Field Of Dreams: 1937 Plymouth Deluxe

Having spent many years out on ranch lands in New Mexico, this 1937 Plymouth Deluxe has seen better days. Ironically this Plymouth has been “branded” multiple times, but there is no further information on this classic. Appearing fairly straight aside from the roof, and rot free, I am positive a metal wizard may want to play with this Plymouth. Bidding has reached $5.49 with the reserve unmet, or buy it now for $650. Find it here on eBay out of Clayton, New Mexico.

Tomatoes, Tow-mat-oes, if this was a Ford Model A or T body the bidding would be through the roof. Still this Plymouth isn’t too bad of a project, which could be used for a craftsman’s project rat. Although it is more fantasy than reality that this Plymouth will ever be a viable car again, it is good to dream. To allow the mind to wander, and build on its creativity. To see the usefulness in something that may otherwise be a discarded dream, left in a field of all places to be branded. The roof is easily the worst part of this body, with the rest appearing to be relatively straight and rot free. There is nothing more with this body other than the doors, fenders, trunk lid, and radiator cowling, which is just enough for a build. Or just enough for yard art.

I wish there was more history on this Plymouth, shedding light on its branding, and how it wound up in a field. Although an unlikely project, this Deluxe could be used for rat type of project, or even used as yard art at a museum with carefully orchestrated vegetation to highlight some of this vehicles features. How many times have you seen a car in a field and pondered its past, and how it would up as a yard ornament? What would you do with this field dreamer?


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  1. Howard A Member

    Looks like field of “faded” dreams. Current bid, $6 bucks,,,I’d take it.

    • rockribbedrushy

      It’s up to $51.00 with 6 bidders. Reserve not met.

      You still have time to grab it Howard.

    • william rudd

      i would give 10.00 dollars for it because i would be dumping a whole lotof money into it either as all orginial car or with a plymouth motor and transmission and rear end and paint it blue outside with blue interior the front end would be plymouth(mopar) the trans either automatic or manual

  2. Dave Wright

    The type of vehicle that could be hot rodded without regrets. In a short drive around my ranch you can see hundreds of this type vehicle. There is a cottage industry of people that collect them up and take them to various swap meets all over the west. Location Is a big deal…….at the Pomona Swap meet, it would bring 1500 or more as is.

    • Glen

      Do you mean hundreds of abandoned vehicles? are they on your ranch? you should have guided tours.

  3. Scott Tait

    For a start TOMATO has no E at the end for god’s sake

  4. Racingpro56

    Seriously? Leave this old gal to rest in peace. Im sure she lived a good life, and now part of the landscape.

  5. Old school

    What else is out there?

    • DAN

      LOTS see his other auctions

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    This is what you make street rods out of. I’ve got no problem with people taking something like this and whittling their dream car out of. Mind you there are some of us die-hards that would go out of our way to find something original to put in it, even if it happens to be a 251 six to replace the old 201.

  7. Joe Haska

    Did you say classic in the same paragraph you described this Plymouth, it is obviously the most miss-used word in automotive jargon, but seriously “CLASSIC”
    Some of the worst looking cars were in 1935,36 and some 37’s, leading that pack was pretty much MoPar and GM. Bet that comment gets a few people upset. I’m not saying everything was bad, if you want to go back to the definition of classic there truly were some, but it wasn’t 37 Plymouths then or now.

    • David Montanbeau

      NOW!! Here is a classic. 1937 DeSoto.

  8. David Montanbeau

    1000.00 dollar trunk lid. 600.00 front fenders. 400.00 rear fenders. 800.00 front doors.

    • David montanbeau

      I do this for a living. 30 plus years doing this. Rear fenders, doors and trunk lid are rare. I am bidding.

      • rockribbedrushy

        Still have time. Almost 3 days and it’s at $51.

  9. Joe Haska

    A beautiful 37 Desoto , but you have to compare apples to apples, a rusted bunch of rusted sheet-metal from a 37 Plymouth Sedan, and a perfect 37 Desoto Cab, SERIOUSLY!

  10. David montanbeau

    Guy said mopar had no class.LOL
    Was not comparing. I do have 100 plus Mopar that I can post to compare. Next! Seriously LOL

  11. Per Member

    it is a to door, without frame.

  12. RJ Guzik

    Use what remains to create a jalopy modified stock car of the early 50’s era seen here in the northeast…

  13. charlie Member

    The late 30’s hump backs, in my opinion, are the ugliest cars of all. A late 30’s fast back, or convertible, or convertible sedan, is another story, some are quite attractive. The Cord MIGHT pull it off, but how often do you see a rear view?

  14. Jim Benjaminson

    Rare body style – two door flatback sedan. Humpback “touring” sedans out sold these by a huge margin.

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