Hard Work Done: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

Sometimes fate can deal us a cruel hand, and we are forced to part with a beloved project car due to circumstances beyond our control. That is the story behind this 1968 Camaro SS Convertible. All of the hard work has been completed, and it now just needs someone who is willing to attend to the minor details to complete what has been a pretty thorough refurbishment. The Camaro is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has reached $20,211, and the reserve has been met. That means that someone is now set to finish off a great project build.

The owner purchased the Camaro some 20-years-ago. Not much happened with the car until around 8-years ago when a full rotisserie refurbishment was commenced. As you can see from this photo, the vehicle is beautifully clean, and the only issue underneath the Camaro is an accumulation of cobwebs. There are no signs of rust, and because the vehicle hasn’t been driven since the work commenced, there are no signs of any chips anywhere on the vehicle. The panels are arrow straight, while the black paint shines beautifully. The top is also new and appears to be perfect. All of the trim and chrome is present, and once again, it does look to be in good condition. When I look the car over, the thing that strikes me is that what it really needs is a person with an eye for detail who is willing to get in and do some cleaning to really make the car pop. It’s areas like the slots in the grille that have accumulated years of dust that really need to be attended to. As any person who has completed a project will attest, it is the minor details that differentiate a good project car from a great one. As far as completing the exterior of the Camaro, it would seem to need little more than some headlights, windshield wipers, and front turn signals to complete that aspect of the build.

Slotted into the engine bay is a 383 stroker V8, while I believe that the transmission might be a 2-speed Powerglide. It is when we delve into the mechanical aspects of the car that we reveal the majority of the work that will be required to see it through to completion. The Camaro hasn’t been driven since the restoration commenced, so while it has a brake booster, it has no brake lines. It will also require a radiator, and I did notice that the tailshaft appears to be missing. Another item that will need to be added to the shopping list is a steering box. It isn’t clear whether the original exhaust manifolds are present, but there is definitely no exhaust fitted to the vehicle. There are probably a few other detail items that will need to be sourced, but if what I have listed is the majority of what is required, then it might not take a lot of work to get the Camaro mobile once again.

As is the case with every other aspect of the project, the interior of the Camaro is agonizingly close to completion. The entire interior is new and looks an absolute treat in the combination of white and black. With everything being new, there isn’t a lot to be critical of. The owner had some pretty definite ideas as to what he wanted from this car, and one of the welcome additions during the build has been the inclusion of power windows. As far as what is required to complete the interior, it will apparently need little more than a gauge cluster and a glove compartment to finish things off. That really isn’t a lot, and you can almost feel the owner’s frustration at the prospect of being forced to sell the Camaro when the end is almost within his grasp.

You really have to feel for the gentleman who is selling this Camaro. He has spent the past 8-years working on this project. He would have dreamed about it, and eagerly anticipated the day when he finally managed to slide behind the wheel for the first time and have the opportunity to realize the fruits of all of his hard work and significant financial outlay. Now, after 8-years and a claimed $60,000, a combination of ill health and personal circumstances means that he is forced to part with the car. Life can be cruel at times, so I hope that the person who eventually buys and finishes the car will fully appreciate just what the Camaro has meant to one dedicated owner.

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  1. SquirrelyGig

    I’m not one for cheesy car programs on TV, but sounds like a job for Garage Squad. Sad story if in fact true. Hard to tell w/ today’s “keyboard stories”.
    Almost makes a person want to start a go fund me page to help the seller get a chance to get behind the wheel @ least once after all their efforts. Sad. GLWS.

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    • Steve R

      I hate go find me for things like this. It’s one thing to set up a page for someone needing to pay medical bills or something else that’s catastrophic and unexpected, but being unable to finish a car does not rise to that level of need. It’s often poor planning and unnecessary spending which inflates the cost of project cars which in turn drag them out endlessly and adds undo stress many marriages.

      Steve R

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  2. Weasel

    I looked at this one hard. It needs a lot. Brake lines, radiator, wiper motor, headlights, wiring harness, driveshaft and all the bits that seem to be missing. The paint in the door jambs look actually thick and of so so quality. The broken astro-vent in the Door jamb doesn’t give me warm fuzzies. Lots of surface rust. Definitely need a proper inspection and a conversation with the owner. It’s current bit of $22,500 is max as you will easily put another $5,000 in parts alone before your first test drive. Hopefully the work done was to a high quality AND that motor has been fogged.

    FYI. He’s also got 2 sweet bikes for auction also.

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    • Tom Member

      Yeah, this is a tough one. Lot’s of great work seemingly. Great car. Lot’s of stuff missing and yes some of the work has fallen into the “sat too long and have to re-do some of it” category.

      Really glad it is black because that is a #1 no sale for me. I am a master detailer and black is good for about 8 minutes. Great for that 8 minutes but mind grinding after that. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to own a gloss black car and like it and love it. Not me. UGH !!

      Story below from Charles, sorry to hear about your loss, that is a bummer but seems like you look a challenge in the eye! God Bless you my fellow car brother!

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      • Steve

        I’m so with you on black. They show every.single.thing.

  3. Charles Edinburgh

    Sometimes people talk before they know what is happening. I had to sell my 70 GTO when I lost left leg it was 4sp. I didn’t sell because I had to I sold it to not see it go to waste seating in my garage

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  4. TimM

    This is a project that will nickel and dime you to death!! Wiring, trim, radiator, brake lines, master cylinder and I could go on and on!! It’s a shame what the guy is going through and the fact he’s spent so much but that’s why most of us do our own work!! The labor he’s paid is most probably half that amount!!!

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    • Steve

      Right? These sorts of projects will do as you say AND be aggravating for all the discoveries of issues seller won’t/didn’t/refused to share. Buy it right – cheap. You’ll pay in $ and pay in disgust.

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