Garage Full: 19 Collector Vehicles in One Spot!

There’s an awesome collection of barn find cars for sale in Gainesville, Georgia. They can be found here on Craigslist and although there isn’t a ton of information in the ad, it looks like a pretty neat group of cars. Thanks to Ikey H. for the tip on these great rides. Let’s check out more and be sure to check out the ad for all the photos.

It appears a lot of the cars are four-doors. This will be a turn off to some people who think any more than two doors makes a car un-sporty or not worthy of being called a cool car. The thing about four-door cars from the 50s is they share the great looks and lines of their less-door cousins and most are the same size (or smaller) than the 2-door muscle cars that ruled the streets of the late 1960s and early 70s. They can be sporty and cool, they cost about half as much and with a little creativity, you can even fool the eye as to how many doors it actually has.

There are 19 vehicles in this collection and they appear to be mostly from General Motors. There are some exceptions with a Mercedes sedan, and some Plymouth offerings. I’m not exactly sure where all these vehicles came from. There isn’t much information in the ad. I’m guessing someone purchased barn find or junkyard vehicles in an attempt to save them, but who knows? If you know the story behind this collection, let us know.

This is a really cool G.M. panel truck. It appears to be in the 1950 range and would make a great project. These old Suburban and carry-alls are awesome and very versatile. They are great candidates for hot rods, rat rods, restorations, or billboards for companies.

Perhaps the most unique vehicle in the collection is this mid-century fire truck. It appears that it had begun to be restored but it is unclear if everything is there. The ad does say there are lots of parts for all the vehicles and you can make an appointment to see them in person. If you had the choice of one of these great vehicles, which one would you choose?


  1. Chuck Foster Chuck F

    I would pick the 66-67 Chevelle convertible, and then the LaSalle coupe. Says Gainesville GA, but the map in the ad shows Florida? Lor of four doors, will be hard to sell those.

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  2. don

    The 54 Chevy is the only one that peaks my interest ; like Chuck said , most are four doors and are a hard sell- a lot of the time tired old four door sedans just end up as donors for coupe and ragtop restorations

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    • Chris

      So true. Not much more to say here. But it’s funny when these multi car hoards are uncovered rarely is anything but a few 4 door sedans and some odd ball vehicles. I see value in parts in this “collection”

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      • Tom Member

        Agreed. Parts haven big time !!

        Love that old delivery vehicle for a business/advertising.

        There is an older 4 door but suicide doors which is the only way I like a 4 door most times.

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  3. G.W.Gilmore

    I want the 58 Chevy and the green Olds next to it and the 53 or 54 Chevy would be nice as well. Anyone know of the prices of any of them?

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    • TimS Member

      Naw, GW, you don’t want that. Listen to the panel of experts above. Nobody ever made memories or had fun in a 4-door anything. Except for that Chevelle which is of course totally awesome, the rest should be crushed because they could never have value to anyone.

      As a non-snob, I enjoy you in intrigue over the Olds.

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      • karl

        Nobody above said anything about not having fun or memories in a 4 door, they stated a fact – 4 doors are a hard sell compared to coupes , wagons and converts . How many times have you walked around an old junkyard and seen rows of old tri-5 Chevy sedans or old Chevelle sedans (or any other popular car) fairly complete looking but with no front clips on them ? You know where they went don’t you ? The facts are that 4 doors aren’t as popular and old worn out ones usually get used as a parts car for a 2 door . Someone recently stated in a earlier post on the Frazer 4 door convert that you could always buy a 4 door sedan and use it for parts to restore the ragtop. Its not that you cant enjoy them , but sometimes the amount to restore one far outweighs their value .

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      • Steven Wilson

        Tim I would have to disagree, what about the continentals and the Cadillac? The 4 door cop wagons, 63 Ford station wagons or the 59 Chevy wagon. I have a 55 Merc 2 door and when people get in the back seat I worry about the dirt from their hands.

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      • John


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  4. Kenneth Carney

    I’d take the ’58 Chevy myself. The base
    and mid range cars quite homely and
    could be bought dirt cheap. Here’s a
    way for a family guy to get into the hobby
    without mortgaging his house to do it.
    Like the ’50 Plymouth too. It looks to
    be in better shape than the Chevy, but
    it’s surely priced out of my league. No
    thanks on the Plymouth, I’ll just take my
    ’58 Chevy and go!

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  5. Will Fox

    The `55 Olds Super 88 sedan doesn’t look too far gone. If I could, I’d have that restored.

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    • PatrickM

      Great for date night with your best girl and cruise-ins.

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  6. Chris in Clover

    I’ve had nine different cars from the 1930s since 1986 and the two most practical ones were the four-doors…..j.m.h.o.

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  7. Ralph

    That panel van is sinister…..I like it.

    Huge tho…..probably drives like a truck…..

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  8. James Martin

    4 door haters . These cars are cool 2 door or 4 door. Get use to it 4 doors are getting more popular and soon about all you will see under 10000

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    • Miguel

      This discussion about 4 doors is interesting.

      Car manufacturers are making almost exclusively 4 door cars.

      The sport sedan has taken over for the two doors of old.

      The people that buy the new four doors won’t consider an old four door.

      It is odd.

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  9. Roy G.

    … ‘Cause it is a truck. :) In fact, it’s a rare 3/4 ton long w.b. Suburban, note the 8-lug wheels, so it’s really gonna ride like a truck.
    I’d take that one, and the Olds and the’58 Chevy! Too bad they can’t even give a simple inventory of the vehicles in the ad.

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  10. Terry J

    Interesting panel. Or actually “crummy” in the Pacific NW normally used to transport logging crews to the camps. A panel usually refers to a windowless truck. I have had a couple of “window vans” of that year ( the first Chevy Suburbans). This one appears to be a 3800 (1 ton) long wheel base. COOL! Terry J

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  11. Butchb

    If you can buy a complete old 4-dr right, which is to say pretty cheap, and only have to do the basics to get it back on the road (tires, brakes,battery, cooling & fuel system and tune up) you can have some fun driving it around. More than that and you’ll be upside down $$ wise quickly on something that may have been better used as a front clip donor. .

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  12. Hotroddaddy

    What, no Studes Packard’s Nashes Hudson’s or Ramblers?

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    • p.t. cheshire

      The fire truck is a 50’s Stude. I’ve only ever seen two or three.

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      • Little_Cars Saul Member

        I don’t think it’s a Studebaker, p.t. Looks more like a 1952-54 Dodge heavy duty truck cab, note the split hood sitting precariously over the engine compartment. Stude had a much more delicate sculptured front fascia, fenders and hood.

  13. Bob McK Member

    As I get older, I find that the 4 door cars are getting more desirable. It is hard for my old friends to get into the back seat of a two door. It is almost comical to watch them trying to get out.

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    • Del

      I do not see the attraction of that 58 Chev. It looks like toast. The Olds looks better and any of the other two doors look better.

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    • BrianT Brian Member

      I was just going to say the same thing. I’m a little over middle age and I have friends who can’t get in the rear seat of two door cars.
      Also, I’ve been seeing some great looking four door hot rods lately. The lower price makes it easier for some to afford getting into the hobby.

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  14. Catie H

    If you are taking more than one passenger, a four-door is much more practical. When driving kids or seniors around they are much easier to get in and out. Getting a child in or out of a car seat in a two-door is just a nightmare. I chose four doors when my kids when were young and I do it now for the grandchildren. If you want the kids to share in your car hobby, you have to take them along for the ride.

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  15. Wayne

    I have never seen a Chev panel truck with that much wheelbase before. ( I have had a couple ) I also noticed the “add on” lights on the side just in front of the windshield area. Made me think of a law enforcement paddy wagon.
    I like it, but not sure what I would do with it.

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  16. peter r

    The Mercedes is listed as an SL – that’s a door door two seater not a sedan. These can be very expensive to fix so if it has substantial needs then it’s a parts car at best.
    The Olds and Chev H.T. both bring back lots of memories. As with all these old cars restoration costs can easily far exceed value. Good luck to any buyers

  17. Jim Hollarn

    The suburban panel has a Chevy grille so I suspect it’s not a GMC. This was part of the Advanced Design series built between 1947 and 1953. I believe wing windows on the doors started in 1951. Having the windows on both sides of the panel from the factory might make it more attractive to most than a straight panel. This is a 3800 which is the 1-ton version. Plenty of room inside this panel.

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    • John Taylor

      I’m not 100% sure but looking at the photo it does look like push button door handle but could be wrong, if it is the push button then it very well could be a 53 or very late 52.

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  18. Paul Jackson Member

    I think Chevy panels only had wing windows in 1948

  19. ctmphrs

    I think what a lot of these people are saying is that flippers hate 4-doors

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    • BrianT Brian Member

      I get what you’re saying and I’ve flipped a few cars and did okay with some four door cars. As far as stripping them for parts, I think it is a shame that a nice four door would get stripped for a mediocre two door.

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