Go-For-Digger! 1971 Jeep CJ-5 Backhoe

If a person were, say, a huge fan of Jeeps and also a huge fan of highly-unusual options at the same time, this could be one for you. This is a hen’s-teeth-rare 1971 Jeep CJ-5 Go-For-Digger, Jeep’s foray into the light agricultural and industrial market. It can be found on Craigslist with an asking price of $5,000. If you were looking for a nice restoration project that would really stand out among the other vehicles at the car shows this summer, this is it. You’ll have to line up shipping from Mount Pleasant, Michigan. For me, this Jeep falls squarely into the category of I-would-have-absolutely-zero-use-for-it-but-I-would-love-to-own-it!

Sadly, the first photo is the only photo included of the actual vehicle for sale. Sigh.. But, here is a period advertisement showing the super unique features of this CJ-5. The dual rear wheels is unique enough, but then there’s that hydraulic backhoe attachment! Not to mention, a plow for the front, which the seller has even though it isn’t shown in the photo. There are no interior or engine photos, but this one should have an F4-134 “Hurricane” inline-four with around 75 hp.

Here is a somewhat similar vehicle with a much more aggressive front bucket attachment. I don’t think Jeep offered this setup for the front bucket but it would sure draw a crowd at a car show in this position. Actually, the “regular” Go-For-Digger would, too. With no interior photos, it’s impossible to tell what it looks like in there, but this is a similar Go-For-Digger interior for comparison. Jeep offered similar hydraulic implements on some of its other models, including this cool Forward Control and as the ad says, the 4-Wheel-Drive “Jeep” Truck.

The seller says that it runs but it’ll need some new hydraulic lines for everything to be operational. I’ve seen similar, operating Go-For-Digger Jeeps sell in this range so there may be some bargaining room here. I’m not sure if I’ve ever wanted a Jeep CJ-5 more than I want this one. Have any of you seen one of these in person? Or, in action, with the backhoe digging like a gopher? 

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  1. redwagon

    wow. and i thought that having a pto on the rear of a jeep was rare. never knew this existed. mt pleasant is the home of central michigan university. combine it with a college tour.

    • Dale

      Also the home a a great snowmobile junkyard, on the north side of town!

  2. 67rebelsst

    My dad had one of these on our farm when I was a kid, but it was a trencher. You could start that thing trenching and get out and walk beside it. I just thought that was the coolest when I was young.

  3. Van

    When you’re dog bites the mail man, he makes sure you get a P.O. box.

  4. DrinkinGasoline

    You have to admire the ingenuity of these. Would be perfect for a few acres of land. Tight spaces, easy to store not taking up much space at all. Love the rear duals….Slick Jeep.

  5. Don

    Would make a really cool and odd hot rod.

  6. Daniel

    I would love to take this home in a heartbeat

  7. Jeffro

    It’s a Jeep. He should get what he’s asking.

    • Daniel

      If only I had the money

  8. JW

    Cool I love it !!!

  9. JCWJr Member

    When you live outside of a city it is amazing what you have need of a backhoe for. I could have used this at least a 20 zillion times over the years. Not so much anymore. Still would love to have it and find reasons to dig. Guess you could say I really dig this JEEP.

  10. Larry

    I love this contraption. Never seen one before. I wonder how 75 hp lugged this thing around with a back hoe AND a plow! There’s got to be a Jeep guy (or gal) out there jumping up and down trying to convince their significant other how helpful it would be around the yard.

  11. Rocko

    Boy they just keep coming, seems like everyday BF outfinds yesterday. Everyday is topped by the next day’s
    find. Everyday i see something new, something i would want to hug. Thank you Barn Finds. Kind of like the pornography of cars!

  12. Walter Joy

    I’ve seen only one, and it’s sitting outside an off-road parts store in York PA

  13. MRE2ME

    When I first found this sight my wife thought I had an online girlfriend or was looking at porn. Rocko was right-CAR PORN.

    • MattD

      I admit it, I’m addicted, Is there a 12 step recovery program for the BF site?

  14. Dairymen

    This gives a whole new meaning to the word(s) “utility vehicle”

  15. hans grafftenberg

    I have owned a few of the hurricane overhead valve 4 cylinders and I can tell you, 75 horsepower is grossly exaggerated. I would guess theyre lucky to have 50. That being said, I really dig this Jeep!

  16. leiniedude Member

    Great find and additional info Scotty. Listing is deleted now. I would think by 1971 it would have the six in it.

  17. Johnny

    Its been pulled from craigslist already..

  18. Bob the builder

    I like it!

  19. Robert White

    Money pit.


  20. Chad

    The first gen Broncos had optional equipment like snowplows and post hole diggers….this Jeep is way cool.

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