Hidden in the Weeds: 1966 Ford Bronco

Some cars can survive for decades with remarkable levels of preservation, while others aren’t so lucky. This 1966 Ford Bronco fits into the latter category, and after many years languishing in a field with weeds so high that the vehicle wasn’t visible, it has now been dragged out and is looking for a new home. Located in Dover, Kentucky, it is listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set the BIN option for the Bronco at $5,000.

Starting on the positives for the Bronco, I agree with the owner’s assertion that the vehicle is largely complete. The majority of the glass also looks like it might be in fair condition. From there, things go downhill pretty rapidly. Rust has certainly gotten its claws into the Bronco, and it doesn’t look like any panel has been spared from its ravages. The floors also look pretty bad, so if this old girl has any chance of gracing our roads again, there is going to be a lot of work required with the grinder and welder. The passenger side front fender has some pretty major damage, and the owner is of the impression that this might have been due to an argument with a tree at some point. I also noticed that the front wheels are fitted with snow chains, so that tends to indicate even further that life hasn’t been easy for the Bronco. One thing that we know nothing about is the state of the frame. If that is solid, then it may be some form of saving grace, because it could either be enough to make a restoration of this Bronco a remote consideration, or it might be able to see duty under another vehicle.

The interior of the Bronco also appears to be complete, but it looks like it is in a pretty sorry state. The dash and pad actually look like they are salvageable. The rest of the interior is in need of plenty of work. One really nice touch is the set of Vise-Grips that have been locked onto the choke cable to replace the missing knob. There’s nothing in the world like a bit of creative engineering.

If you were to buy a new Bronco in 1966, your mechanical choices included a 170ci 6-cylinder engine, and…that was it. The transmission was a 3-speed manual, while in the rear was a 9″ axle, and the front was a Dana 30. This Bronco hasn’t fired a shot for many years, and its mechanical health is an unknown quantity. The owner has not tried to turn the engine by hand, so there is a possibility that it may be locked. Of course, the next owner might strike a piece of luck, and the engine might actually be healthy.

For the 1st generation Bronco, 1966 was actually the second most successful sales year, and Ford managed to sell 23,776 vehicles. Good, original examples can fetch really impressive prices today, and while this one appears to be original, there are some big question marks over whether it would be classed as good. Its very existence hangs in the balance, and its viability as a restoration project would hinge on the state of the frame. If it is solid, and if the next owner is willing to take on plenty of the work themselves, then restoration might be justified. Otherwise, the fate of this one could be as a parts vehicle. What do you think?


  1. ZebNotlaw

    Wow only five grand?
    Why so cheap?
    I would of thought 25 grand for such a highly desirable fine auto.
    I would restore and call it my “Hollar” car 😜

    Okay 1200 max for weed find …with light switch tool

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  2. Walter

    Often overlooked, this beauty features the rarely seen vice-grip designed dash controller. Discontinued after the first year, this is a highly sought after option…

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Will be interesting to see what it goes for, I would think the guy would put in a no reserve auction to see what it goes to. Bottom of the barrel but I’m sure someone will buy it. Still cant see the high prices on these- take a corner too fast and you are on your roof. and I’m a ford guy. Anyhoo good luck to the new owner. get a tetanus shot and looker over good!

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  4. skibum2

    What a Project (POS)… good luck with this one..

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  5. Reginald

    What has the world come to ,when a rusted pile like this is listed for 5,000! Yea, I know really nice Broncos can go for a 100,000 which takes me back to my question, “what has the world come to?”
    Ok now time to live in the present, this might not be the worst Bronco to buy if the frame checks out, I bought a 67 fastback Mustang in worse condition for 6 grand ( back in the day you could not get me to take that car for free) needed everything but by the time I welded in new floors rebuilt the 289 and added some aftermarket wheels I had about 12 grand in it and sold it on eBay for 17grand. So if one wants a Bronco and was like me and didn’t have the money to buy a nice one I’d say go for it!

    • AAmodel

      Promote what you love, don’t bash what you hate, sorry had to steal that after reading it so many times defending other brands lol

      • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

        Well said reminder, AA-a huge part of the strife we see in the world today is due to people reacting with completely negative emotions and without any use of good clear logic.

  6. JLS

    Well, love the Bronco, but I have a 68 Scout clean as a whistle. Just dropped a few bucks and I mean a few getting some stuff done after I hit a tire and a wheel on the highway. Put it down.
    So, I almost get a brand new Scout.

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    • Paul

      I’m with Gaspumpchas on these…I really don’t understand the appeal at all! I have driven them quite enough to know how bad they ride, drive and handle.
      I really try to like them I just can’t do It..they are just to ugly for me.
      Although I know lots of people do and that’s why prices are higher then makes sense to me.
      I see no value here at all with all the rust issues however I am sure someone will pay good money for it.

      Now Blazers, Scouts, 78 and up broncos also Jeep CJ’s I like a lot! Just don’t understand the craze on these.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      This one has some ‘66-specific parts on it but still not worth anywhere near $5k in my book.

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  7. tasker

    GOOD FOR HIM!! hope he gets every penny too….makes my stuff worth even more

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  8. sir mike

    Do the vise grips come with the sale??

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  9. john

    Are these going to be the next VW bus ? % grand for that heap is crazy.

  10. john

    I meant 5 grand

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  11. Mike

    Crush it…

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  12. 8banger David Mika Member

    Seriously? I know they are climbing, as we are restoring one for a customer, but really?

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  13. whmracer99

    From time to time I do some special work for a friend’s body shop. He had one of these come in to be “restored”. It was actually a little worse than this one but the owner was so proud to have purchased it at auction for a “great price” and he wanted a high quality driver when we were done. Well, we got up to $15K just in parts to put it back together correctly (and were still adding parts) and he took his truck and went home. I will bet someone will get excited and grab this and when he starts pricing repairs have a WTF moment. Almost all the parts are available to restore this but it’s not for the weak of heart or someone without deep pockets.

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    • Paul

      Buy one in better condition if you want a driver…..this is just a money pit…with no good parts!
      The add shows lots of pictures except they didn’t show a good picture of the right front where there seems to be some crash damage!
      At least the seller is calling it what it is “parts or yard art”

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Deep pockets and deep sockets! The ONLY way to rebuild this affordably.

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  14. Jimmy

    Junk !!!

  15. 433jeff

    All hail the Tin worm!

  16. bobhess bobhess Member

    Put it in the field with the rusty Mustang and let them sink in harmony….

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  17. Rube Goldberg Member

    We say this everytime these hulks come up, surely posted for shock value, if nothing else, it clearly shows how out of whack this silliness has become,,,says a lot about the person selling it.

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  18. Chebby Staff

    Good lord what a piece of crap. Chains on all four tires so you know it was worked to death. And it must have died, or they’d have kept flogging it. In picture #7, you can see the guy’s wife thinking, why did you bring this %$#! home?

    “Because I bought it for $250 and the internet is going to pay me $10,000 hunny!”

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  19. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    This one is hard for me to get my mind around. If it was a less desirable/collectible vehicle, obviously it would be nothing more than a parts car (and barely that). But just for fun, go look at 66-77 Broncos on Autotrader Classics. Plenty of $50K plus examples, quite a few $100K plus. Could it be restored to a high level and thus command a high price and thus be worth the effort? I don’t know.

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  20. TimM

    I am a bronco guy and I would never pay $5000 for this heap!! More like $500 just to take the useable part (if any) and scrap the rest!! Short of getting a $10,000 dynacorn body and praying there’s a frame underneath!! I would not tackle this one as far as bodywork is concerned!! Wow 5 grand!!!

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  21. Paul

    I’m sure you can by this for $5000 stick $60,000 more into it…and sell it for $45,000 all day long!

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  22. Steve Char

    Found one in this condition for a friend , he got the Bronco for the right price of $100 bucks , two years ago !

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