Great Condition: 1961 Ford Galaxie Sunliner

This Ford Galaxie Sunliner is a nice looking car that would make a great fine weather cruiser next Summer. Why not buy it now and get it ready over the Winter? Sounds good to me. You will find it listed for sale here on Craigslist. Located in Glendale, Wisconsin, it is being offered for sale with a clean title. The asking price for this Sunliner is $26,500. Barn Finder Michael spotted this one for us, so thank you for that Michael.

The seller states that the Sunliner has traveled a mere 45,000 miles, but I always look at these claims and hope that the seller does have documentary evidence to back this claim. The car itself looks really nice, and there are no obvious problems to note at this stage. The top looks good, as does the paint. The wheels aren’t original, but the seller does have the original wheels and hubcaps, and he believes that he also has two of the original tires.

This photo is one that has caused me to stop and draw breath. The seller states that the car wears its original paint, but I can’t help but feel that there may have been some touching-up done to the car. To me, that looks like paint on the chrome trim, which is not how it would have left the factory. I have noticed this in a couple of other spots on the car, so I would probably follow up on this.

The seller describes the interior as mint, and it is hard to argue with that description. It just looks nice and clean, with no obvious rips or tears to speak of. With cars like this, sometimes it’s the little details that count. The seller states that the car still has the factory tissue holder and tissues. That’s just a cool item that you don’t see that often.

Motivational power for the Sunliner is provided by the 352ci V8, backed by an automatic transmission. The car is also fitted with power steering and power brakes. The seller states that the car runs and drives really well. He actually describes it as floating on the road, which does sound rather luxurious.

This 1961 Sunliner is a very attractive car, that appears to be in great condition. If those niggling little questions about the possible paint on the trim can be clarified, then it could be a great car to just buy and enjoy. Nice examples are currently fetching prices in excess of $30,000. If this one is clean, then $26,500 would look pretty good.

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  1. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Whale – Adam me thinks your correct on a little touch up….rare – but not sure if it will move to a new owner at the price.

    • Chinga-Trailer

      More than paint touch-up, that fender edge just reeks of Bondo to me . . . but why not claim original paint, who’s gonna know??

  2. Classic Steel

    She’s a boat for sure… I would guesstimate 16 grand max on this beautiful beast !

  3. KawiVulc

    Another very well executed design, great looking car. Only change I’d make is to go to black steel wheels rather than the chrome… that or match the body color.

  4. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    I’ll never forget that Gray ’61 (?) model Ford Starliner near the end of the movie “Hollywood Knights”. Even then I remember thinking how awesome, but also how long that car was. My favorite ride though was that red ’65 GTO.

  5. Uncle Bob

    Another one that’s at least a month on the market with no sale. Have potential buyers been looking at it and see what folks here are concerned about and just walk away? Or is the price so much out of line that those few potential buyers just don’t think it’s worth the effort? I’ve run into unrealistic sellers before who didn’t have quite as nice or valuable a rig as they thought. Some are hustlers looking for a fish, others are just not very well informed about actual condition or the market. If I found the car worth having but needed the price dropped significantly to make it worth it I’d take the owner through a brief tutorial on what he really had. Sometimes it’s with a magnet, sometimes with better light, whatever to show him what wasn’t really what he thought. Not everyone has “the eye” or experience. If they’ve had enough hang ups/walk-aways they might appreciate the perspective. If they’re the stubborn type they end up extending their education period while the car sits. Which one is this?

    • Mdog

      I’ve got to say, when I’m selling something, usually old guitars, on Craigslist, my least favorite person is the self-appointed expert who wants to teach me why I’m wrong about what I’m selling.

      • Uncle Bob

        That’s one way to look at it.

  6. Paul Reilly

    It looks like more than a touch up around that rear wheel well, looks like a Bondo repair to me.
    The cars seems to sit low in the back too, might have to beef up the rear leaf springs.

  7. cyclemikey

    Forget about the overspray on the rocker trim – that entire section of the front of the wheel opening appears to be fabricated out of bondo. It certainly did not look like that from the factory. Based on that photo, it looks like this car may have had extensive rust issues, repaired badly.

    • Will Fox

      Yup; candidate for the magnet test, for sure!

  8. Woody

    Looks like a perfect project for Pro Tour build! Drop in a Coyote motor! FoMoCo.

  9. Ken

    I love these ’61 full-size Fords. I had a ’61 Fairlane sedan, the last of the big Fairlanes before they were downsized. It didn’t have the fancy Galaxie chrome trim, but it was a reliable car with a low-mileage 292 and three on the tree that was fun to drive.

  10. Del

    Nada guides say low retail is 38 for this car.

    He wants 10 less.

    The car looks great.

    Its a deal for someone who wants one

  11. Joe Haska

    I got my wife a 61 2-door post before I want to Viet Nam. I stripped it down painted it, and got it almost back together , less the bumpers before I left. When I came back we sold it, and I hardly drove it. I am kind of sorry I liked it, so I guess that’s why I like this one. How ever, if I was really a buyer, I would want to hash it over with uncle Bob, it just seems like too much money, but I don’t know why?

  12. nrg8

    Ooooo gotta love when they are too lazy to pull the trim and smear the bondo on it. Leave sanding marks on it, and get over spray on it. The car started so strong with the interior and what looks to be a new top. Shame about the body and price though.

  13. Michael Gregory

    I know this is mostly unrelated to this pretty car, but every time I see a ’61 Ford like this it makes me chuckle. The mother of my little girlfriend who lived across the street from me when I was growing up drove a very plain sedan in faded silver. One day we were playing in the yard and heard a far away horn honking erratically. As it got closer it became louder and more constant. Eventually, that Ford came around the corner honking constantly because somehow the steering wheel had broken off and my friend’s mom was steering it with the horn ring. I can still see and hear her getting out of that car madder than a wet hen.

  14. Miguel

    I have always loved the 1961 Ford.

    It has just the right amount of fins.

  15. Sandra shanahan

    One of my favorite Fords. IMO $ is insane though.

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