Golden Opportunity? 1969 Oldsmobile 442

Sometimes you come across a car that is a little bit rough around the edges but you just know it has a lot of possibilities. This is one of those golden opportunities–if the price stays reasonable. It’s listed for sale here on eBay and for the moment is at a very reasonable $3,850–unfortunately the reserve isn’t met yet and the sheer number of bids lead me to believe the price will rise a lot before the auction ends. The 442 is located in Houston, Texas.

As a confirmed Ford/Triumph guy, I have to say I really appreciate the styling on these late 60s/early 70s GM mid size fastbacks. Just look at the way the bumper is completely integrated into the design! This particular 442 is claimed to be numbers-matching and have 71,000 original miles. While there is some rust at the bottom of each front fender, the seller has patch panels that look like they were cut from original GM fenders to be cut in, and there’s a nice character line in the fender that will help to hide the repair.

I don’t know for sure if this is the original paint or not, but the color sure fits the car well! The ad also states that the floors and trunk are solid as is the underside.

Speaking of the underside, here it is, and it appears the seller is telling the truth. Surface rust only, and I don’t see anything to worry about. Of course, an in-person inspection may tell more, but it could look a lot worse. The seller tells us it’s been stored inside for the last 25 years.

Moving on to the interior, if those are the original seats, I can start to believe the mileage claim. An interior like this gold stands out so much in an era of black, gray, and beige. Not only that, but for those shift it for yourself lovers like me, it even has a four speed!

The seller tells us this is the original 400 cubic inch V8, and it was started less than a year ago off a bottle. I’m sure you’ll have some recommissioning work to do, but I think the end result would be terrific!

Not only does the seller have the patch panels, there are some nice interior parts there as well. I think this is a golden opportunity, or at least it will be if the price is right. What do you think it’s worth?

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  1. CJay

    The price of a 442 is now matching Chevelle’s and Camaro’s prices.

  2. sparkster

    Looks like a HEI ignition ? Mine 69 Cutlass still has the points type.

    • Chris

      Yes wrong distributor. Lots of other stuff is wrong under there but no big deal. Easy stuff to get. Would be a cool car when done.

  3. Neil

    Looks like the boot (trunk?) lid will need serious attention on the passenger side too!
    Other than that – quite a nice vehicle.

  4. Mark Hoffman

    I like the color. My pastor had a gold 69 Cutlass 4 door back in the day

  5. Lord Humungous

    Price is very good depending on the cars history. Looks like a mild project , I would try to keep it as unrestored as possible if the mileage is legit.

  6. S Ryan

    Love the style of these. And they will run, almost lost to one in my crazy Chrysler wagon. Glad we lived.

  7. Terry J

    Pendleton Round Up circa 1965. Late night dragging the gut in Dennis’s moms Chevy. At the light next to us was a 442 full of drunk Cowboys ( a common situation). Light turned green and that 442 lit it up and blew our doors off. Did I mention he was pulling a horse trailer? :-) Terry J

  8. Dan Higgins

    Probably worth more here in Canada than in Texas. I’d pay up to $10,000 CDN if it’s drivable and the rust isn’t too bad. That’s if it’s a true 442, of course.

  9. swm

    Everybody chased after the 442, but the Cutlass S with a 4-speed was a great deal.

  10. Jeff V

    My very first “test drive” at a dealer was in a ’71 442 w/455 auto (’76). I was only 17 but 6’1″ with a starter mustache lol. We lived close to “dealer row” and I was always hanging out there. The goofy salesman let me take it out myself, mistake #1 ;)

  11. Dave Member

    Yep, I saw the unused coil bracket and then the HEI…

  12. Mr. Bond

    I had a ’69 442 Automatic. It had a console. Did the 4 speed come with one? Was it optional?

  13. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    Looks like a golden opportunity to score a mostly original ’69 Olds 442 4-speed if the Reserve is not set too high. Seller’s feedback is not the best though.

  14. Jay M

    Great find! After many years of buying the least expensive projects I could find, I have realized that it’s better to pay more up front for a solid car. Not just financially, but my time seems more valuable, too, as I get older.

  15. Don H

    4 speed 4 barrel 2 dull exhaust 🤓

    • Rickr442

      Only in ’64…
      65s went to the 400 and an automatic was available so the logo became 400/4barrel/dual exhaust…

  16. Chuck hills

    My brother had the exact car and color and year nice to see one again he sold it to start his business great old olds this one needs restored back to its glory my aunt had a 69 cutlass conv same year loved that car also blue and white top buckets floor shift 350 automatic.

  17. Tim W

    Wouldn’t a true ’69 442 have the trumpet exhaust & bumper cutouts?

    • George

      the cutouts are present…

  18. cudaman

    Came across this a few weeks ago……

  19. Doug Towsley

    Nice car! Collect the whole set, Chevelle, 442, GTO

  20. Fritzo55

    I’d say solid buy under $20 k. Room to work to bring this nice muscle piece back to its glory days.

  21. dave C

    Back in the late 70’s a friend had a 69 442 hardtop 350hp, M22, console, a/c and a 3.42 gear, the car was smooth quiet and fast about all you could hear was the whine of the trans. I am not sure how many cars from 69 came with big front and rear sway bars but the 442 did and it handled great. Don’t see them to often anymore.

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