Barn Finds!

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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    That Renault looks interesting.

  2. angliagt

    That’s a Datsun 1600/2000 next to the 280ZX.

  3. Bear

    The Renault would be worth looking into.
    Maybe the GT6 (IF it isn’t a rusty mess).
    & there is an old-school tow truck (in the background of the 280ZX pic) that I’d like to learn more about!
    It looks like some of the cars have been carefully covered/protected :-), while others have been relegated to the role of being a shelf to stack spare parts on…… :-(
    Given the location (northern Maryland) buyers should plan to inspect these abandoned projects for rust.

  4. Chris M.

    Seems a case of bad taste meeting high ambition.

  5. Mitch Ross

    GT6+ which means it has the better rear suspension of the second generation car. Very nice

  6. Ian C

    I would like to have the second gen Javelin, or the 1st gen AMX sitting in front of it. But it would have to be at a much more realistic price.

  7. Eric_13cars Eric_13cars Member

    The 280Z is on jack stands, thus the dangling wheels. I believe that the scoop on the left side of the hood indicates that it’s a turboZ. There is mold on the steering wheel and foot pedals, but other than messiness, the interior looks complete and reasonable. Since the gear shift is in place, I’m inclined to believe that the drive train is intact, albeit of questionable capability. Don’t see any rust which is a positive for a car in the relative north. Price is certainly right. If it were closer, i.e. less than 5 hours away by a lot, I’d hop in the car for a ride to see it.

  8. Marcus

    What is the yellow car behind the 280z ? A ford ?

    • Chris

      It looks like a MK2 Jaguar judging by the rear vent window and roof line. Plus, I think I see a mirror on the front wing.

      • Jim Dendy

        I believe the yellow car is actually a 3.8 S-Type and not a Mark II judging by the rear quarters rear window and the tail lights.
        I used to own a 66 version.

  9. Charlesfulop

    The yellow car next to the 280z is a Jaguar sedan.

  10. Tricky

    It does not say that the Triumph GT6 is for sale, but rather a Triumph Harold (Herald)…..which James May used successfully as a boat!!

  11. Jack

    I am in the area and can do a scope out for anyone interested.

    • Tricky

      Jack, excellent. Find out what vehicle is beside that Datsun 280Z and if its for sale. Likewise with the GT6

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