IH Engineer Owned: 1978 International Scout II

There is a Holy Grail version of almost every vehicle ever made, one that if we could go back in time and check our own options and features boxes it would magically appear. For a few million Scout fans, this could be their Holy Grail. It’s a low-mile 1978 International Scout II Rallye and it’s listed on eBay and it’s located in Caldwell, Idaho. Let’s check out this Scout.

I’m a sucker for an orange vehicle. I can only think of a couple of companies that offer orange as a color these days, and as most of you know there really aren’t many or any “colors” these days just tones – black, white, silver, gray. So, now that the color part of the equation is settled let’s get down to the meat of this Scout, or what’s left of it.

You can see that there will be work to do on this one, rust work and other work all around – inside and out. But, being a V8-equipped Scout it’ll be worth it. The seller says that this Scout II Rallye belonged to an IH “engineer who built Scouts at the factory“, that’s about as cool as it gets in my world. The patch over the RR wheel arch is not as cool as it gets. I don’t know what they were thinking there but help is available and this one is worth the effort. I love seeing “regular” wheels and tires on a Scout. I just like the look of non-offroad wheels but that’s a personal thing, I know that most people prefer fat tires.

The Scout II had a luxurious interior at least compared to its ancestor Scouts. You can see that this one will most likely need a full restoration but parts of it are still in fine condition. The rear cargo compartment looks pretty good for a 40-year old truck. I don’t know what the back story is on this one, why there are so few miles but it’s in somewhat rugged condition. Was it stored inside?

This is IH’s 345 cubic-inch V8, probably the engine that most of us would want in our Scout II. A turbo-diesel was available in the Scout’s last year of 1980 but this V8 would be a nice alternative. And, with factory AC and a very clean-looking engine compartment this one looks pretty nice to me. There isn’t much info given other than this Scout “was running and driving when the previous owner passed away.” I prefer the early-60s Scouts but which version of the Scout would you like to have? How about this one with 54,000 miles on it?

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  1. jdjonesdr

    I’m betting this will go for some serious money.

  2. Dan in Texas

    Cruise control? Wow!

  3. Mtshootist1

    I’ve got a 1975 Scout II that is solid orange with XLC designation. Has AC just like this one but is only two wheel drive came from factory that way. A doctor in Wichita KS was the original owner. Still has less than 100K on odometer also has 345 V8. Three speed tranny.

  4. Troy s

    An alternative to the typical Blazer, Bronco, Ramcharger. Factory rims and stock tires are okay, but it begs for something better in that department, as stated that is a personal preference. Not too shabby.

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    I sure wouldn’t kick this one off my driveway. I like the Scouts right through the years although my favorite ones were in the early 60s. They had a tendency to rust, even in the Chinook Belt although they weren’t cratered like so many I’ve seen for sale. There’s one very similar to this one at a local salvage yard (if it hasn’t been completely scrapped by now—it was about 2 years ago that I saw it); it looked like the sheet metal was intact but the main problem was a fire under the dash that consumed the instruments and the wiring. I was thinking when I saw it that it would be a good machine to supply the sheet metal while you restored something else….

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      “Tendency to rust”? More like desintigrate. Most, if not all the Scouts in my neck of the woods looked like this.
      They, like all 4 wheel drives, were used for plowing, and I bet many are still used today for plowing, with the operator sitting on a 5 gallon bucket.

  6. Frank

    Me likey!

  7. Rube Goldberg Member

    I’m not sure about the “Holy Grail” part, I’d say the “Midas” edition from the other day was a lot rarer. These were very popular for a while. They kind of hid in the shadows of the Jeep CJ, but there were plenty, they just weren’t for everyday transportation, like today. If a service station didn’t have a CJ, it had one of these. Kind of a shame IH stopped making these right when luxury SUV’s were gaining steam. I’ve driven many IH’s for a living, and they were the best trucks made. Not crazy about the V8, they literally dripped raw gasoline, but spun for years. Great find.

  8. Classic Steel

    Nice scout!

    I like it and could see myself driving it

  9. JW

    Cool find and no reserve, doesn’t get any higher it would be a cool project.

  10. Beatnik Bedouin

    Is that an old Sun Super tach lurking next to the dash..?

  11. Fiete T.

    My blue heeler is from a ranch in Caldwell. And I have a buddy with an ’80 Scout with a TD and a manual tranny. Karma?

  12. Leman H. Wilson

    why no price?

    • Pete

      Currently at $4,400 on Ebay.

  13. Neal

    I love Scouts, and someday Imma gonna get one!
    I grew up with a Scout 2 Rallye as our family hauler. Was my momma’s pride and joy. She even called it Foxy Lady.

    I look for them all of the time in person and on eBay. I get a contact high whenever one is near or even listed somewhere like here on Barnfinds. This outfit out of Caldwell lists a lot of nice IH rigs.

    I got the Scout bug as much as Scouts get the tinworm bug. On this pic you can see my mom and some of my so-called bodywork on her scout in the later years. She (we) had it from fall of ’78 through spring of ’92 in Philly. I used to come home from college and pop-rivet sheets of roofer’s aluminum onto the doors and quarters to pass inspection. And then I’d pop layers over the old layers to keep her going.

    Kinda looks like this one is straight out of Philly in ’91. I’d be wary of floor rot too under those vinyl floor coverings. The padding soaked up moisture from the perforated rusty floor, and that led to more rotting of course. Was there mention of body mount rot?

    The original graphics and “patina” paint are cool, but I imagine it would be really hard to keep if you are doing patches or whole panels. You’d have a FrankenScout after getting it roadworthy. Might as we’ll repaint it at that point.

    Holy Grail? In my Scout dream, mine is a Traveler with a cut hatch and standard Scout tailgate, and has a reinforced fiberglass body to survive here in New England. Any engine is fine, but I prefer a four speed. 4wd is even optional because I don’t foresee any off-roading in my future.

    My birthday is in March. Anyone want to send me a present?

  14. Neal

    Here’s Foxy Lady when she was so shiny and brand new.

    • Jubjub

      Neal, Foxy Lady was probably the nicest color they ever came in. And those Rally wheels are what to have on a Scout. I had an Embassy Gray ‘78 Rallye with those wheels. Was a great machine.

      • Neal

        Thanks. Yeah. Tahitian Red with the russet interior, including russet mats instead of carpet.
        I also have always liked Terra Cotta, Concord blue, that minty green, winter white, Grenoble green. Heck, I guess I like them all. I’ve looked at a few Embassy Gray Scouts online that look nice too. Here’s my favorite color and stripe combo. Dreaming.

  15. Pat A

    There was a guy in Glendale Ca, that had like a dozen Intenationals in the yard of his shop. I don’t know if it was for business or pleasure, but he had some nice clean examples.

  16. half cab

    This id the Holy Grail.

  17. Busyditch

    I had a Traveller, the extended wheelbase model. Great in the NJ snow, but the NJ salt kept the iron worm creeping up. I ordered new rockers from the IH dealer but they were huge with part of the floor pan included, like if you were doing a full resto. Had a friend with a sheet metal bender make me a set and I cut off the old and tacked on the new.

  18. chad

    “…which version of the Scout would you like to have?…”
    the “80” – ie small 1. Luved the indented box shape of the tailgait & sm sz of it…not the 4 cyl tho.
    Wanted one in late 70s/early 80s but couldn’t find 1 PLUS @ the time the fed law was: ‘if going outta biz’ (read bankrupt as IH non-rd tractor division did@ that time) “U only hafta make prts for 7 yrs.” So I got it’s copy: C it in pic above. Really like it & motor.
    the 1 with the diesel (1980 or is it ’81?).
    boy, the pic is W A Y bigger than what’s usually posted when doing this here (hope it’s viewable)

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