Hot Rod Heritage: 1932 Chevrolet 5 Window


With a tough, yet, period correct looking appearance, this is a great looking ho rod. One time, or another, some of us have wanted to own a hot rod. This ’32 Chevrolet has some modern touches, but overall from the exterior, fits the bill of a classic American hot rod. In solid ready to drive condition, this Chevy needs nothing other than a new owner. With 6 days remaining, bidding has reached $5,000 with the reserve unmet. Find it here on eBay out of Chicago, Illinois.


Powered by a Chevy 327 and a 4 speed transmission, it is obvious this is a flyer. Great detail has been given to the engine with removing unnecessary casting marks and powder coating various engine bits. The intake is a Creitz manifold with dual carbs.  The thirsty carbs are fed via 3 five gallon military gas cans. The engine is absolutely gorgeous looking more like a work of art.


Inside of this Chevy shows a simple and clean interior that is business minded. The original dash in in place, although the gauges are not functional. The door panels are bead rolled giving a cool, yet simple, appearance.


The seat does have some adjustability being able to move forward and back. Behind the seat you can see the 3 military gas cans that feed the 327. There is a safety bar of some sort installed, likely adding some rigidity to this Chevy. The exterior is thought to be original paint, as there is some patina present on this Chevy. The patina’d area has surface rust that is minimal, with no signs of major damage or rot. The fenders have been repainted, but are a close match to the factory finish. The body looks phenomenal with no major rust, or denting, and is claimed to be straight as an arrow.


Needing nothing other than a new home this Chevrolet is a classy take on an American hot rod, but with a dash of modern flavor added to it. Would you pick up this cool ’32 Chevy?


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  1. Joe Haska

    My 1st car was a 32 Chevy 5- window , I was 14 and it was 1959. By the time I was 16, I had a running deuce coupe, although it was not a Ford. Not so cool at the time, but it had a small block, dropped axel,juice brakes, a 3spd on the floor, and bright red paint. To say I would like to have this car is an understatement. A chance to relive your teenage years and do it better. Anxious to see what it goes for, I think its a bargain at 20k plus, and if there was anyway, I would be a player. I still have my 34 Ford 5-window, which was my next hot rod. However I could trade a slammed 53 Ford pick-up???

  2. Philip

    Patina, patina, must every ad over use that overused word? This car would be a nice project, as it’s only halfway there and needs some things redone. Fenders need to go among other things. The cR has an identity crisis and doesn’t know what it wants to be, a hot rod, a cruiser, a tribute car to the fifty’s or something in between. It is a decent base to start with anyway, and another 10 grand in work you would have something.

  3. Bob Hess

    Gas cans out, paint… including fenders…drive it! Neat car.

  4. Craig MacDonald

    I like it as-is, incl. paint. It’s got character and is unique, not the cookie cutter hot rod with everything catalog fresh. If it drives as good as it looks it’s a winner. Just way to pricey for me.

  5. Philip

    If that’s bondo or primer / filler on different spots, fender and such it needs to be attended to before the car sees any weather or even an east coast damp garage or basement. Real world the car needs sanding then etching primer, and primer filler/ then primer sealer, then it can sit without moisture attacking the body work. After that it can be sanded and painted any time in the future provided it’s kept reasonably dry.

  6. erikj

    I think the red areas are put there to give a little patenia,not rust. And it appears clear is on it. Car looks very solid. To much bread for me man!

  7. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    I’m not sure if I would change a thing, what a great looking car!

  8. Rustytech Member

    Perfect example of an early street rod! Leave it as is and enjoy.

  9. Mr Chevy

    What’s a HO Rod?

  10. Steve

    Cool car. Needs bumpers, a trans tunnel Scattershield innllace of the stick cast aluminum bellhousing. (I personally know. Guy who lost part of his foot to a clutch explosion- in a hotrod street car).

  11. Wayne

    Battery right next to the gas tank. What a brilliant idea. Not.

  12. Ck

    Overall this is chevy is way kool ,but I’m with Philip it definitely needs to be tweaked .The first thing that would need to be changed is the fuel situation. Am I the only one that thinks this is a stupid idea?? Hey lets put the gas inside the car rite behind the seat ,cuz the fumes smell awsome. Or how about this scenario? Some kid is texting and blows through the red light and T bones you and BOOM .Put a fuel cell in it . I guess I’m not happy with ith inside of the car cuz that seat has gotta go it looks like a lawn chair to me. I guess I’d have to do the whole interior on this thing for Me to be happy .Ok now for the things I love about this old chevy. Its a Chevy its got a 327 with a 4spd, and ts black the way a Hot Rod should be. I also love the stance on this thing ,it looks mean, and with that SBC and 4spd I bet this old girl hauls A $$. All in all I’d have to say I love this car and would love to get my hands on it.

    • John

      Amen, brother!!!

  13. Philip

    Agreed. all valid points indeed. As far as driving. I’m betting that old 4 speed Top Loader is a beast to drive, I’d rather put in a Super T-10 or TKO 6 speed to make it a real cruiser/boulevard barnstormer. All real street rods have a fuel cell with a full electrical cut off somewhere in case of the above mentioned T-Bone incident. If it were mine there would be 8 Webers on it. A pain to tune but a joy to drive..

    • henk kasius

      Can someone tell me who owns this beautiful car. I also have a Chevy 1931 and would like to ask some questions about this car. Greetings from Holland. Henk

  14. erikj

    I sure like the looks of this rod. But got to say,safety wise scatter shield would be good and is that little rollbar to protect the jerry cans from side impact gas bomb? Maybe that’s made up to make us wonder if that really is where the gas is supplied from and there is a real tank some where else-I sure hope so from a safety standpoint. The car does seem to be very well built.

  15. Bobsmyuncle

    A lot of people getting their gas tank safety lessons from ’70s TV shows.

  16. John

    Who is the owner and builder off this chevy.

  17. henk kasius

    Can someone tell me what the dimensions are of the rims and tires. Kind regards Henk Kasius.

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