Hiding for 20 Years: 1967 Rambler Rogue

Sometimes, all it takes is that cryptic photo of a car hiding in a garage or a barn to get an enthusiast’s blood pumping. What’s hidden back there, beyond the boxes and that sheet? Is it a muscle car gone rogue? Well, it is and it isn’t – it is a 1967 AMC Rogue two-door with a 343 swapped in, but it’s not hiding anymore. Find this handsome Rambler Rogue coupe here on eBay where there’s two bids up to $6,200.

The Rogue is a rare model, but not necessarily hugely valuable because of it. The Rogue was launched as a stopgap of sorts, helping AMC offer an attractive, well-optioned coupe before the AMX and Javelin showed up. The Rogue wasn’t necessarily a hotted-up version of the Rambler, but it did offer a few engine options that could make the driving experience more entertaining. One of the more popular choices was the 290, available in 2-barrel and 4-barrel formulas.

Bucket seats and a center console were options in the Rogue, and this appears to at least have the buckets. The dash appears uncracked and the door panels look presentable. However, it’s hard to tell why the floors look so rough and what happened to the carpet. The seller mentions that though this was originally a 290/AT car, it is now a 343/AT car with a rebuilt carb, new master cylinder, new wheel cylinders and fresh tires; it will need a replacement gas tank.

Out of the gloom of the barn, this Rogue is a rarely-seen special edition that looks to have a sound body and lots of potential. The upright cabin is a bit European in nature, giving this AMC a look all of its own. For sitting in a barn for over 20 years, it practically looks ready to drive. Although the bidding is already over $6K, the reserve remains unmet. I don’t see these often on the auction block, so what’s a car like this worth?


  1. Rustytech Member

    I have always liked the looks of these Americans. Standard , Rouge, of SCrambler, they were a clean design inside and out, simple to work on, and dependable. This looks to be a clean, solid car. I expect to see this going somewhere in th $12 to $15k range. Still a bargain compared to what the SC’s are bringing.

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  2. irocrob

    Why do people put plastic over cars to store them ? It traps the moisture from the floor.

    • redwagon

      agreed. want to keep the dust off then put a cloth cover over it. let it breathe. not everything has to be done with a blue tarp and duct tape.

    • G.P. Member

      Looks to me there is a center pole above so it will keep the dust off and still let air to breathe all around it. Good idea.

  3. Rod

    I like this one and can see lots of potential here. Looks like it has been painted at some point d now some of the clear coat is peeling off. I hope he wasn’t using the adjustable wrench to take the carb off.


    If it were a stick it would be in my garage already

  5. Rock On Member

    This car is rare enough that it would probably be worth it to convert to a stick if that is what you want.

  6. redwagon

    a manual swap and then a built 304 would be cool. total sleeper.

  7. Rock On Member

    A 390 or 401 would be even sleepier!

  8. Joe Haska

    I just like these cars, in Barrett/Jackson speak, I would make it a Resto-Mod. It could be very cool, not cost allot, be totally different, and most people wouldn’t even know what it is.

  9. Birdman

    That thing is just plain cool!! I’d buy it!

    Reminds me of my Grandpa’s 64 Rambler American 2 dr…

  10. G 1

    These look like a Dart or Valiant to me. Almost bought one a couple of years ago. Needs to have the twin stick with a console.

  11. JCWJr Member

    My kind of beauty. Found a similiar american 2 of them 4dr and 2dr. and of course the 2dr has a title issue. Might get them anyway for a grand. The tin worn has not been very active, especially for western Pa. No engine or trans in 2dr. 343 auto in the 4dr. Gotta love a AMC.

  12. Woodie Man

    I’m not sure why but I really like shape of this Rambler. I shouldnt. It seems too short and boxy but its not. Strange

    Now if only it had a 4 speed……..

  13. Loco Mikado

    Love the car. AMC should haVe kept producing them and upgrading them rather than invest all the money in the Hornet, Gremlin and Pacer. The American was produced in Argentina well into the 80’s and the Argentine versions were far better looking IMO than the Hornet, Gremlin and Pacer. Here is what they looked like:


  14. Car Guy

    Great looking hardtop. The “Machine wheels” really set it off.

    Hmmmm, Rambler Rogue, or Nissan Rogue? My vote goes for the AMC!

    • AMX Brian

      I’m not sure what you mean by “Machine Wheels”, but in the AMC world those are not the (Rebel)Machine Wheels we typically reference, just regular 70’s 8 slot Rally Rims

  15. Joe Haska

    I’m on my way to Argentina, I want one of those!

  16. Norm Wrensch

    Actually removing the carpet for storage is a very good idea. Carpet holds moisture and then rots out the floor. Without the carpet moisture cannot collect and keeps the floor in better shape. I would say the smarter ones remove the carpet.

  17. Mike Micka

    Jeff, I would like to know more about this 1967 Rogue if possible. I had a 343 v8 4 speed 67 Rogue back in the day, same color as this one and I’m looking to restore one just like this. Who was the seller? Did it sell and if so who purchased it? I tried several times to contact the seller at the time and since then through the listing info, but never had a response for them.
    contact me personally if you want to or by my email.

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