King Kong: 1978 Datsun 6×6

Have you ever wished that you had a couple of extra wheels to power your 4×4? If so, this 1978 Datsun 620 6×6 pickup is something worth taking a peek at. If nothing else, it’s pretty interesting and a heck of a build. It’s on Craigslist in the Fort Smith, Arkansas area with no asking price; that’s never a good sign. But, the seller mentions that they want to trade for a “pontoon Boat, 4×4, or ?”

I don’t exactly know what an extra pair of drive wheels gets a person, as far as being able to go off-road, which I’m assuming this truck, or any 6×6 vehicle, is for? This one has been in three magazines, according to the seller, and they show a couple of photos of the magazines and an article. Unfortunately, those two and the three exterior photos are the only ones! Ugh.

If a person could zoom in on the magazine article, they would read that this was quite a process, as you can imagine. And, it’s not an all-Datsun/Nissan truck. There are parts and pieces from Ford, Jeep, Dana, etc. The more I look at this one, the more I like it. We don’t see what the interior looks like or the back of the truck bed and surprisingly / frustratingly, with all of that engineering and fabrication, there isn’t a single photo of the underside. The engine is a highly-modified 1976 231 cubic-inch Buick V6 with 250 hp and again, there are no photos of it so you’ll have to use your imagination. Speaking of that, could any of you imagine a use for a custom 6×6 pickup like this Datsun?

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  1. Steve R

    I like how only four of the six tires match.

    Steve R

  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    The main question to ask is: can you find an attractive woman who will ride with you in this truck? I think we know the answer.

  3. sir mike

    King Dork

    • Steven

      Mork the Dork didn’t think his plan thru about building this.. Heck Jim Varney ( Earnest ) he could have done a better job..

  4. JW

    If he wants to trade for a 4×4 then this thing is nothing but show.

  5. DAN

    LOL dana 27 axles,toothpicks are bigger :)

  6. Larry K

    Wants to trade for a pontoon boat, go figure.LOL. I like it, just don’t want it.

  7. Mark

    Sometimes what happens in the barn should stay in the barn.

  8. Howard A Member

    Well, clearly, the builder, ( who I doubt strongly is the seller) was going for the “new Power Wagon” 6 wheeler approach.×393.jpg
    I’d be interested in how the “6×6” worked, and if that center axle even has gears in it. It does look like a nice job, just why. Perhaps the present owner found out, this looked a lot better than it drives.

  9. Cleric

    I’m not sure what the builder thought was “added” in the way of style and functionality by adding the third axle. The only thing I see is higher tolls on toll roads.

  10. Steven

    If they would have thought thru this process ( HALF TRACK ) using what Ag Tractor Companies are doing with those Rubber Tracks as they are very durable or Matt-Trac’s like what they manufacture in Minnesota for 4×4 vehicles..

  11. Steven

    Hey a Arkansas Bass Boat is a Old Pickup Cab with Pontoons mounted under and a 75 Johnson motor..

  12. tugdoc

    I would like to park this thing crossways in my friends driveway pull the valve stems and let it sit.
    I like what Mark says about in the barn!

  13. Murray

    Looks to me to be the answer to a stupid question thats yet to be asked……

  14. Martin Sparkes

    Looks to me like someone had a vision and spent a lot of time and effort, and saw it through to the end. Not many people can say that.


    It’s very cool

  16. Scott

    We have all seen interesting builds my question is what was the point? And we’re a bunch of buddies setting around in there shop & one said we should take that Datsun & make it a 6×6!!!!

  17. Charles

    He should have dropped a small block Chevy engine in it…

  18. Muz

    Charles I think you meant to say “dropped on it…..”

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