Hand-Built! 1964 Volkswagen Sports Car

This likely is a one-of-a-kind kit-type car, built in the 1960s on a VW chassis. It’s been in storage for more than four decades and is not in running condition. The steel body is custom-made so if you had to replace parts of it, you’d have to go back to the drawing board. Located in Bellingham, Massachusetts, the sports car is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $1,500. Hats off to Bill Cawley for sending this interesting tip our way!

There isn’t any background on how this car came to be. It reminds me of one of the kit car creations to come out of the companies that brought us the famous Bradley GT sports car or Meyer Max dune buggy. The powerplant in the hand-made car is said to be a Corsair engine, but no photos are provided of it or the passenger compartment. It’s not clear what it might take to bring this project to fruition. What would you do with it? (By the way, there’s no title, just a bill of sale.)


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  1. DayDreamBeliever Member

    “Hand Built!”

    Yea…. um… eh…

    I guess that is something.
    I will say that it certainly stretches the term “sports car” pretty far away from what most people would have in mind.

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    • Melton Mooney

      LS swap it. It’ll get sporty real quick.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    That air catcher front end should take away at least half of the the engines’ power. That’s either a real ugly car or a great looking dune buggy.

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  3. junkman Member

    I see rust so it’s metal. I think it would be fun to put it “right”? and resurrect it at least for paint and a ride through town. Look like 60 Chevy tail lights or maybe Corvair. Never under estimate the power of the imagination, fueled by some adult medications. I like it, too bad about the Fakebook part.

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  4. DavidH

    I am assuming the advertisement is correct when the engine is listed as a Corsair and not a Corvair engine. I was not familiar with a Corsair so I had to google it. I have been Barn Find educated again today. I give somebody an “E” for effort on this one.

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    • Bill McCoskey

      That’s an early Corvair engine with a generator. Not a Corsair engine, those were aircraft V8 units. If I remember correctly, the Corvair didn’t get an alternator until 1965.

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  5. Peter Black

    I like it just for it’s uniqueness, the price is cheap enough that if it was close to me I’d buy.

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  6. Melton Mooney

    This thing is pulsating with 60s vibe. With some hard work and a few thousand bucks, you could upstage every vette and lambo at cars and coffee.

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    • GSM

      Came to say this….easy cheap fun, no sacred cows to worry about, semi-blank canvas!

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  7. Cadmanls Member

    Corvair motor and taillights, no idea what the chassis is. Might be a decent build, somebody put some serious effort into it though. From the lack of photos B+

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  8. Arby

    Sports car??

    What’s the sport – mud rassling?

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  9. Troy

    This thing kinda reminds me of a cartoon I watched as a kid called speed racer, looks like one of the cars he would chase after. Not something I would tackle but would be interesting to watch someone take it to the next level

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  10. LotusF

    The front almost looks like it was inspired by the Plymouth XNR concept… this thing is definitely an acquired taste but I love it. What I’d love to see even more is how it’d look fixed up… maybe even in an obnoxiously ’60s paint scheme no one can ignore.

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    • Rick

      The front reminds me of the front cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Exile On Main Street” album where the guy has all the ping pong balls jammed into his mouth.

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  11. Paul Jackson Member

    Why is this so close and cheap enough? I see a slight reconfiguration-same basic drive train but spun into a mid engine, lose the nose and have a blast

  12. Howie Mueler

    Wow!! I am glad there is only two photos.

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  13. DavidL Member

    I’m really impressed w/ the effort that has been expended on the “patina” to make it look like it’s been sitting in a barn or an open carport in a dusty area of the world. Certainly wouldn’t want to clean that off to reveal what’s underneath. I’m reminded of a few years ago when guys on the tv were finding cars w/ original dust on them and preserving it to attest to its ‘found’ staatus.

  14. Bob McK Member

    This is really cool. So wish I had the ability to “restore” it.

  15. Frank Member

    The first Formula 1 car.

  16. Ike Onick

    Hand built? I’m shocked to hear that.

  17. Jeff Quintrall

    So ugly, it’s almost cute!

  18. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    From the front it looks like my hand held vacuum cleaner.

    From the back it looks like Jethro Bodine’s Batmobile.

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  19. Steven Metz

    Looks like the front of a Sorrell SR100 with a dune buggy rear. The folks at Forgotten Fiberglass would know. Too many projects here or it would be mine.

  20. JagManBill

    Might not look like much, but those dang wheels are worth almost what he’s askin for the car

  21. Howard A Member

    “Likely one of a kind”,,,I wonder why? Just for the record, 40 years ago, dune buggies were the hottest thing. Everybody knew someone that had a dune buggy project, even though there was no “dunes” nearby, one of those “flash in the pan” fads, us Yanks are known for. It looks as if it might have been operational for a while, somebody did a lot of work here, even though unique,the builder doesn’t have to answer to anyone but themselves, except maybe a cranky spouse. Back yard creations like this, is what America USED to be known for, and why today, it looks so corny. Who does this today? Nobody, that’s who.

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  22. JagManBill

    looking at the car this morning, I see the front having a resemblance (profile) to the Bocar Stiletto. Not sure what happened to the rear tho.

  23. dogwater

    Get the Sawzall out cutter up

  24. Steve Clinton

    Mad Max is laughing his ass off.

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