Forest Find: Dodge Power Wagon

Often renowned for their rugged ability and history, this Power Wagon is more ragged than rugged at this point. Left for dead in the woods of Maine, this Dodge still offers some parts of value and a complete drive-train. Offered for $500, this Dodge could be a fruitful venture for someone needing a wild project, or simply parts. Check it out here on craigslist out of Greene, Maine. Thanks to AMXBrian for the heavy duty find!

Under the hood lies the flat head 6 cylinder engine that most certainly hasn’t run in a while. In fact, most if not all of the drive-train is present, and it would seem that the only real missing items would be the wheels. Add a set of wheels and you will have a “power roller” which you could either build a wild Power Wagon project out of, or simply part out this machine.

Obviously missing its wheels, this Dodge is also missing its bed, bumpers, and some other various items. Despite the missing parts, the axles and other drive-train bits seem worth the $500 asking price. The cab and front end are still present, though the cab is a little rough. There is a substantial dent in the roof on the passenger side, and the lower portion of the cab on the passenger side is rusted, and dented. If I had to guess, there are no floors or door jambs remaining in the cab. The firewall and the rest of the front end looks to have fared a little better than the cab, with little rot, but with quite a few dents and dings. Quite the ambitious project for someone, it is always a victory when someone puts an old car or truck back on the road, even if they are rusty old heaps that are re-purposed. Would you revive or part out this old Power Wagon?

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  1. Steve A.

    If you build it, he will come

  2. bassboy99

    Let it rest in place.

  3. jdjonesdr

    Hey, that’s not ragged, you got a picture of it while it was undressed to take a bath.

    Finish the bath, throw the wheels back on, and it will probably start right up.

  4. txchief

    “It ran a couple of months ago.”

  5. Derek

    Tons of potential there for an ultra cool rat rod. Wish it was closer.

  6. Kevin

    Having had several Power Wagons I can tell you that is not a PW….the hood is much wider than a PW….it is military, think its a International…

    • Roger

      Well most of the military vehicles used similar front sheet metal,I do spot a Ram head ornament on the top similar to those used on forties era Dodge trucks,just the other night I had an interesting conversation at a gas station with a fellow who was filling up his Korean War era Power Wagon weapons carrier (complete with rag top)those were the same trucks that my dad told me stories about from during his time in the Army motor pool during WWII,anyway this guy was telling me about a place in North Carolina that was refurbishing these trucks and installing Cummins diesel engines in them.

  7. Whippeteer

    That’s not ragged. That’s patina!

    • Metoo

      Yeah, that will buff right out.

      • Nick G

        Simonize it.

  8. Thomas Cotrel

    Sell off the drivetrain. Turn it into a Cumminsist.

    • Kevin Dorry

      Exactly what I was going to say b

  9. Mark S. Member

    This might actually be worth restoring. Nice ones are commanding anywhere from 40k to 250k lesser one can be had all the way down to 1.2k I would not be up to restoring this one to much physical work for beat down old legs. That said there is still potential.

  10. the one

    Y’know, you have to look at certain objects and ask yourself, What was the reason this was abandoned? Pipe dreams aside I see nothing here that is salvageable.
    My 2 cents…

  11. Sidewaz

    Some one looking for some yard art? That would be a good start. Maybe weather something on the door. Blah Blah Acres or Something Stables you get the idea.

  12. JW

    Hey the “Roo Bar” might be worth the $500.

  13. Lance L Walker

    Hey it ran when parked……. 1961


    To many restoration garages on TV. Now all the crap comes out of the woods.


    I’ve sold just those fenders – the grille and hood for that…..swap meet special…


    Oh…and two for – International base….

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