Hope You Like Green: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

Hopefully you are a fan of the color green as this Dodge Challenger R/T has plenty of it. It also has some great features such as a pistol grip 4 speed and a 383 Magnum V8. In original and solid condition, this awesome muscle package is offered for $26,500. Check it out here on ebay out of New River, Arizona.

Under the hood of this mean green muscle car lies a 335 horsepower 383 Magnum V8 that is a runner, but is not the factory numbers matching engine. Despite this fact, the seller claims that many of the engines components are numbers matching to the vehicle. It appears the previous owner swapped the engine into the car, and got it running, but that there may still be a few loose ends that need to be tied up before hitting the roads. The engine is quite clean and  appears to have been painted before installation. There is various surface rust throughout the engine bay, and there appears to be some bubbling on the firewall. This Dodge is equipped with some great goodies such as the pistol grip 4 speed transmission, sure grip differential, power steering and power brakes.

Like a pea in a pod, you would certainly get a thrill from driving this Challenger. No surprise, but the interior is green, and thankfully is limited to a few colors. Sadly the front buckets are ripped, but the seller has  factory green plaid material to restore this interior. Beyond the ripped seats and the tired carpeting the interior is quite nice. For an Arizona car I would have expected more sun fade and dry rot from this interior. Instead the interior, the dash and console look lovely as do the door panels. It almost appears as if you could do the seats and the carpet, and have a lower grade show quality interior. Even the steering wheel and shift lever are in nice condition with no signs of damage.

Somewhat like a Dr. Suess book this Challenger is a green on green car, with green stripes and a green vinyl top. Hopefully you do not dislike green, as this Challenger is a real beauty. Thankfully the vinyl top has been long removed and hasn’t held moisture against the sheet metal roof in some time. There is some light surface rust on the roof, but thankfully that is the only concern. The body itself still wears most of its original paint, although some green spray paint has been used to likely cover surface rust of failing paint. Rot seems to be a minimal issue for this Dodge, but the driver side rear quarter has a hole and will need some sheet metal work. Also the trunk appears solid but is completely covered in orange surface rust. Beyond these areas of concern, there is little else to report. The body panel gaps appear equal and evenly spaced, and the exterior overall is solid. With great features, looks, and power, this American muscle is waiting to be revived. Are you a fan of this mean green muscle machine?


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  1. dirtyharry

    After watching Vanishing Point 100 times, I can’t help but lust after a 4-speed Challenger. Talk about a great advertising program. Give 10 cars to Hollywood and you will sell 1,000’s. Vanishing Point was an awesome movie and the 440 Dodge was virtually the star of the movie, smoking everything it came across. Who doesn’t like “Big Block” action? It likely killed any notion of a car delivery business that didn’t involve transport trucks too.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi dirtyharry, got that right. Want to sell cars? Make a movie with that car as the star. I can think of quite a few. It wasn’t until years later ( thanks to the internet) I had no idea that was a Camaro that hit the bulldozers.

    • Theodoric

      All Dodge until it mysteriously turned into a Camaro at the big climax. ;) Still a great movie, though.

  2. Charlie V

    This by far is my favorite color out of the Chrysler paint list. While my family’s other Chrysler’s were greens of lighter tones, “Ivy Leaf Green” metallic has always been my favorite. My 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, 1970 Dodge Super Bee, 1968 Chrysler Newport Custom and my 1970 Dodge Coronet 500 all sported that color when I still owned them. If you look at the production numbers, that color may have been applied to fewer vehicles than red, blue or black, but with that low count, to me, that makes these the more desirable.

  3. JW

    Got to love the original Vanishing Point, have it on DVD. I like the feature car but $26,500 when it still needs bodywork / paint / interior work / engine bay cleaned up. Mopar mania is beyond me.

    • Stephen

      AND a replacement engine!

    • Joe Backer

      I just saw on Barrett Jackson a yellow one of the same year. It sold 30k or 36k maybe. Though I thinking more for 30k. Way to high for what I saw for a complete restored one.

  4. OA5599

    Ah yes.

    Favorite line from Vanishing Point…

    ” We have reason to believe it’s supercharged…”

    My kind of car.

    • Howard A Member

      HA! I forgot all about that line, OA. The car may not have been, but Kowalski sure was.

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    My favorite of all the Challengers, the ’70/’71 RT. Of course I prefer yellow with black. A 383 would suit me just fine although I’d seldom see what it could really do…..

  6. Joe

    I had a 71 b5 blue challenger 383 auto and that car flew..my dad was a 383 fan and i have been one all my life.my 66 GREENfury has a stock 440 factory installed but it would have a hard time beating my 383 challenger..i have a 71 in violet rr im working on now with the fact installed 383 and pistol grip 4 speed num match cant wait to pound on it some

    • rumpfox

      I’m rebuilding the 383 in my 66 sport fury an everyone cries to put a 440 in it but a 335 hp 383 will run with a 440 all day long and my 383 was a 2bl. car and could run with anything on the road and got 20 miles to the gallon all day long at 100mph.rear main rope seal blew with my son driving it to college an spun a main bearing. 140,000 miles and still had the fact. timing chain in it. I’m going back with a big ole thermoquad setup.

      • z28th1s

        “my 383 was a 2bl. car and could run with anything on the road and got 20 miles to the gallon all day long at 100mph”

        I’m going to have to throw the ‘BS’ flag on this one!

  7. rando

    Looks like some damage to right front – inner fender is black. Not factory. Neither front fender is original. Look very closely before putting down the bucks. Whole front end may be messed up. If you’re on a budget…

  8. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    “100% numbers matching (except block)” = 0% numbers matching. Sorry buddy but that term is all or nothing.

  9. GP Member

    Kermit might like it, and have the extra GREEN to put into it.

  10. stillrunners lawrence Member

    yep…..it’s been on the sale list a few times…..still trying to find someone to love it…….

  11. Ck

    Its kool not $26,500 worth of kool but still kool .

  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    My first car was a 73 Barracuda in green with green interior and green vinyl top.
    My 70 Corvette was Donnybrook Green.

    Like I’ve mentioned before, green was a popular color choice in the late 60s into early 70s, so I think it is good to see them in their original color instead of painted black/red/white/purple/yellow/orange.

  13. erikj

    70,s green been there many times. if its original that’s what matters.

  14. Jim

    I believe they said the challenger in Vanishing Point had the 383?
    “SUPERSOUL” Right on brother, Right on!

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