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Field Of Classic Cars And Trucks Up For Sale!

Located in a field in Temecula, California is an assortment of cars, trucks and various equipment that have been accumulated over time. Apparently, the owner of the property would find a vehicle or machine, bring it back, leave it there, and then repeat the process over again. And again. And again. The seller seems to have lost the hoarding bug and has recruited a friend to help him liquidate the arsenel. We’re told they all ran at some point (duh) and some are in better condition than others. Each is priced accordingly here on craigslist. Thanks to Doug from Riverside for the tip!

The seller seems to have an affinity for Ford and Chevrolet products which are the most plentiful.  There are two dozen photos provided and we’re told there is a lot more there than the list contains. So, you might want to arrange for a visit and go window shopping. Let’s check out what we’re given.


1981 Ford Fairmont Wagon; Inline-6, automatic; $1,500

1981 Ford Thunderbird; $2,000

1986 Mercury Cougar; 36,000 miles; $500

1988 Ford Bronco II; V-6, 5-speed manual; $1,000

1994 Ford Mustang Convertible; 3.8-liter, automatic; $1,000

Ford 250 Super Duty Pick-up; one-ton towing, smog exempt; $2,000


1967 Chevy Truck; one-ton towing, has transmission but no motor; $1,500

1984 Chevy Truck; one-ton towing, parts: $1,500

1999 Chevy Cavalier; new engine heads; $1,000


1970 Mercedes 380C Coupe; $2,000

1971 MGB GT; incomplete; $3,000

Mercedes 240 D; automatic; $700


1977 260Z; complete with 5-speed manual, original wheels; $1,000

Isuzu Trooper 4X4; 5-speed; $1,500


Jeep, trailer, compressor, back-hoe, back-hoe bucket, ditch witch, and generator are available, ranging from $250 to $2,500. There is also a 1995 crew cab for $4,000 and a 1967 dually flatbed for $2,000. Besides cash, the seller will trade for guns, boats, jet skis and motorcycles. Happy shopping!


  1. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    About a week ago,I went & looked at 16 Cortinas (MKI.MKI)
    on a guy’s property here in SW Virginia.Most are only good for parts,
    but I’m glad he’s trying to sell them,rather than just having them crushed.
    I told him “I’m glad they’re on your property,& not mine”.

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    • Avatar photo Jefffry R Harris

      I am looking for some parts for a Mk 1 any contact info?

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    • Avatar photo Jeffry Harris

      Angliagt any chance you could connect me with the guy who has the to Cortina’s? Any help would be great!

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  2. Avatar photo Mitchell Gildea Member

    “The seller seems to have an affinity for Ford and Chevrolet products which are the most plentiful”
    Shows a picture of an Isuzu Trooper

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  3. Avatar photo Skorzeny

    If I had the space, the extra cash, and a way to go get it, that ‘81 Ford Fairmont wagon would be mine! I hope he can sell most of these, get them back on the road.

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  4. Avatar photo Rusty

    Not impressed.

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    • Avatar photo Mike

      “Classic” cars for sale

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  5. Avatar photo junkman Member

    I’m with Rusty.

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    • Avatar photo dunk

      I think they are all a little Rusty

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  6. Avatar photo Steve R

    A giant red flag is flying whenever a seller informs potential buyers that every car listed is “All at a fair price.”

    Most of these look like refugees from a junkyard. Unless the paperwork is in order, there are no back fees and in the name of the person who is accepting the payment, I’d walk.

    Steve R

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    • Avatar photo Johnny

      Commie California passed a law awhile back MAKING people get rid of their old cars. Its a sort of a blackmail politician and auto maker trick. Yes the BACK FEES is another way for the California POLITICIANS getting their salary raised. Too many people has to stick their nose in the other man,s bussinees and can,nt mind their own.

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  7. Avatar photo Timmyt

    I’d contact a crusher and be done with it

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  8. Avatar photo jerry z

    Glad I’m on the wrong coast! Going to be looking at a hoard of cars tomorrow that’s local, so I have to restrain myself from being impulsive!

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  9. Avatar photo Andy B

    Located in commiefornia and the seller will accept guns? Sounds VERY fishy…

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    • Avatar photo Derek

      Made I larff, that did…!

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    • Avatar photo billybo

      We need them for when we secede from the nation and take our economy with us…

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  10. Avatar photo Tim

    Do you have the address, and did the fire miss him?

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  11. Avatar photo Mr.BZ

    From the hideous government-overreach front bumper and the “77”, that Z must be a 280. That’s all I got.

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  12. Avatar photo gary martin

    looking for mk2 cortina or mercury capri also sunbeam sports car ,Thanks Gary at yargnitram@icloud.com

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  13. Avatar photo Lisa

    What’s the location so I can go look

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  14. Avatar photo Miguel

    Whenever I see a post like this I look at the pictures for my 1968 Buick LeSabre that disappeared in that area back in 1986.

    Maybe one day I will see it.

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    • Avatar photo wcshook

      I feel your pain! I had a ’76 Delta 88 Royale stolen about 10 years ago. It was a customized at factory by Hurst Performance. It was the Y-61 package as I remember. It was probably stolen by someone who wanted the 455. Miss that car.

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  15. Avatar photo ChingaTrailer

    Seller says he won’t post a phone number because he can’t deal with random calls at all times. He’s obviously new to this, when I post on Craigslist I disable the email response option, I refuse texts a d only want to deal with phone calls as I learned along time ago that time wasters email, scammers text but serious buyers call.

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