Fly Away Restovivor: 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire

Starfire! Just the name (along with all the visual cues!) reminds us older folks of the Space Age, jet airplanes and the early 1960’s. This 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire is still wearing it’s original paint–the nice thing is there’s nothing hiding anything! It’s located in Los Angeles, California and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is very low, but has not yet met the reserve.

Wow, just look at that rear end styling and the two tone treatment on the side! This is one car that I really love the shape of, and the mock white convertible top paint doesn’t hurt. Also, the early Chevrolet in the garage has me believing that the car resides with an enthusiast–not a bad thing.

The paint doesn’t look quite as nice up close, but for those that love the p-word, it’s got plenty!

The roof paint is a little more worn, but still presentable for an “original” class at a car show. To quote an overused but very true phrase, they are only original once!

Underneath, this car really shines. Okay, not literally, but it sure looks great, doesn’t it! No rust issues here! That transmission is suspiciously shiny, though. Not that it is a bad thing.

The original interior, while not perfect, is close enough for me. It’s showing 42,212.5 miles at the moment. I’m not making any claims that there shouldn’t be a “1” in front of that, and neither is the seller. What do you think?

Here’s the engine, which the owner describes as the 394 cubic inch high compression engine. They have also done some resurrection work, including having the gas tank professionally cleaned, a new fuel pump, a rebuilt carburetor, new brakes, a new radiator and a rebuilt transmission (ah! there’s the reason for the shiny silver!). I also see an air conditioning compressor, which is good news for those of us from the South! I would surely have room for this Starfire restovivor, and I can’t imagine me changing much! Would you?


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  1. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Olds really put the others to shame in their design department. Such great detail…a shame they’re gone.

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  2. Dusty Stalz

    Nice car. Looks like it had a tarp on it for some time tho looking at the paint.

  3. Woodie Man

    OEM radiator on deck…… Hopefully that silver monster doesn’t indicate block cooling issues.

    Beautiful car…….

  4. Car Guy

    The fact that this car is basically all there and unrestored would make it an easy resto for an Oldsmobile enthusiast. Finding the unique trim parts for one of these would be an undertaking in itself.

  5. James "Cousin Jim" Mitchell

    In 1981, I found an identical one of these (even down to the paint color) in a barn while on a pheasant hunt near Arapahoe, Nebraska. The owner wouldn’t sell it-had been sitting in there for years. I always liked a ’62 Olds model, as my Uncle Phil Mitchell owned a ’62 Olds “Dynamic 88” for many years.

    • ccrvtt

      Would the numbskulls who downvoted this please identify yourselves? You got something against Arapahoe? Pheasants? Come on.

  6. Howard A Member

    Cue X-Files music. Check this out. On the site “Old Motor”, great site, they have a Friday old time photo series, and you can add comments, but no links and the curator doesn’t take any baloney ( like what goes on here). Anyway, couple weeks back, they ran this. The 1st picture is this car( except for the ’63 wheel covers) We figured, by the young man’s attire,( and rust behind the rear wheel) it was early 70’s. Wouldn’t it be something if this was that car?
    The ’62 Starfire was my favorite Olds. Not that the other GM’s were that bad, just everything was right on these. This, like the Chevy Cameo, will shoot to the moon, it’s that rare. Favorite Olds ever.


    leave it, “except the radiator” and drive it

  8. ags290 Member

    Killer Car, as my son would say its just your style Dad : ” Long, Low and Wide” I looked on Craigslist in LA to see if it was posted to get a feel for what the reserve might be and no such luck. I will watch it on Ebay to see where it lands. My guess would be 8K to 10K but I may be way off. It will be fun to watch.

    • ags290 Member

      I am guessing I was low this morning in my initial guess because it is already above $6000 with 6 days to go on the auction. I wonder where it will hit?

  9. flmikey

    …think you are right on the money, ags290…it’s refreshing to see a nice, honest car for sale…and had all the right things done to it before posting…brakes, fuel system, etc…I’d be a player if it was closer….

  10. JW454

    One of my favorites. The styling on this one was on the mark for me. My uncle had a ’62 98 and that car started my appreciation for these.

  11. Rock On Member

    F.Y.I. Howard, some of us come to this site especially for the side order of baloney!

    • Howard A Member

      So much baloney, we’re poopin’ hotdogs. :)

  12. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    I just traded one of these in a package deal, not anywhere near as nice, needed total resto. I can hear the seller, Honey, I bought a 61 Impala! What? You have 3 cars already! OK, sweetie, I’ll sell the Olds.

  13. John P

    It’s a flipper.. He’s got over a dozen cars listed on EBay currently.. I’d be curious where the “barn” was at in California..

    • PaulG

      Seems like an honest guy, excellent feedback, and his ads seem thorough. None of the other ads say “Barn Find” …
      Sometimes folks like to gather different cars from who knows where, and sell them on eBay.
      Not a crime where I come from…

  14. ROTAG999

    When i lived overseas i use to ride to school in one of these even as a teen this was a very nice riding car.

  15. Rockhead

    This one’s probably got the dreaded “slim jim” trans. Revved real high in first then slammed in to second….car took off like a rocket then

  16. Jay K

    Too bad it’s not the original upholstery. Should be two tone leather.

  17. Michael

    Interior is not “original.” Single color Naugahyde give it away. Starfires had a tow to three tone vinyl interior with unique tuft patterns.
    This aside, these were wonderful sporty and luxurious cars for their time. Several friends had Starfires from this era.
    To appreciate this car, you should not leave it in its current condition; maybe a refurbishment of paint and upholstery at the very least. To leave it in this condition in Florida or other Gulf coast states would be a death sentence. It deserves to shine!

    • Howard A Member

      Here’s your “WOW” factor,,,not some new Chevy.

  18. Larry S

    My Grandfather drove Olds 98’s almost exclusively. This car made me remember his blue 62 98 olds (I was 3 years old).

    He would trade cars every 3 years, telling the local Olds Dealer “I want your biggest olds with your biggest engine, and just need to know the difference with my trade” (a Dealer’s dream come true).

    Problem was, those high compression Olds V8 engine would carbon up since his daily commute was in total about 5 miles round trip.

    Every so often, he would take it out on the highway to ” blow the carbon out of it”. (His cars always ran better on the way home)

    In 1968, he traded his 65 98 olds in on a 1968 Buick Wildcat. (Again, ordering the “biggest engine”)

    He hated that car, saying it wasn’t as big as the 98 Olds, and that he kept getting ” blown all over the road” in it. (Curb weight 4300lbs)

    Unfortunately, he never lived long enough to trade his 68 Wildcat on a 71 Cadillac, which was his intention, but he certainly loved his Oldsmobiles!!!!!

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