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L78 396 V8: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS

The domination of the Ford Mustang in the new “pony car” field would get dealt a blow when the Chevy Camaro came along in 1967. While the new Chevy “only” generated about half the sales of the Ford, it did let some of the wind out of the Mustang’s sails. This 1968 edition is a Super Sport with the Rally Sport package and the L78 powerhouse V8, rated at 375 hp. But it’s been picked over through the years and will need a lot of new parts for a restoration. Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, this former Mustang-killer is available here on eBay where the bidding holds at $11,200. Our thanks to T.J. for this tip.

This may be a rare car. While Camaro production in 1968 inched up a little over 1967 to 235,147 copies, the SS 396 with the L78 V8 numbered just 4,575 units ($500 upcharge). And likely a minority of those also had the Rally Sport option and some of the other features of this car, like power windows. Given its LeMans Blue paint and the rest of its goodies, this may be an automobile that numbered in the dozens when new. But we’re speculating on that.

Most of the visuals of this offering are those of number stampings on various mechanical components to demonstrate authenticity. This was once a 4-speed Camaro, but that transmission is long gone. Back in the day, this car spent time at the drag strip as well as taking on newcomers at traffic lights. So, it was well used up. The original 12-bolt rear-end has been rebuilt with 3:73 gearing and posi-traction. The Chevy once had a black interior, but it looks like most of that has been picked over. If you can replicate this machine the way it was in 1968, you’d have one boss Camaro.


  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    Maybe they just should’ve left it outside.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    Didn’t know there was a saltwater ocean anywhere near Ohio. Polluted lake up north could probably produce the same results.

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    • Nate

      Hey Bob, this is in Williamsburg, VA…just a short drive to the Atlantic.

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  3. Big Al

    I need a tetanus shot by just looking at the pictures of this rust bucket ! 💉💉💉

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  4. Mike

    This Camaro is almost as bad as most of the MOPARs on this site.

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  5. DA

    $11,200.00 for a VIN plate? But no bids, and the auction ended. I suspect the neighborhood scrap boys picked it up for $100.00.

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  6. Big C

    Cletus is probably shocked that there were no trust fund speculators that wanted to snap up his “rare” lump of rust.

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  7. Gtoforever

    The funny thing is that it will probably show up a year from now on BJ auctions for 225k because someone suggested it MAY be rare.
    Instead of enlisting in the Army I should have bought all the rust buckets I could get my hands on back in the mid Seventies!!!

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  8. Desert Rat

    As the owner of a first gen Camaro it hurts my heart to see such a once great camaro in this pitiful state. This would have been my dream car in 67 but look at it now. This car needs to have been listed for around a thousand bucks and I would then consider taking on this project. An rs ,375 horse, 4 speed this would probably be the only way this old guy could every have one.

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  9. Michael Freeman Mike Freeman Member

    More likely originally an old small block with a Powerglide somebody gifted with an SS hood

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    • Tyler

      If it was, then someone went to a lot of trouble to install a ratty big block heater box & core, & wasted a 6000 rpm redline tach. Seller claims the block has the matching VIN, so it’s probably the real deal L78, just a totally trashed real deal L78.

      When I was a kid, my dad bought a 68 Chevelle SS with a L78 & 4 speed. I can remember every time my mother drove it, she either left a pair of tire marks, or she stalled it, lol! And he spent a lot of time trying to keep it in tune. He traded it for a 71 Mach 1 with a 351 auto. He then traded that in 73 for a new K5 Blazer. My mother is still upset about that.

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