EVZ: 1975 Datsun 280Z EV

Ahhhhh.. now we’re talkin’, a 1975 Datsun 280Z! Finally, a nice, normal car from Scotty G! This normal 280Z (hee hee, wringing hands) is on Craigslist with an asking price of $13,995! Wow, it must really be a nice, original car for that price!..

Hey, isn’t the cord for the block heater usually hanging out of the grille? Ok, enough of that. While this is a nice, normal Datsun 280Z, at least body and interior-wise, it’s also a nice, abnormal 1975 Datsun 280Z EV! 

This car was built 10 long years ago so it must have withstood the test of time. It’s a fantastic, professional conversion done by a company called Operation Z, but they no long do EV conversions and it was their shop vehicle.

1975 was the first year for the 280Z in the US market and this originally would have had Nissan’s L28E, 2.8L inline-six with fuel-injection and around 150 hp, but now it has a FB4001a Series Wound DC motor with up to 100 hp at 144 volts, which this car has. As it is now, this car has a top speed of 94 mph and a range of between 25 and 45 miles. The other six batteries, for a total of twelve 12-volt batteries, are in the trunk. I know what you’re thinking, all of that weight in there, come on!! Well, the original L28E engine weighed about 450 pounds, and the 12 batteries weigh around 450 pounds, you see where I’m going here.. And the batteries are evenly spread out between the front and the back of the car. This thing has to corner like it’s on rails.

The interior looks great and it looks stock, including the floor shifter. But, this was converted to a clutchless 4-speed from the regular third-pedal-needed setup. The owner/builder was going to convert it back but never did. This EVZ even has AC, and since it’s located in the Los Angeles, California area, that’s probably a nice touch. This isn’t a car that most folks will have any interest in, and that’s perfectly fine. Not everyone likes everything (other than me!) and that’s what makes this such a great website, it’s a wide variety of finds for a wide variety of readers in a wide variety of countries around the globe. I would probably have a regular 280Z, but this one would sure draw a current.. I mean, a crowd!


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  1. JamestownMike

    Another “barn find”??……..NOT! Come on guys!

  2. David

    That’s what I appreciate about this site, you never know what you’ll see!

  3. Mr. TKD

    How much to put in a LS in it?

  4. SortedCorty.com

    Nice looking car and the execution seems clean – a lot of these small-shop-built EVs are prepared without a thought to aesthetics. Only things I would be concerned about are the old batteries and old converter. Batteries are probably worn out and converter tech has come a long way in 10 yrs.

    • DAN

      never anything cheap when it comes to EV
      cool ya, cheap NO:(

    • Flman

      And battery technology has moved ahead light years in ten years with lithium batteries instead of lead acid ones. Would be much more impressive if it were a conversion using what’s available today. Like what the Wheeler Dealer guys did with the Maserati Biturbo body. Their finished product had 140 hp and more than double that figure in torque and could eek out almost 200 miles per charge.

  5. Fred W.

    45 mile range on a good day….hmmmmm…

  6. angliagt

    That thing must weigh (more than) a ton.
    Too bad they took a smog exempt vehicle out of
    the market.They should have picked a ’76+.

  7. Bob S

    This golf cart no longer fits golf clubs. Looks well done. I’d suggest not crashing in this. Merry Christmas Barn Finds Devotees.

  8. grant

    Hmm. Cool technology. Uncool they did this to a nice Z. Again going against my usual anti sbc swap ethos, this would be a perfect candidate if the price came down a bit. Probably lose the boy racer body kit too. Merry Christmas all!

  9. DRV

    As I remember the stock motor was not good starting in ’76 and many were converted to something else including my brother’s to a 350 Chevy from zero miles on the original engine.

    • Chuck

      I had a ’77. Bought it new and put over 100K on it without a single problem. It was the fourth one I’d owned. Actually wish I still had it. Its a shame they ruined an otherwise great classic here.

  10. Bob S

    @DRV I had a 78 fuel injected 280-Z and it was a fantastic engine. Very tractable, great fuel economy. Totally reliable.

  11. james boyd

    I saw a 280Z in a Car Craft sleeper shoot-out. Had a turbo charged inline six with nitrous, Dont remember the e.t. but it was hitting 130 in the 1/4 mile.

    • Jeffro

      Should be around 10’s in 1/4 mile

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