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Fully Documented: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 Convertible

There are many things for potential buyers to consider when contemplating a classic purchase. Unless a restoration project is the goal, finding a rust-free vehicle is a prime consideration to minimize the chances that expensive repairs won’t be waiting around the corner. Therefore, cars from drier climates are always viewed favorably, and that is only one of the boxes ticked by this 1969 Chevelle SS 396 Convertible. Its presentation is stunning following a meticulous restoration, and it retains its original drivetrain. The only thing it needs is a new home, with the seller listing it here on eBay in Phoenix, Arizona. Bidding sits below the reserve at $60,100, but there is a BIN option of $85,000 for those who view this classic as an automotive must-have.

Chevrolet introduced its Second Generation Chevelle in 1968, with our feature car emerging during the second production year. It has spent its life in Arizona, which is an important consideration for many buyers. It has allowed the vehicle to remain rust-free, meaning the recent restoration started on a sound foundation. Once the seller ensured the panels were as straight as an arrow, they applied a fresh coat of the car’s original Code 67 Burgundy paint. They added the correct White stripes and matching soft-top, and the car had recaptured its former glory. It continues presenting superbly, with no visible panel or paint flaws and a soft-top that fits tightly. The chrome and glass are spotless, and the SS wheels show no evidence of stains or other issues. Everything sparkles on this classic, making sunglasses almost compulsory if the winning bidder takes it out for a spin during the day.

I’ve spent time examining the supplied photos and trying to decide whether it would be fair to use the word “perfect” when describing this Chevelle’s interior. I may cop some flak for missing a flaw or defect, but I’m willing to stick out my neck and state that I don’t see any genuine problems. The Red vinyl upholstery is spotless, with the same being true of the carpet. The dash and pad are excellent, the console shows no evidence of deterioration, and the gauge cluster features clear lenses, crisp markings, and a factory tach. Comfort features include air conditioning, an AM/FM radio, and a tilt wheel.

Lifting the Convertible’s hood reveals a mouth-watering mechanical configuration. The engine bay houses its numbers-matching 396ci V8. Its power feeds through a four-speed M20 manual transmission to a 3.31 Posi rear end. This car also demonstrates why it pays to keep your guard when contemplating a classic purchase. The air cleaner decal suggests the big-block churns out 375hp, making it the all-conquering L78 version. However, the Build Sheet confirms that if this car is original, we’re looking at the L35 producing a “mere” 325hp. Either motor would make this a potent package, with this SS capable of storming the ¼-mile in 14.6 seconds. The listing suggests this Convertible receives limited use, which is why the seller is parting with it. They say it deserves to be enjoyed by someone who can slip behind the wheel and revel in a classic that runs and drives perfectly. Do you fancy an Arizona holiday where you could fly in and drive home behind the wheel of a new toy? That is a possibility with this classic.

Some classics can’t help but possess the “wow” factor, and this 1969 Chevelle SS 396 Convertible is one such vehicle. Its presentation is stunning, and it should offer enough power and performance to satisfy most enthusiasts. Its numbers-matching status and documentation add to its desirability, helping explain why it has attracted thirty-eight bids. There is scope for the figure to climb higher, and if it gets within reach of the BIN figure, someone might hit the button to guarantee they take it home. Would you do that, or keep bidding and hoping for the best?


  1. "Edsel" Al leonard Member

    Me wants…………..

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    • Jp

      My 13 year old daughter could make a better convertible top…I know there’s no more Kmarts around , a thing of the past. Was the cheesy top on the blue light special. What’s up with the wrinkles and bulging around the rear window. If your considering the beautiful automobile, please have money set aside for a top that does the automobile justice.

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    • Mike K

      Me too

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  2. sakingsbury20

    nice car but not 85k nice….if was a numbers matching L78 then I guess the price is in that area now, hard to keep up, prices escalate so quickly. This is a 325 HP car with missing AC compressor, looks like aftermarket carb, certainly not the original QJ, rerouted fuel line, looks like the intake painted gray or aluminum, not an L78 snowflake intake for sure, etc. I still don’t understand why some people like to overstate what they have, as in the 375 HP air cleaner decal. I mean do they really think that someone shelling out that kind of $ is gona believe its an L78 car….once they pop the hood and see the AC parts the jig is up…..

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    • Frank hummel

      Way too much money so what else will A guy find wrong after he pays 85 J’s sounds like a scam too me beware. byers

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  3. Big_Fun Member

    Beautiful ride. Whomever restored it added some nice options; tilt wheel, especially with a bucket seat, is friendly to the upper legs and knees. Plastic woodgrain wheel is neat – gives contrast, and the standard black wheel can heat up, especially with top down! I noticed the rear antenna, not as original spec (front fender with the FM radio), but a fun look.
    Documents show a 325 horse 396, the 375 HP on the incorrect air cleaner – it’s the equivalent of the ‘289 High Performance ‘ air cleaner decal on a lesser equipped 1st gen Mustang. Air cleaner is for an automatic, and below all that is not quite factory, and if we want to make that so it is, well, we know what work is to be done – next winter, of course – for now, let’s drive!

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    • Al camino

      Nice colors on this car but ac compressor the wheel wells and the antenna being so far back, hp sticker seem wrong

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  4. Doone

    terrible job on the replacement top and I dont see an A/C compressor.

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  5. Rick R

    It is a nice car, but like mentioned, no AC compressor and that lose fitting top take a little away from it. I believe if I was to pay around 80K for this car I would want the seller to have a new top installed and I would want it to be BLACK

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  6. Pete

    Yeah that red and burgandy paint clash to my eyeballs. Last summer I purchased a 69 Convertible with a new top. Well I ended up having that new top removed and reinstalled correctly. This is a nicer car than mine at the moment. But it ain’t 85K nice.

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  7. Al camino

    This convertible top may have been left down for awhile that’s why there’s so many wrinkles in it I had this same problem with my 66 corvette,if you leave it up and out in the sun they will come out

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  8. BigBear🇺🇸

    After reading the comments above. I agree it’s not worth $85,000. When they refresh the engine. Could they install the cam for a L78 engine and few other things to boost horsepower. Maybe they installed a different 396. AC compressor not hooked up wrong air cleaner…supposed to be double snorkel. Don’t get me wrong it to me it looks beautiful as a convertible but that buy It Now price no. I’m not really a GM guy but I know it’ll be a lot lower. Well good luck to the seller. 🇺🇸🐻

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    • Jared

      Thank you for the post on my car. Yes the convertible top in this pictures look wrinkled up but no after the top being up and stretched out it look perfect. I will gladly send updated pictures. Also this is a number matching car but the sticker on the air cleaner is incorrect. I have removed it. Any question please contact me on eBay for updated pictures

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  9. normadesmond

    Those two reds are completely hideous together.

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  10. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    There are so many people with the money who look at this and see a Chevelle SS convertible and will buy it, despite the warts. Yes, the seller might have to come down some from the BIN price, but the seller will have a handful of potential buyers to contact after the auction ends.

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  11. ACZ

    Best looking year of all Chevelles. Too bad the person that ordered it was colorblind. Nicely optioned but too many things unfinished to justify the price tag.

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  12. Jim Piontkowski

    I’ve had mine since 1979. It’s just a Malibu burgundy with black interior and top..not a fan of the red interior but to each thier own.this car is better than mine but still overpriced

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  13. Maggy

    Beautiful car.Red interior is cool but not for me.looks like it has an electric fuel pump why I don’t know because I see a block off plate and some kind of fuel regulator all above the engine which is a heat source along with a plastic Chinese inline fuel filter right by the water pump and rubber fuel hoses.Really? It’s a nice car but hard plumb the fuel system with a stock pump for the love of god man .It will look a lot better , be safer and have ample pressure for this engine.85k ….I’ll pass.

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    • sakingsbury20

      if you enlarge the engine photo you can see it does have a stock (style) mechanical fuel pump which makes the fuel regulator an unneeded expense…..

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      • maggy

        My bad yes it does. It is hard to see but looking real close with a mag glass at the computer screen I see it now barely.

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  14. Scott

    Yet another overpowered car which few would care to own. Most of these has a straight six, or maybe a 283.

    How about real cars like we all owned?

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