Kool Commando: 1967 Jeepster Commando

This smokin’ kool 1967 Jeepster Commando is “spruce tip green” and you’ll need to have a couple of gallons of that color ready for when you’ve finished the restoration. As you can see, it’s a little on the rough side. It’s posted on Craigslist for $2,500 or trade and it can be found in Big Lake, Minnesota.

I really like these Jeep Commandos, or officially, Jeepster Commandos. I’m not a serious off-roader and I like things unusual, especially my vehicles. The Commando can be a serious off-roader but they aren’t what most folks would consider a serious jeep, as far as jacking it up and going to Moab to hit the trails. The Commando was built on the CJ-6 chassis and after 1971 it was called the Jeep Commando until production ended in 1973.

The seller refers to this one as a pretty rare half-cab pickup and this is the configuration that I would want. It’s as much of a truck as I would ever need in my lifetime, at least if things keep going as they are now. I’m not going to build a house or pull a horse trailer so I don’t need a honkin’ one-ton diesel pickup. This is the perfect size for those of us who live in the city and may need, or want, to haul a motorcycle or a couple of dozen bags of mulch or fertilizer, or maybe pull a small trailer with a snowmobile, that’s about it. They also made a roadster, a convertible, and a station wagon.

Once the next owner gets the rust under control, and figures out the rear bumper situation, they can move on to the interior. Two or thee hours of elbow grease spent cleaning this vehicle would have made for a much better presentation, which one could argue may have led to more offers and possibly even a higher price? It’s amazing what a clean vehicle can do for an online ad. This one has the TH400 automatic. Yep, I sometimes just fantasize about cleaning and detailing an interior that looks like this, just for the before and after photos.

Somewhere down there among the mess of hoses and wires, which is surprising to see on a 1967 vehicle, is Buick’s “Dauntless” 225 cubic-inch V6 with around 160 hp. The seller has a couple of “straighter” front fenders and they say that the engine isn’t currently running, but when it recently ran it didn’t “blow any smoke and sounded good.” With a NADA approximate “average” value of $7,000, and a “low retail” value of $3,200, what do you think this one is worth in its current condition?

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  1. glen

    I WANT a honkin’ one- ton diesel! just say’n . I think I’d prefer a CJ or a J-20,over a Commando, I’m a full box, or no box, kind of guy.

  2. Jay M

    Looks like a good project at a good price.

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  3. Wagon master

    Soooo, the rust doesn’t look bad for Minasoooooda aye.

    Price is good with a lot of upside margin.

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  4. Scott

    Would not take her on the road until the marathon trailer tire was removed from the L/F. But that is probably the least of its problems. Lots of potential here.

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  5. wuzjeepnowsaab

    This is an insanely good price! Someone closer should grab this pronto. The slush box is a little disappointing but the Buick V6 is a good runner

    These look SO much better with the CJ style front than the bullnose one

  6. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Here’s another in the same area too…69 and cheaper. 3 speed as well. Buy em both and start your own fleet! :)


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    • DanWI

      That’s another interesting find! Buick V6, 3-speed, bed liner paint, upgraded rear axle. I’d go for it but: it’s a Soft top only. That would make for a long cold winter commute :)

  7. CapNemo

    I’ve had 6 Commandos thru the years, and I liked each one. That V6 is a great little engine, at least I’ve had good service out of them.

  8. JCW Jr.

    Friend had a couple of these pai ted o e for him it was kind of a light torquise green color. I prefer the look of the full cab or convertable better than this one. Although I would not throw it out of the garage. The v6 automatic combo had enough power and like most all 4×4 likes it’s gas.

  9. Howard A Member

    One of my favorite Jeeps. These always reminded me of a CJ that got bit by that rare insect, and got all puffy. For the time, this was the classiest Jeep you could get, without going the “Wagoneer” route. Agreed, the Buick engine worked great with the other, bulletproof mechanicals. Like most, serious rusters, and of the some 60 thousand of these made, and few survived. This won’t be here long. Great find. I’d love to have it.

  10. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Man, I never knew Jeep had such great looking wheel caps as the ones in photos 4,7 and 8. A good deal here.

  11. Brian Z

    Picking it up on Easter sunday cant wait to restore to my likings. Thanks, Barn Finds👍

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Congratulations, Brian!!!

    • Jay M

      Congratulations on a great project. These have been under appreciated and under valued for too long. That is beginning to change as people realize the beauty of the design.
      A super cool cruiser that you can actually use and still watch it’s value grow.

  12. Foster Member

    Got one of these myself–71 w/Buick/auto

    • Brian Z


  13. Mike H

    Would the seller be interested in selling the other fender that were metioned in the ad seperately?

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