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Huge Stash Of British Sports Cars for $13k!

Before it gets much colder, you should plan to head to upstate New York – the lakes region, specifically – if you want to snatch up a batch of British classics seemingly tucked into a garage and forgotten. The seller is looking to clear out the whole garage, which includes a 1972 MGB, 1973 MGB GT, 1952 MGTD, 1959 Austin Healey Sprite, and a 1959 Triumph TR3. The listing also mentions a trove of engines and parts, and it’s all up for grabs for $13,500 here on Facebook Marketplace.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Tom the Ticketfixer for the find. No specific details on each car are offered, which is a shame given the seller may have better luck selling them one at a time. The MGB GT looks complete, but given the vehicles’ location in a part of the country known for ruthless winters, rust is likely to be a factor for any of these cars that saw year-round use. The description – listed under “1959 Numerous” – won’t help the seller, who claims to be listing all of these cars on a friend’s behalf.

We see this fairly often, where there’s an owner who doesn’t use Facebook but wants the cars gone. Unfortunately, this usually translates to a lack of information. The description also notes the seller is hoping to reach the “import buyers,” which isn’t typically how I’d describe fans of British tin. Certainly, the owner has checked most of the boxes for the models every British car fanatic hopes to own at least once, particularly the Bugeye and the MGTD.

The TR3 isn’t actually a TR3 – it’s a later TR4, despite the listing’s insistence otherwise. This example sports parking stickers from Fort Belvoir in Virginia, so maybe there’s a chance it isn’t completely rotten underneath. The colors are great, but the photos of the car from the rear appear to show rust holes in the passenger side rear quarter. All of the cars have some rust when you inspect the different photos, and clearly previous bodywork on cars like the TD. The price has already been dropped from $15K to $13,500, so there’s likely some motivation on the seller’s part to clear out this garage.


  1. Bear

    First glance at the photos reveals a lot of rusty areas.
    & I’d be willing to BET that they look worse from an underside view.
    $13.5K might be a bit “ambitious”………… :-O

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  2. Ike Onick

    Syracuse area. Yep, it snows there.

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  3. Rodney - GSM

    Seller appears to be selling by the “pound”…

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  4. Bear

    Seller would have been well-advised to list all of these cars separately.
    $2500 – $3000 starting bid for each, with no reserve.
    This would open up the bidding to more enthusiasts, and wouldn’t require one bidder to come up with “13 large”!
    Add a few more “honest” photos to show the condition of each & let the bidding begin.
    Then IF 1 or 2 of the cars don’t sell, relist those with a starting bid cut in half.
    I’d be willing to bet that this method would sell the cars faster, & would likely generate more $$ for the seller.

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  5. PeteL

    Argh! I was literally 15 miles from there earlier in the morning towing my MGB GT V8 conversion south from north of Syracuse(lost my storage!). Driving and not reading email notices alas. I would have gone for a peak and clipped a few shots. That area is serious salt on the roads country and the same is true in VA when it snows, so if they were driven in winter they are rusty. Not many ran a winter rat car in the early 70’s… A TD is on the list though prefer a TF. Already have a TR4, which looked the best. And wonder if the Jag goes with the package.

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  6. Maestro1 Member

    Zuckerberg has 60 Billion dollars. He doesn’t need anybody.
    The cars shouold be listed seperately but if there is so little interest here call
    the Seller and offer him a number you feel is right for the bunch. See what
    happens. Assume you will spend a large number and have a hell of a good time.

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  7. Jaker76

    Good luck getting anybody but someone close by to bid!

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  8. Chris Rollins

    I’d rather get a hemmorhoid transplant

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  9. Dave W

    I have been to see these cars, the people are nice, but the cars are toast. Each one I looked at you could see straight through to the ground. They are beyond rusty, there is barely any metal left underneath. I was pretty bummed.

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