BF EXCLUSIVE: Back to the Georgia Collection!

As some of you may recall, I’ve been helping a friend with a massive stash of vintage cars and trucks in the north Georgia mountains unload some of his inventory. Because of the restrictions around air travel and having two very young children, I’ve not been back down to the property in over a year – but we bought a 2003 VW Eurovan and made the trek over the holidays to visit my in-laws, so I had some time to spend with my friend to get new cars and trucks photographed and documented. Everything seen here I have plenty more photos of (in most cases), so please reach out via the form below for more information. This Mercury Cougar coupe is one of the cars I had requested he move out from underneath the tree line, and I was glad to see it out in the open – it’s a great project. Read more about some of my other favorites below.

One of the craziest things about this property is how much it changes from season to season. In the summer and spring, about half of these vehicles are near impossible to see; at the very least, you’ll walk past them multiple times and they’ll never catch your eye. With the leaves down, all sorts of new projects come out into the open, like this short bed Chevy C10 with the Cheyenne Super 10 package. I have literally never seen this truck before this visit, and it’s one of my favorite C10 designs with the shorter wheelbase and single round headlights. Check out the Success Story of a 1955 Chevy pickup purchased from the property and recently out of a frame-off restoration!

When I spotted this 1957 Buick Roadmaster, I thought it was a new acquisition – nope, it turns out it was packed in behind the Cougar! This is a stalled restoration project which has impressively solid sheet metal and straight body lines. The interior needs work and the driver’s door glass is cracked, but the body looks great and the engine is complete. While a two-door would have been an even better find, this would still make an awesome project for someone who doesn’t want to get into years’ worth of rust repair. The Cougar is fairly solid as well, with some rust bubbling in the lower portions of the passenger door. If you want to get caught up on some of my previous visits, check out the following links – but be forewarned that many of these vehicles have already found new homes: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Project Trucks; Project Jeeps; Project Motorcycles

This 1951 Ford coupe was on the other side of the property for a while, and it looks completely different out in the open. It was packed in tightly while a 1979 Toyota Supra was in its way; once we sold that car, the Ford had some room to breathe. It was moved across the street and seeing it without five cars packed in around it gave me a completely different perspective on its viability as a project. Someone spent some time on the bodywork, as the taillights have been frenched in and the complete continental kit is still in the trunk. The engine and interior are complete on this car as well.

There’s plenty of imports on the property, and I’ve included pictures of some of the new ones up for grabs in the gallery below. This VW Karmann Ghia convertible is a project my friend personally oversaw, tackling the bodywork and stripping it down before the project stalled out. The bodywork now needs some attention in places as surface rust has crept back in, but the floors appear solid and he has most of the missing pieces for re-assembly. Check out the gallery below, and don’t be afraid to reach out. There’s plenty more I haven’t listed. Please keep in mind most of these are projects and do not run currently, but we will confirm whether engines still turn and that the cars and trucks themselves are able to roll. In most cases, these vehicles will be sold on a bill of sale only, but if we have a title, it will be provided.

  • Price: Varies
  • Location: Blue Ridge, Georgia
  • Mileage: TMU
  • Title Status: Some titles; assume bill of sale only

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  1. John S

    If you value your car(s), Never ever, ever, ever, store them outside for any length of time

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  2. William Cockayne

    Yes, I have helped clean out a few junkyards full of vintage tin over the years. Most crumbled from the rust when moved, but we got lots of stainless trim, Engine cores, etc. etc. And old school buses packed with starters, generators, rads, taillights, etc. etc. Took a whole summer to do one and I sold the parts at swap meets. Wish ebay was around then!

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  3. Pete Phillips

    That’s not a 1957 Roadmaster by the way. It is either a Special or a Century.

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