Georgia Overdrive: 1966 Mini Hauler

Got a bear at your back door? No worries if you’re driving an Austin Mini Rig, as you’re likely not exceeding the speed limit anyway. I love CB radio trucker lingo, as evidenced by the title of this post, but how can you resist when checking out this custom Mini rig here on craigslist, in Dallas, Texas of all places? The price is $6,500 or the seller will trade for a Mustang. 

Thank goodness it’s a manual. In the world of trucker talk, “Georgia overdrive” is used when you slide your rig into neutral and fly down a downgrade, quickly. This is likely quite dangerous to do if you’re hauling a full load of watermelons, but certainly less reckless if this Mini is the type of cab you’re used to hauling in. Of course, the only hauling this thing will do is carrying a spare tire off the back.

Despite the high level of detail obviously meant to fulfill someone’s fantasy of beating ‘ol smokey out on 95th Street, this Mini retains its stock powerplant. I doubt it has diesel fuel running through its veins, so those smokestacks likely don’t puff off black plumbs of smoke. Still, the engine bay looks tidy and the Mini is said to start, run and drive.

Now, the world of trucking is a dangerous business, but big-rig drivers at least have size and weight on their side. Unfortunately, this Mini would be a risky proposition just battling with soccer moms in Tahoes at the strip mall. And while those extra fuel tanks are hilarious, there likely more useful for keeping drinks cool at the tailgate than allowing this Mini to skip the next fill-up of go-go juice.


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  1. Howard A Member

    Mercy sakes, what is this now? Somebody did a lot of work. Not sure what they used before they cannabalized it, but if it was a van, tsk, tsk. I don’t get the correlation between this and coasting downhill in a semi in neutral. I’d think this would slow down going down hill in neutral. You need mass to increase speed in those situations, like watermelons ( good one) A more proper banner headline would be something like, “Mini Bobtail” ( bobtail, referring to a truck with no trailer). Pretty odd.

    • Jeff Staff

      Howard, I spent way too much time looking up “trucker CB terminology” this morning and found “Georgia overdrive” on the list. I figured in the case of the Mini, putting in neutral and coasting downhill would probably be a safer option than in a loaded 18-wheeler.

      • Howard A Member

        The 1st time I heard “Georgia Overdrive”, was Dave Dudley’s “6 days on the Road”. ( the standard song at truckers Christmas parties for years) Never did that, kick ‘er into neutral going downhill. Sometimes, it’s a pain getting it back in gear.

    • Donek

      The rear window/cabin-wall looks genuine factory pickup.

    • Spitz

      Looks like they used a Mini Pick-up, which is a shame as they are much rarer than the van

    • Alan (Michigan)
    • Drew

      Unless this was hammered in an accident it’s a disgrace to vintage car preservationists. Tear apart something that is already beat down.

  2. Boyhowdy

    This mini is just up the road from where I live, its a cool little rig.

  3. Jeffro

    This things about as useful as $h!t flavored lollipops.

    • CapNemo

      Lmao!! Cheers Jeffro! 🍻

      • Jeffro

        Stay thirsty my friend!

    • Jerry HW Brentnell

      hey the cats ass to tow your 14 foot fishing boat or your jet skis with don’t knock it some body put a lot of work in it! what have you built lately?

      • Jeffro

        I’ve built a great relationship with my wife and 4 kids. Oh yeah, and helping a friend with a 67 big block vette. Working on my bosses outboard motor. And working on converting my honda motorcycle into retro cafe bike. On top of working a 40+ hour week. Questions?

  4. RoKo

    If only someone had built a trailer specifically for this Mini. It would look more complete, as in completely silly.

  5. Little Enos Burdette

    I’d drive it.

  6. ckkurtz Member

    Yeah, I agree with RoKo – It clearly needs an interesting trailer to bring it all together. Maybe something for a parade. Or a nice sized smoker! Maybe a flatbed for 2 kayaks or 2 mountain bikes. Or…

  7. Ian

    I would strip all the acroutements off,build a nice wood pickup body and,drive it like that.

  8. grant

    This could be really, really cool if someone built a custom trailer for it, to haul motorcycles or maybe another Mini, and put a small diesel in it (Izuzu perhaps?). As it is its almost there, but it’s a bit of a poser.

  9. OA5599

    Just needs Yosemite Sam Mud Flaps.

  10. Sheffieldcortinacentre

    A few have been made in the UK with trailers & look good,
    Looking at the rear of the cab that was probably a pickup rather than a van originally.
    thiers a fiat 126 version in I think Holland complete with box trailer that belongs to a fiat specialist.
    That takes stock to swap meets.

  11. brakeservo

    Too much money for the LHD components, which is all that’s really desirable here!

  12. JW

    I actually like it and if I had a $6K Mustang to trade I would own it. I would have a gooseneck trailer built for it ( Smaller Size ) than normal then add a grill / smoker / cooler and I’m ready for tailgating.

  13. Paul R

    The builder needs to find a girlfriend or two. way too much time on his hands!

  14. sir mike

    Really??? WHY????

  15. ATLjeff

    Is that an actual dryer vent tube in the engine bay?

    I’m speechless.

    • Bill McCoskey

      That’s an aluminum [aluminium] flexible tube, often used for dryer vents, and a definite improvement over the original flexible black paper and asphalt tubing with a slinky-like wire frame. When the original tubes get splits in them from age, the engine compartment fumes go right into the cabin!

  16. john

    hi, easy just to turn back into a pick.up..

  17. TBall

    I’m a Blue Oval purist – ’12 Raptor, ’04 Stang Convertible, ’68 Fastback, and ’48 F1 – however for some reason, I like this vehicle and if I had the time, $, and garage stall, I’d work with it…

  18. hearsetrax

    Curious Little Rascal …. but of all the Critters we’ve seen here

    this makes me LOL and I say blessed are those that would give this critter a home and use it weekly or least take it to the local C&C

  19. Adam T45 Staff

    This is another one where you would only buy it if you had a great sense of humour and were willing to treat it as it was intended////as a bit of fun. Having said that, just imagine the attention she’d draw if you entered her in a truck show. THAT’S almost worth the price alone!

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