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Inka Orange Survivor: 1972 BMW 2000Tii Touring

Among the cars that many BMW enthusiasts pine after is the elusive BMW 2002 Tii Touring. In general, BMW models sold in wagon form have remained quite desirable to collectors, especially as the company increasingly restricts access to the long-roof models that are wildly popular in Europe. Knowing most consumers will plunk down more money for an SUV with about the same amount of space of a wagon but with poorer fuel economy, BMW and other automakers have no reason to continue building wagons for the U.S. market. This 1972 2002 is a piece of forbidden fruit, as the model was never sold stateside and wasn’t exactly sold in large quantities in Europe. This example is claimed to be a barn find from Belgium that is now listed here on Hemmings by a dealer in the Netherlands.

Now, the term wagon is used loosely here, as there’s not a lot of extra space over a standard 2002. It’s more like a traditional three-door hatchback, but that’s not nearly as grabby as calling it a “Touring” model. The bodywork is clad in one of the most cherished of BMW 2002 colors, a shade known as Inka Orange. Many enthusiasts will repaint their classic 2002s in this color when undertaking a respray or other bodywork, but examples that left the factory wearing this paint code are always far more sought after. If the 2002 Tii Touring is as authentic as the seller states, then one would hope the paint is original and that the mileage of just over 70,000 miles shown is genuine as well. Like all overseas models, the 2002 features the slimmer European-spec bumpers.

Despite having been off the road for some time and in non-running condition, the interior of this 2002 looks to be in excellent condition. Personally, I don’t envision any major restoration work being required in the cabin as the upholstery and carpets look perfectly usable as-is. The door panels also present quite well, and the paint inside the door jambs is very consistent with the exterior. The 2002 will come with a decent amount of original documentation, including the maintenance booklet, owner’s manual, registration paperwork, and ignition key. While no maintenance records are mentioned, the state of the cabin and the exterior inspire a good amount of confidence that this 2002 Tii Touring was looked after, even after it was taken off the road.

The numbers matching engine is a genuine Tii mill, and I believe the bigger motor was standard in the Touring models. This means it should make around 130 b.h.p. and come equipped with Kügelfischer fuel injection. Things look tidy under the hood, and aside from the quad headlights found in the grill as opposed to the factory-installed single lenses, there’s no clear deviation from stock condition and appearance here. You’ll have to account for the shipping costs from Europe to the states, but if you want one badly enough, those expenses won’t stand in the way of most enthusiasts getting their hands on a car their fellow 2002 owners are unlikely to have at the next BMW gathering. The seller is asking $15,400, which seems fair if there are no major rot holes lurking underneath that pretty orange exterior.


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Always thought the body style was good looking. Took the box on box look out of the car.

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    • nlpnt

      It’s a shame they didn’t have the guts to replace the notchback entirely, market the Touring as a hatchback coupe.

      And all 3 Series, ever, should’ve been hatchbacks. (except the ragtops of course).

      It might’ve spared us a generation of small cars trying to be “aspirational” and just having awkward three-box looks and drastically reduced useable space for it.

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  2. misterlou Member

    Jeff, the auction pictures show some significant rust holes…and they’re definitely not lurking!

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    • James in Australia

      Including a hole you could fit a melon thru under the bonnet on top of left hand inner guard

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  3. ChingaTrailer

    I believe that even USA models shared the fragile small bumpers in 1972. They changed in 1973 but by 1974 they became the big park benches we saw for so many years.

  4. Doyler

    What’s up with the quad headlights?

    • SubGothius

      Those are unusual, but the plastic surrounds w/ integrated grille inserts appear tailor-made for the model, rather than some homebrew fab-up. The style is very similar to the super-rare “Diana” edition 2002ti:

      …albeit black plastic rather than metal/chrome, so may be an aftermarket accessory inspired by the Dianas, which this forum thread seems to confirm:

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      • local_sheriff

        That was some interesting reading; neither seen or heard of quad lights, the Dianas nor the EV or I6 versions of the 02 series – and I’ve seen quite a lot of 02 Bimmers through the years!

  5. Steve Clinton

    Bring this to the US and be the hit of every BMW owner’s club and car show!

  6. Beyfon

    As the headline says these were named 2000 rather than 2002, and could be had with the different engine choices, not just the Tii.

    Quite a bit too crusty for the money in my opinion!

  7. CCFisher

    Es hat keinen Schnickschnack.
    (It has no frills.)

    Seriously – this is the most severe-looking BMW I’ve seen.

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  8. peter k

    I bought a 2001 BMW 525IT several years ago after owning a string of Mercedes 300TD wagons. I love the extra space and the 30 mpg average at 75-80 mph average. The car has plenty of pep and handles superbly. These cars were always sold in limited quantities here in the states with 90% of them being automatics. Finding them with a manual transmission is rare. I am sure that this 2002 TII will go to a good person that will enjoy its nimble handling as well as the extra room for ‘stuff’.

  9. Martin Horrocks

    Genuinely a very rare variant. The car seems nicely original but is correctly advertised as needing full restoration, which means a $50000 plus machine by the time you get to your first Cars and Coffee.

    So, a nice curiosity but personally, I prefer the sedan-. The Touring is novel but doesn´t really open a new world of spacious 02 series living..

  10. local_sheriff

    If an 02 Touring is too mainstream for your taste then try the E3 Touring instead

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Great video, thanks for posting!

  11. MitchRoss Member

    When I lived in Israel in the 80’s there were lots of these running around. I found them unattractive and the rear didn’t seem to match the front

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  12. t-bone BOB

    Located in Oldenzaal, Netherlands
    Asking price $15,400

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