The First Two Pontiac Firebirds Are Up For Sale!!!

The owner of this pair of 1967 Pontiac Firebirds refers to them as “Pontiac Royalty,” and this would have to be a fair comment. We are looking at a pair of Firebirds that wear sequential VINs 100001 and 100002. These are the first two Firebirds to roll of the production line and they have been kept together ever since! They were found in a sad and sorry state as you can see above, but they were still together as a pair. Both cars have recently been through a painstaking restoration process, and are now being offered for sale. Given their history, it seems only fitting that they are being offered for sale as a pair. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, you will find them listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is currently sitting at $51,100, but the reserve hasn’t been met. For the enthusiast who just has to own these, there’s a BIN button set at $285,000!

You have to agree that the transformation of this pair of Firebirds has been nothing short of astonishing. The good news is that the restoration work has not been done the easy way by re-bodying the pair. They feature new floors and quarter panels, but as much of the original steel as possible was restored in a bid to retain the originality of both cars.

When the pair rolled off the production line, they didn’t immediately find their way to a private owner. They spent some time doing the rounds of car shows and advertising displays, and they do still carry the “Show Body 1” and “Show Body 2” body tags that were installed by Pontiac. As you will see from the photos, the pair now look as good as they did when they were new.

The car carrying VIN# 001 is the Convertible. It is finished in Regimental Red with a black top. You look at the car and it is like you have been transported back in time. The presentation is faultless, and apart from the floors and quarters, the rest of the steel in the car is largely original.

Under the hood of this car is the standard Pontiac 326ci V8, which produces 250hp. The car was specified with an automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. Once again, the presentation under the hood is immaculate.

As befits a car that is destined for advertising and show duty, the Convertible was fitted with a deluxe red interior. A few notable items on this car include the fitting of cruise control and the rare floor-mounted clock.

The Firebird wearing VIN# 002 is a Coupe that is finished in Silverglaze, with a black vinyl top. It is fitted with Rally II wheels and a hood-mounted tachometer. The body striping should tell you that it isn’t equipped a standard 326 engine.

This is the first Firebird to have been built with the 326ci H.O. engine, that delivers 280hp. As with its sister, this one also features power steering and power brakes, but shifting duties are via a 4-speed manual transmission.

If Pontiac’s intentions were to capture the hearts and minds of the motoring public with this car, I’m sure that they would have succeeded. The deluxe black interior features a floor console and a tilt steering wheel. While both cars are stunning, I would be willing to bet that this is the car that had the biggest impact at the car shows.

What a pair of cars. What an amazing piece of American automotive history. We’ve seen other occasions here at Barn Finds where cars with consecutive VINs have been kept together as pairs, but to me, this is in a different league to anything that I’ve seen before. That they have been beautifully restored together, and are being sold together, makes them a fascinating pair of cars.

Frankly, I will be amazed if these cars ever find their way to the road. I am inclined to think that they will spend the rest of their days as display cars in a museum. To me, that would be a crying shame. I know that they are a significant pair and that they need to be preserved, but every thoroughbred deserves to run free at some point. They shouldn’t be locked in a stable for their entire life. These Firebirds are exactly the same!

From Seller – Two cars for one price! These are the well documented first two production Firebird’s built. Fully Frame-off restored by Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, TX. Featured in TV Show Fast N’ Loud. These cars have been together their entire lives. Used by GM as promotional vehicles on the car-show circuit and then sold. Lost for many years and found and restored.

  • Convertible is 326 V8 Automatic
  • Hardtop is 326 HO 4-Speed (First 326 HO built!)

Seller’s Listing: Here on eBay

  • Asking Price: $285000
  • Location: Lincoln, NE
  • Mileage: 100
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 10001 and 100002

You can view more details on Restore A Muscle Car.


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  1. Rick

    Didn’t Gas Monkey buy these a few years ago?

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    • Paris Trout

      Hey Barn Finds. You can put my comment back or loose a daily source of clicks.

      I haven’t been to that other site, bat, in over 5 years, not once, because of similar issues.

      There was nothing about my comment that necessitated it’s removal.

      Don’t become “that site”.


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      • John P

        Gas Monkeys finds years back that were restored together..

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    • David Prowse

      Yes, Gas Monkey Garage did both these renovations which can be found on reruns. An amazing result accomplished in only a couple of months.

    • Kelly

      Yes and sold them to Pontiac museum for 600k

  2. Bakyrdhero

    Dennis Collin’s “Holy Grail Firebirds” it’s amazing they are still in existence considering they were used and abused.

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  3. Tirefriar

    As a former owner of 1968 Firebird Convertible which I owned the longest of many cars, this post made my day. Thank you very much!

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  4. Tirefriar

    Details please

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  5. Nelson Wells

    Just terrific. How often has this type of duo ever been found AND restored. I’d say this is rarity worth paying for.

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    • Pookie Jamie Pawlicki

      Is that Clermont Florida?

  6. Coventrycat

    Beats seeing a pair of Grand Nationals

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    • Patrick Farmer


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    • Donnie

      I don’t know.What if you were looking at the first two NSX version of the Grand National?You would probably like looking at them in your driveway.

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      • Bakyrdhero

        Yes, but not if GMG touched those Grand Nationals though, then they are junk.

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    • Terry Foreman

      I saw the episode when Richard and Dennis found and purchased the pair.

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  7. al8apex

    No way these cars “stayed together their entire lives” as claimed

    These were color changed (one) and rusty used cars that found themselves “together” after decades of abuse.

    The “restoration” was a hack job of catalog reproduction parts.

    All fluffed for a tv show

    Sad to know these were poorly / incorrectly put back the way they were

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  8. Matt Trummer

    @ Brian did you ever watch the show of Fast N Loud? The deal was to restore for a collector and payout depended on 100% original for shows.

    Like 14

      Yeah I watched the show. Why do You think I call them hackers?

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      • Bakyrdhero

        What would you have done to a higher quality?

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  9. Kidnova

    We know what he paid for them.. we know what he sold them for.. museum went under.. couldn’t sell’em at auction..suckered someone into a sale..
    Half a million, now 200 k plus,, bidding at 50 k .. brought in a dude to buildem and drove Arron out- what took so long— ,, why u sell your junk ash monkey,, it all ends up back in your garage anyway.. someone at GM step up and put these cars back in the GM stable…

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  10. The Chucker

    Maybe they didn’t restore them, but there’s no debating that RR knows how to market his brand. Those “BOZOS” are laughing all the way to the bank…more power to them!

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  11. Paul

    The price of 285k seams reasonable to me…..compared to what the number one Camaro and the number one Mustang are worth…… I wish I had the number one Camaro and/or the number one Mustang ……if I could afford them I would buy these as well!! (I also want the number one Cougar)!

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    • RedBaran

      I’ve got the number for a Cougar I could give you…! :)

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  12. Paul

    RedBaran, are you saying that you know the owner of the first Cougar and where it is?
    I would love to see it!

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    • phishbum

      I believe Jim Pinkerton still owns Cougar #1.

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      • CATHOUSE

        You are correct, the Pinkertons are the current owners of Cougar One. They have owned the car 20+ years. There are plenty of articles out there on the car. It was the cover car on an issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines about 2 years ago for the 50th anniversary of the Cougar in 2017. Inside that issue is a several page article telling its story.

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    • Chebby Staff

      I believe he’s setting you up on a date….

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    • John

      Read it again with room for a smile.

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  13. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    I am just going to pick a couple nits with this listing. I love the back story real or fake. Is it just me or does the red convertible have a sort of lean to it and something going on with the front valance/bumper surround? The stance doesn’t seem at all “plumb.” And why raised letter Polyglas tires when this one would really benefit from a set of double white side walls? The tires on there now are barely a step up from black sidewalls. All in all, I wish these would make their way back to Norwalk or Ypsilanti or wherever and return to the GM roost.

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  14. Kuzspike

    For what it’s worth, here is what Hot Rod Magazine has to say about this:

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    • Donnie

      I quit watching the show when the man ripped his father-in-law off with the not original 64 Impala.A cool $43,000 for a car worth maybe 20K at the most.

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  15. Tirefriar

    Thats exactly the detail I was waiting to see. Thanks, Kuzspike!

    Bummer, it was such an inspirational read this morning…

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  16. bruce baker

    Wow, this really is a great forum for opinions on the Correct Way To Restore A Car. Having watched all those TV Shows or Videos that “Restore Cars To There Former Glory”, plus trying to do it myself. It happens a lot where a Garage/Shop finds a car that has been restored or repaired by someone else. So then they immediately knock that work as a “terrible job”. Rarely does it get a thumps up. I believe NOW Bondo/mud, & Patent Parts are used too much as money savers. “Been there done that”. I think Bondo shouldn’t end up thicker than a 1/32″ which would/could eliminate the use of that too thin black Patent Part. Rust/corrosion is not an original material so it’s gotta be cut away or replaced by new or used factory parts or factory speck sheet metal. I love watching Full Custom Garage as he is great with forming/welding sheet metal. But even Ian can go nuts with the mud. I loved the Packard episode even though it was tough to see two Packard’s being modified from original stock cars. When it should of been the 4 door Packard only that got chopped, & an engine changed to a Chevy 350. But his customer was in charge which i totally understand that situation.

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  17. Patrick Farmer

    You are right. There is a shop here in the DFW area that is run by a man named CJ. He is from the Orange County scene and he knows Chip, Coddington and others. He got ticked at the ex-cop Gas Monkey because he saw an episode where they were taking advantage of some poor slub, cheating him out of money. C.J. ran into him at a show and asked him if he had lost his mind and that he was giving guys who build these cars a bad name. He also asked him what do you want to do, be a famous TV presenter or a custom car builder. It is very hard to do both. CJ’s shop manger worked for Boyd Coddington and was on his TV show. You would have had to see him on the show to know this, because he is not going to brag about it. This is what a builder should be not all this “I am on TV!” oil stain.

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  18. Bakyrdhero

    Why all the Gas Monkey hatred? The show was a decent way to spend an hour and Aaron seemed like a hell of a builder. RR was often entertaining. Overall it was a much better produced show than most of the other restoration shows they shove down our throats now. I mean..unless those guys personally burnt you somehow, I can’t understand trashing an operation most of us know very little about.

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    • Paul

      It’s called jealousy or envy. Both are very ugly traits.

  19. Tom Member

    Aaron was a great builder and that is why he left. My biggest complaint is the “deadline” on these TV show builds.

    Tired crew and deadlines = mistakes and shortcuts.

    I am in the industry and I don’t rush anything for anybody. My guys are paid well and get a good nights sleep every night. IF you don’t want to do it right, go somewhere else.

    Like 16
    • Skip

      If I had that kind of money I certainly would not waste my money on these two cars hoping that down the road someone would give me more than I gave. Nothing really great about either of those cars,they are not even high performance.

  20. Bakyrdhero

    I can see the deadlines being a problem. I’ve noticed the builds on Fantomworks are in the shop six months to a couple years sometimes. You
    Sound like a fair Boss and smart businessman Tom.

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  21. Jay E.

    If these were Mopars, they would ge 3x the price! If it weren’t for RR antics, the show would be a flop. Its entertainment, not a how-to. I also enjoy Restoration Garage and Full Custom. But Bad Chad, is garbage and the older Graveyard shows are excruciating bad. Can’t believe the daughter/girlfriends allow themselves to be treated so badly. I know my wife wouldn’t.

    Like 2
    • Jamie

      Why the hate for Bad Chad? He’s doing something different than everyone else. Just because it’s not a cookie cutter restoration it’s garbage to you? He’s using what he has available to him, doesn’t have an astronomical budget at his disposal, and does what he wants and likes. Just because it’s not your thing doesn’t mean it’s garbage. Sounds like when someone goes to a car show and rips someone else’s car apart for not being ‘correct’.

  22. Paul

    3x the price? Not the first generation mopars… chargers/barracudas … have to admit they where kinda ugly….not as much of a demand for them. Most Mopar guys I know hate the body style.

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  23. KevinLee

    I never believed the deadlines were real on any of those car shows. They would finish a build, and on the next week’s new build, you’d see last week’s build in the back, or corner nowhere near finished, probably waiting for parts to arrive. As far as I’ve seen, it’s all in the editing.

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  24. Just passing through

    Why all the animosity of Gas Monkey Garage? It’s an entertaining show that I can watch with the whole family. No unnecessary nudity, violence or foul language. RR and “the monkeys” are certainly characters. Simple solution if you don’t care for the show is to turn the Chanel. Only problem is you will probably end up watching something of lesser quality. Woooooo!

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    • Wyatt kenneth

      People have a bad case of the green eye monster. Gas monkey rocks and most important he MAKES MONEY.

      • TimM

        Wyatt I’ve watched gas monkey and a good part of the reason he makes money is cause he’s on nation wide TV!!! I bet you would make money to if you were on Television weekly. The truth of the matter is however guys like Richard Rallings is why the prices are going out of this world on the older cars!! I’ve had literally hundreds of cars but never paid the prices for them I do today!! The other thing I really hate is him selling cars overseas!! Keep them here!! Or sooner or later they won’t be here anymore!!

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  25. George Pope

    These were Bought By Gas Monkey Garage and Rebuilt Back in 2014 and here is the link to their page/

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  26. Mark Hitchins

    White letter tires were NOT available on Firebirds until 1969. Dumb mistake on $285,000 cars

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    • Little_Cars Alexander Member

      Exactly. My family were big fans of the first year Firebird. Dad’s OHC Sprint was upgraded to redwalls within the first year. Our next four (a 67 and three 69s) came with white sidewalls or double thin white sidewalls. In 1973 I talked him into going with raised white letters on a used pale blue metallic Firebird with black vinyl top.

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  27. Paul T

    My brother had a 326 HO 4 speed just like VIN #2 but in gold. Nice car but slow compared to my 67 Camaro we raced a few times but he couldn’t keep up with my small block lol and I only had 302 cubes under my hood :o)

    Like 1
    • Donnie

      Let’s be truthful.Very few cars could keep up with a Camaro that had the 302.Most likely over 400 HP from the factory.And they said it only had 275.The two most under rated small blocks at the time.Chevrolet 302 and Chrysler 340.Both only had a so called 275 HP.

      Like 1
      • Paul T

        The Z28 302 was rated at 290hp but mine was dyno’d at 375. The only Firebird that could beat me back in the day was my brothers 1973 SD455 4 spd. Of course no other small engine from the big 3 could spin 7000 rpm like the 302 Z28 did. BTW 120 mph @ 6000 and more pedal to go was a blast. Wish I could have kept it after it was restored but life goes on.

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  28. David Frank David F Member

    Thanks, Kuzspik! I have to go along with what Hot Rod Magazine says. Basically, these cars are not as advertised and are not worth anything close to the asking price. The story as told is not true. It would seem the truth is becoming rarer every day in each and every way. G Monkey G was a fun show to watch but you can’t take it any more seriously than you do the Saturday morning cartoons.

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  29. e

    Just like every industry everybody’s better than the other guy such nonsense. “oh me or a guy i know is so much better”.Haters will always hate.

  30. steve

    Maybe its just ME but I can’t imagine letting not one, but THE FIRST TWO Firebirds ever to go down in such bad shape as these two…..How does this happen?????

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    • bruce baker

      But at least one of them didn’t get totaled in a car accident or the other one get stolen like my 3 Camaro’s. My 1967 RS/SS has been gone for nearly 39 years as it Was taken a day before the 1980 California 500. Yeah where my 1177 second street legal camaro was invited to do a parade lap for Hot Rod Magazine because of it’s new wild Poly paint job. Didn’t happen as i got blamed for letting my car get stolen, especially by it’s 19 yr. old painter.

      • Little_Cars Saul Member

        In my experience, I’ve found it debilitating to hold onto regrets or grudges for 30 years. Do you suspect the 19 year old was the thief?

  31. Paul

    The trim tag alone on the red convertible makes this car worth a lot of $$.

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  32. TimM

    I watch the shows myself and full custom garage is the best the man has talent and best of all they show the work not a drama about a bunch of guys in a garage!! I watch them to learn if I want drama I’ll watch soap opera’s

    Like 3
    • bruce baker

      I totally agree.

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