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Huge Collection of True Barn Finds: Take a Browse

An actual barn. Full of barn finds. That’s what’s up for auction in this mega-sale. Three sets of lots total to 230+ cars, with the only proviso being that these cars are in the Netherlands. This tip comes to us from Araknid78, and Classic Car Auctions is running the sale. What isn’t said is how these cars got there, or how you’re going to get them home to the US. But perhaps you’re in Europe. Lucky you.

This is the story of one man’s obsession with old cars. Identified as “Mr. Palmen,” the fellow bought cars and stowed them away, rarely revealing the identity of his collection, which apparently stretched to Alfas, Lancias, Ferraris, and more. They were put away in a church and what are described as “two dry but dusty warehouses.” Now, it’s time for the to see the light of day again, perhaps as your reclamation project. It seems that Mr. Palmen is getting on in years and needs to part with some of his goodies. That is not to say that he has polished them up for sale. This is as-is in the best sense.

Aside from the aforementioned marques, there is a British collection here that has Jags, Aston-Martins, and Rolls-Royces, as well as a collection of oddballs including Tatras, Monicas, Morettis, Alvis, Imperials, and more. If you’ve never heard of some of these, welcome to the club, and have a good poke around on the website, which features multiple photos of most of the cars. Their condition: average to messy, but isn’t that the fun?

In fact, that is all the reason we need to feature this auction on Barn Finds—because almost every lot hints at a story, and you can browse and enjoy online even if you have no intention of exporting any of this iron from the land of the tulip to wherever you are. Looking through the lots, I see lots of stuff I’d like to have, though very little than I could afford. In group one, there’s a 1967 Alfa Romeo Zagato 2600 SZ that’s estimated to go for 110K Euros but is presently at under 40. In group two, there’s a 1964 Corvair that’s under 3K Euros, but that’s estimated at 9k Euros or more (good luck on that). Group two also features a 1965 Mustang Fastback that’s estimated at 25K Euros minimum. Group three has a 1931 Sunbeam Tickford. I add that here simply because I love the word “Tickford.” Have your own fun surveying this remarkable collection, most of which are precisely as advertised: barn finds.


  1. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    This Palmen collection was on BF about a month or so ago.

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  2. 64 Bonneville

    $1.07 US Dollars to the Euro. Although there are many I would like to have, and not having bill Gates’ Money, there are many I looked at and looked at what the Auction company estimated the hammer would fall at, I am not sure some will sell. The owner has final say on top bidder. Take that into consideration. If I remember correctly from Geography class in 4th grade, Netherlands set below sea level, so would the salt air cause chrome to deteriorate along with sheet metal?

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  3. NW Iowa

    Wow! Corner on the market for Chrysler Hemi powered Facel Vega’s!

    FYI, if you’re only curious about the pickups, campers and motorcycles, they’re on the 3rd auction.

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  4. ccrvtt

    I had no idea that Alfa made a convertible version of the 1985 GTC. Time to add on to the Dream Car Garage.

    I also had forgotten that I needed a Duetto. Or two.

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  5. chrlsful

    lub ta C a ’45 vedub bug…

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  6. Scott L.

    Lots of cool vehicles that you don’t see in the US.
    That 1968 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible is definitely not a convertible, though. Hopefully the bidders will know that.

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  7. JudoJohn

    Interesting collection. I do not remember ever seeing a BMW 1600 Coupe or GT. Very rare car.

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