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Fresh 340! 1972 Dodge Challenger Rallye

Fat drag radials on long wheel studs rarely adorn a car that’s “all show and no go.” This 1972 Dodge Challenger Rallye in Reno, Nevada is no exception, and the seller claims the hot 340 should be good for a quarter-mile ET in the 10s. The listing here on eBay has attracted at least a dozen bidders and a market value above $10,000. With a claimed $15,000 spent on the engine and three-speed automatic alone, watch for bigger numbers on this two-owner 88k mile Dodge. Spotter’s note:  only the Challenger Rallye sported the four faux vents behind the front wheels.

The interior looks original with the possible exception of the driver’s seat upholstery. Another picture shows factory air conditioning controls, though the engine pictures below show no evidence of a compressor, somewhat frightening given the Nevada location. Roll down the windows and hit the gas for maximum cooling. Close-ups and undercarriage pictures show little rust, generally a plus in a SouthWest classic.

Rewind to 1970 and Challenger engine options spanned from the inline six cylinder to the mighty 426 cid street hemi. By ’72 the 240 HP (net) four-barrel 340 in this Rallye was the top dog mill. Despite the relative lack of displacement, a built 340 hits above its weight. Few owners spring for aluminum heads without going “all in” on the build, and this picture certainly supports the claim of 200 miles since the rebuild. Details in the listing read like one of those TV shows where writers stitch together some motor-esque phrases and hope most viewers don’t know much about cars. “Professionally rebuilt” by itself is always good, but rarely followed by the phrase “matching numbers aluminum heads.” The carburetor is the rare and no-doubt collectible “850 Harley double pumper”… presumably they mean Holley.

The 3.91 SureGrip differential and 3500 RPM stall converter should make for a hard launch with those Mickey Thompsons. Some pictures show a similar set of Hoosiers, suggesting the drag-racing setup pre-dates the recent engine build. Dodge did a good job of molding the chrome bumpers into the body, and safety regulations in subsequent years mandated further bumper changes. This Challenger could make a solid foundation for a weekend track warrior. A few mechanical and cosmetic changes could take this drag-centric Dodge in many directions. Which way would you go?


  1. Nick

    A typical ebay story. Unfounded optimism backed up by a lack of truth and barely any pictures of anything. “never raced but IT IS A 10 second car”, it may (and I stress may) have been something in a former life but as it sits it might be a 14 second car at best. That air cleaner may be restrictive.
    More likely it’s just a mish-mash of parts that need to leave the shed at the same time. Not that it couldn’t provide value to the right person in the market for a shady puzzle project that doesn’t mind the hassle. As a bone stock well preserved Challenger 340 it would have 3X the actual value of this.

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    • Steve R

      The 10 second claim, related to this car is what you would see from a poseur at a car show trying to impress the other poseurs, none of which would ever go anywhere near a race track unless there was a car show in the pits.

      Steve R

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  2. moosie moosie

    10 second E.T. ? offa what 1/4 mile high mountain ?

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    • Camaro guy

      Maybe that’s the eighth mile time seems more plausible 😊

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  3. Karl

    The car has decent potential but it would take a heck of a built 340 to make this a 10 second car and if that were true it would be a real chore to try to make it live on the street. I also really don’t care for empty claims either! Show me a time slip or don’t make a silly claim like that!

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  4. Jeff

    Guys, Guys, Guys, With a good push it takes ten (10) seconds for the Challenger to go from the garage to the end of the driveway, who said anything about the drag strip.

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  5. Joe Treer

    Harley Double Pumper. Hmmm

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  6. K Gun Offense

    Sorry, since an ad starts with lies, I lose interest and move on. Harley douple pumper, not, 10 second times, I doubt. I have been a Mopar man for 35 years. Sorry, but that car and the setup I can see to be truthful would be a low 13. Typically, a car with those times, show slips for bragging rights to be proud of. Looks like a new trunk pan was put in. I also have trouble believing those back tires would clear the lips of the fenders. I know a lot of tricks to make that happen, but that looks like a little much. If you are going for the stock look, you have a lot of work to do. If you want to race it, you have a lot of work to do. I just am weary with the shady ad, there are a lot more non truths to be found in the Inspection process!! I would rather have one that had better potential ad the price might’ve ok now, but with the time left, might get out of hand. Paying that money, I would rather have a 70 or 71 with a big block. Better potential!!!

  7. Troy s

    Just a cool old Challenger that reminds me of the typical Friday night cruiser with a bunch of trouble makers out looking for…..trouble! Ha ha, I ought to know!
    It won’t make it into the twelves, elevens…forget about it,, tens?? That’s kinda funny. It will go no doubt, in a straight line fairly quickly but a lot guys thought their cars were big time, only to realize serious drag numbers require serious effort….work. More than just an engine. Oh yeah, the double humper pumper ain’t liking the single snorkel air cleaner!
    It’s cool, though.

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    10 seconds my @$$

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    I agree with all the comments about this car running 19 second quarter mile. Not possible with this particular car unless he’s running about a 400 H.P shot of nitrous. Also since when are aluminum heads numbers matching? Personally I think this person is a Big bser or an idiot. IMHO.

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      I agree with all the comments about this car running 10 second quarter mile. Not possible with this particular car unless he’s running about a 400 H.P shot of nitrous. Also since when are aluminum heads numbers matching? Personally I think this person is a Big bser or an idiot. IMHO.

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      • Greg Gore

        Engineered under a shade tree in the back yard. It is exactly this kind of a build that pours gasoline on the Mopar name to everyone else who is not a fan. This guy shows up and it will be all noise and smoke and little else. And later into the day you will see him laying underneath it working on something that broke just so he can drive back home in that pile of…

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