Estate Find: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

While looking not so resplendent any longer in it’s Goodwood Green paint (code 983), Chevy sold some 4,293 of this most popular color for the ’67 model year. This survivor Corvette is located in Itasca, Illinois and can be found here on eBay with a stout opening ask of $36,967.00 it has one bidder as of today. The seller claims mostly original paint, but I’m not sure why the paint jumped off the way it did. I just hope it’s not a bad repaint/touch-up. While there are only four photos to see, the seller does provide some insight.

Found and purchased at an estate sale in California, the seller states, “The frame and birdcage are absolute perfection…nobody has ever flared this car, wrecked it…hot-rodded it, etc. It has 67,000 original miles on it!”. The green vinyl interior looks mostly original but could use a good cleaning. One change to the interior for ’67 was the elimination of the passenger hand-hold above the glovebox, an item present since 1958. I see the original simulated wood steering wheel and radio, but it looks like the shifter was replaced at some point. Connected to the four-speed is a 327/300 hp base engine. The 2nd owner replaced the clutch, brakes, fuel tank and some suspension pieces among some other bits to make this a nice driver. Manual brakes, steering, and shifting might require a little too much effort for some folks though.

This is a two-top car, but all we see is the rare optional black vinyl hardtop (c07/c08) with no mention of the condition/color of the soft one. Sitting on Rally Wheels with Redline tires is a really good look on C2’s and throw in some side pipes and clean chrome. Nice! No mention if the side exhaust is original or added later. Since the fuel tank was replaced, maybe he found the tank sticker, which could tell us a little more about the true options?

He also says he may be selling some of his other cars too. Maybe we’ll see that nice GTO in the background up for sale soon! So is a repaint in order or do you wear the scars and all? I personally like the patina and would leave it and enjoy it as is. The ’67 is my favorite Corvette and this one would be perfect to cruise in and not worry about paint chips and rash. No garage/trailer queen for me! I could see myself enjoying and driving this mid-year, how ’bout you?


  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    My Dad’s brother had one of these back around 1969, in a dark blue if I recall. I thought my Uncle was the coolest with that Corvette.

    35 years later I asked my Uncle about that car, and he said he sold it and lost track of it. Then he went on to tell me that out of the blue, a guy recently called to tell him he had the car, found behind a barn in the weeds in the next county. That new guy restored the car.
    Evidently my Uncle’s name was somewhere in the car, so the new owner tracked my Uncle down to ask if he’d like to see the newly-restored Corvette he’d owned as a 26-year-old.

    My Uncle’s response? No thanks, he didn’t want to see the car. I never have understood my Uncle.

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  2. Arthell64 Member

    I’m not crazy about green cars but I like this one. The base engine hurts it but all in all I like it.

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  3. BRAKTRCR Member

    He can ship it to me faster than my Wife’s Amazon order. Wow that is fast. He has obviously met my Wife.
    I too, like the car just as it is, and 67, is my favorite year as well. My dream car, ever since I saw one new. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this go $50K roughly 10 times it’s cost new. Too bad my 89 doesn’t have the same following, I’d be rich.

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  4. ruxvette

    How refreshing…it is an “unmolested” car that is “relatively unmolested”.
    I can’t understand the amount of rust INSIDE the car. If you are going to hang on to the car and drive it the price $40k-ish, is not bad. If you are going to restore it you will be upside down for years.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      I guess depending on your plans, being “upside down” on a car you really enjoy is not the worst thing that could happen.

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  5. Shawn P gherity

    Im doubting the origional paint claim since none of tge seam shrinkage that is apparent on origional paint jobs is present. I could be wrong since the pics arent that great though

  6. John

    From the right side picture, it looks as if something is missing under the back of the body. Cami I looking at it wrong?

  7. Roy Blankenship

    This would be an awesome car to have….According to the redline on the tach, it was originally a 350 hp, 327 car. I would drive it as is, being mindful of mechanical integrity, you would not have to worry about door dings!

    • Roy Blankenship

      After looking at the eBay ad, it IS a 350/327. Open element air cleaner, aluminum intake. Makes it all that much more desirable.

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  8. Don Sicura

    After looking at this car, it is far from an untouched/unmolested original, the car is re-painted with enamel, notice the paint peeling (GM only used acrylic lacquer back then), the side exhaust is not original to the car, the motor has the correct manifold & valve covers for a 66-67 327, 350 HP car & this is mostly a low option car & no mention if it is numbers matching, so count on it being non matching, also no mention of the tank sticker, which would give some idea of the pedigree on the car, the front fiberglass of the car appears to be “hand laid” rather than press molded, the rear clip may or may not be original, one more item, the doors both seem to have a funny gap or “cut line” which makes me question the bird cage, the asking price is all the money for a decent driver, but about 10 to 15K too much for this one. I’d advise the prospective buyer to pass on this one unless you can buy it under 25K and even then it may be a bit too much.

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    • Barry

      You are absolutely right. You need real deep pockets to bring it back to top condition.

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    • Kman

      I can’t see what you’re saying. That looks like a chipping lacquer paint. I have seen it many times. How can you tell “hand laid” over factory pressed? There isn’t any pics to give a good view of the door gaps (“cut lines”) to indicate anything and since it’s a 67 what’s the beef with the engine?

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  9. Del

    I agree with Don.

    These can be worth big bucks but how much will it cost to repaint ? 20 grand ?

    Then there are the other oddities which are not stock items.

    Price is 10 grand too high

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    • pugsy

      Actually, it’s not high. 5 bids already.

  10. Louis Q Chen

    The improvements I’d make on this Vette are: install power steering & brakes, redo the paint job, keep it original of course, perhaps add A/C. The reason for the power steering is simple….the steering require lots of strength when not moving! I had bad experience when I inherited a ’69 Chevy Chevelle! This would be a great weekend cruiser and would look great at an In-N-Out joint or one of those Bob’s Big Boys!

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  11. stillrunners Stillrunners Member

    Qestionble pictures = questionable car….

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