It’s Not Just Us! Here’s A French Shorty!

And here I thought we in the United States hosted the only folks interested in drastically shortening a vehicle to comical proportions! Apparently I was wrong, and I appreciate Barn Finds reader Arno D. for sending in this great find! The car started out life as a 1980 first generation VW Golf (Rabbit in the US). It’s listed for sale here on for a hefty 7,000 Euro ($7,385,35 today) and is located in Lille, France, which at least one online magazine thinks is France’s most under-rated city.

Ok, some interesting points at first examination: 1) It looks like the rear doors were used from a four door for the conversion, and if my understanding of the ad is correct that’s right. 2) I have no idea why the police car color scheme was chosen. 3) While the aluminum wheels are pretty cool looking, it seems that the larger wheels and tires were used on the rear, which really doesn’t make sense for a front wheel drive car, does it? While the tiny “roll bar” may look cute, I don’t think it’s going to help much in a roll over. I guess the “Speedster” plate makes sense, although I’d rather have the Porsche version!

You can see the absolute ludicrousness of this car from this shot. From the extremely short windshield complete with exposed glass edge to the total lack of bumpers and anything else that would make sense, this car is an exercise in comic relief! But perhaps that’s what you are looking for? Or maybe I just don’t get the sense of humor required for shorties? Let us know what you think, and where this ranks on the shorty hierarchy list for you!


  1. Mark

    I certainly agree with you, I’ve never been much into shorties nor understand the humor from them. They normally have very few lines, something this one definitely doesn’t have. In addition they normally are terrible to drive due to the short wheelbase. Some of them are cute to look at (not even sure if that’s the case on this one) but other than that I don’t see much use for them.

    Of course I’ve also never seen a car with a chopped top that I liked either.

    • boxdin

      The chop top to like is 1989 Porsche Speedster, a factory chop job. The 1957 Speedster was a chop version of the Convertable D right?

  2. Scott Wardlaw

    Although…..”Polizei” is a German word. Just sayin’. Must be more to the story.

    • MikeH

      And the green and white are German Police colors–and it’s a VW. This car may be for sale in France, but I’ll wager it was built in Germany.

    • Horse Radish

      the French creator of this thing is trying to blame it on the Germans…..(not that that has ever happened before……)

  3. Kiwi Glen

    I think the doors are part front / part rear to be able to follow the lines of the front guards, use hinges etc. Nice safety feature of the battery isolator just below the windscreen. Boot / trunk cover does not really seem to work the same way they have managed to do with the doors. I would have used stock wheels I think it would have had more impact. Is it safe? no roof generally means loss of strength. I would say the windscreen is plexiglass or something similar. Nice build… I am always on the look out for a green and white VW Golf, that has been shortened, with police logos, big wheels…………

  4. alan

    I am glad the rollbar was installed to protect the drive.

  5. Denis LOISEAU


    As frenchy, I’m sorry for that ;-)

  6. Joe Haska

    Don’t like chopped tops, be still my heart. This is crazy I love it, I would put it right next to the Cameo. I’m sorry some of you guys have no sense of fun, and can’t see the forest for the trees. Lighten up, it doesn’t really matter how it drives, steers or if the rear tires are too big. Its a fun build designed to put a smile on some-ones face and if it dose “IT WORKED”

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  7. John K

    Looks like it should be ringing a bell in a cathedral

  8. Michael Rogers

    This is a good example that “there is a seat for every butt”

    Welcome to free speech or torch in this case!

    With that short wheelbase, I’d welcome more traction from bigger tyres to keep it from frequently looping!


  9. RayT Member

    All I can think of is: “Shriners’ Parade….”

  10. grant

    Give it some cheese and accept it’s surrender.

  11. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I’ll bet this car was created as part of a special promotion or display. Someone spent a lot of time & money creating it.

  12. Pete

    This to me is an excellent example of what not to do to a car. Just because you could, doesn’t mean you should. The labor involved in making that was a waste of life IMHO.

  13. Mark-A

    Like how the Ad says it is a “Mini-Golf!” Made me chuckle!!

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