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Grandma’s Gremlin: 1970 AMC Gremlin

1970 Amc Gremlin Front

It felt strange to write about this AMC after featuring a Concours D’Elegance winner, but we came to the conclusion that a car is a car. Sure some are more expensive, some have more performance, but in the end they are still hunks of steel with four wheels. It is the people in their past that make them special. Every car has a history. Some cars have a more significant history and thus demand higher prices when they change hands. This 1970 AMC Gremlin was a mediocre econo box when new and may still be today, but now it holds a few stories. Find it here on eBay with bidding at $1,999 and three days left.

1970 Amc Gremlin Back

The seller of this Gremlin had been stalking it for many years. It was parked at the end of a driveway just a few blocks from their home and there it sat with a  canvas tarp drapped over it. Until one afternoon when the eBay seller noticed a Gremlin in the local classifieds. He called immediately and told them they wanted the car and they new its exact location.

1970 Amc Gremlin Interior

Upon arrival the hunter was greeted by a young couple. The pair was friendly and explained that the car had belonged to their Grandmother. The car was in great original condition and even included a detailed logbook of all its service and fill ups. An offer was made and promptly accepted. The little Gremlin was then pushed down the street for a quick check up by a mechanic.

1970 Amc Gremlin Engine

The car checked out fine and now runs great again. We understand that this little car may not appeal to everyone. Well maybe not anyone for that matter, but the story of its discovery is interesting in itself. The Gremlin was important when new because it was America’s most fuel efficient car at the time.

1970 Amc Gremlin Gas Cap

This particular car is also special because it is fitted with an optional 232 inline six instead of the standard 199 cubic inch engine. That fact probably makes the car a little less fuel efficient but a little more fun. If that is not enough to make you love this car, then you should take a look at that gas cap!


  1. Pete

    I have always liked eccentric cars, and AMC/Rambler/Studebaker/Packard/Nash etc. conglomeration over the years has created some of my all time favorites. This Gremlin is exceptional, partially because they all rusted out here in Michigan. This was the last US made car (base model) that sold for under 2k when it was new, so these strange little cars have a somewhat iconic view from that standpoint. Wish I could afford this one ! I’d drive it back here, enjoying every look, honk, and wave on the way !

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  2. CadeO

    There is nothing “box” about this car. I just love the odd and off beat cars . I would have sooo much fun with this car luv

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  3. Doug M Member

    …and that color is awesome!

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  4. Lon Lofgren

    I wish I could afford that! It would look great in the driveway next to my ’79 Subaru Brat!

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  5. Bob

    AMC always did a fantastic job of producing unusual cars with very little money; Metro, Marlin, Hornet, Gremlin, AMX, Hurst SC/Rambler, Pacer, 4WD Eagle, etc.

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  6. B-Man

    if the engine dies out they could drop in fords new 3.7 ;) hehehe 30 MPG. and 300+ HP MUHAHAHHA!! ” WHOSE SLOW NOW?!?!?!”

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    • stanley stalvey

      OMG, you are so funny. G-forces and boiled rubber. I love it.!

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    • Ronald Williams

      I had a 1972 gremlin and it had a 350 ss in it and it was fun to drive and sidepipes on it that thang was bad ass

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  7. Connor

    For some reason I find these to be strangely appealing to me. Am I right in thinking that these had a v8?

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    • stanley stalvey

      Yes. The 401ci. V-8 from any AMC will fit if you massage the frame a bit. Jegs Performance.com will get you an engine kit for the installation. If you want to give me an E-Mail address I’ll send you some great photos of these, and a few other AMC cars with some nice, factory style, paint and graphics, Thanks

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  8. Gremlins forever

    This is most likely the best original 1970 Gremlin with Factory air conditioning and full history is an added plus. Air conditioning in these sub compact cars is rarely seen. This car also has the bucket seat optional interior. Thank you for the photos.

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  9. soyounoat

    I like the Gremlin, especially the early base models. When I was a teenager in the 1970s, my next-door neighbor family (with 13 children) had bought a 1970 Gremlin, and it became the car for driver training for each of the kids that turned 16 in the ’70s and some of the ’80s. The kid that was my age got the Gremlin for most of 1976-1977. It had the big 6 and 3-on-the-column manual clutch transmission. 1st and 2nd gear sounded like a school bus. The best feature was the seating position which seemed to be low and hard on the floor, combined with a high dash and door sills, it was like being in a bucket down out of sight which was ideal for driving around smoking pot *

    * Don’t do this, it’s illegal, dangerous and wrong. I’ll probably go to hell for it.

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