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Land Yacht Wrecks: Cadillac Coupe Projects

Details are scarce on this listing for two Cadillacs, one described as a parts car – the 1959 Eldorado Seville – and the other presumably a 1959 Coupe Deville. The ’59 Seville – if identified correctly – is a fairly rare model, being one of under 1,000 Eldorado Seville coupe models made, but the listing simultaneously describes the cars as being ’59 and ’60 models, so some follow-up with the seller may be necessary. He’s listed the pair of cars here on eBay as a package deal for $20,000.

Curiously, one car isn’t mentioned at all – and that’s the limousine-bodied Cadillac. The pictures show what looks like a barn collapse, which likely forced these Caddys out into the daylight for the first time in decades. There appears to be another sedan body parked in front of a decrepit garage, and more cars scattered throughout the property. There’s a lot going on here, and it’s not clear if all the cars are for sale, and to what scale spare parts are included.

I don’t claim to be an expert on all the blow-by-blow details of this vintage of Cadillac, but I can say pretty confidently the ’59 Seville coupe models left the factory with a vinyl roof and some additional chrome trim wrapping around the rear quarter panel and ending up by the A-pillar. Sadly, multiple portions of this car appear to be collapsing, which is likely why the seller designated it the parts car of the lot. Sad – it was likely a stunner back in the day.

The listing mentions that there are five cars total up for grabs, so it would seem the seller is splitting the cars up. Although the two coupes are said to have complete interiors, I can’t see there being a ton of useful components if the cars have been left to nature for years and years. The Cadillac collection is located in Caramel, Indiana, the local climate of which hasn’t likely done the Caddys any favors. Do you think these rare coupes are worth the $20K price?



    It’s a shame about the condition of these Cadillacs, Thankfully they weren’t junked 30 years ago. Now for the reality check, I can see the world with three or 4 more finned Cadillac love seats.

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  2. Arthell64

    They may have been restorable 25 years ago. Too bad they aren’t 69 dodge chargers or 69 camaro’s rusted out junk doesn’t discourage those guys.

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  3. canadainmarkseh

    These cars have been iconic for decades, it makes me that the owner lived under a rock to not know that. “I’m going to fix them up some day” but in mean time I’m going to let them rot into the ground. Sadly there not even parts cars any more. There’s always an up side though, if you own a nice example of these it has become more rare. Because these car are likely to never see the road again. Except for the ride to the crusher.

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  4. Bob McK

    I would love to have the Eldorado trim, but not for $20K.

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  5. Del

    Bring that Crusher closer to me

    A car collectors Hymn.

    In the tune of C flat

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    • Chris M.

      Lol so true. That ramshackle they’re stored at is in dire need of a D8. Looks like there’s maybe $1500-2000 total in parts.

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  6. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Yeah, “project cars” is pushing the definition pretty far. I’d hazard to guess that a nice example of a ’59 Caddie could be bought for half of what it would cost to restore one of these hulks. See ya!

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  7. normadesmond

    Well, at least they removed the house that had fallen on it.

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  8. Solosolo UK ken tillyUK Member

    This is the saddest post that I have seen on BF ever. Absolute sacrilege to allow these beautiful motor cars to deteriorate this far. By the way, wasn’t the Limo in the picture known as a Fleetwood?

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    • Sedoy

      You are right Ken.
      I don’t understand how it is possible so not to love these beautiful cars? How can people watch so many years how they fall apart?
      I have seen such cars many times. If a person does not do anything with the car, then why doesn’t he sell it to someone who will truly appreciate it? And when the car was almost completely destroyed, they put it up for sale and they want a lot of money for it.
      How many beautiful cars have so ingloriously ended their days because of the human greed of
      Although… On the other hand, why should this car, which has a beautiful style and design, cost only $ 2K even in such a terrible condition?
      See how much the old VW buses and old Porsche cost!
      In my opinion, they have no style or beauty at all, one looks like a cucumber, the other looks like a grandmother’s well-worn slipper. But even the rusty skeleton from these cans costs a lot of money! So why should the beautiful and stylish 1959 Cadillac cost only $ 2k?
      Everything can be restored, but of course it depends on the depth of the pockets. But my personal opinion is that such cars are worth restoration!
      We must not let such cars disappear, because these cars need to be shown to people so that they know what real design and style is!
      So that people know that there were times when cars had a style and personality!
      Unlike today, when faceless plastic soap dishes go on the roads and everyone is happy if his soap box is smarter than his neighbor’s soapbox and has more buttons and screens …
      We have all been taught that the car should last 3-5 years and it’s time to change that it’s a recyclable thing like a plastic bottle and … Most people come to terms with it. It’s a shame…

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      • Bob McK

        Sedoy, I agree that 59 and 60 cadillacs should be saved if possible and yes anything can be restored. Have you priced parts for these cars? You would
        Even burn way more money than they would be worth even if you did the work yourself. So, unfortunately these are parts cars.

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      • chris webb

        Spot on comments my friend.I own a Restored gotham gold yellow and white 59 coupe de ville with metallic gold and brown interior here in Australia. A true world car. Art on wheels and these gunna,s leave these to rot. Let someone have them to restore.The only bonus is that the more that they disappear the more likely my american icon will go up in value.Hope someone saves at least bits of them.( I did a 58 cad couch from a wreck).It lives on in part for another generation to marvel at.

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  9. Robert White

    The rotted out Caddi-collection is worth a few bucks for parts only. None of the rot in that yard is worthy of restoration. The seller thinks turds can be polished and likely wants real money for rust too.

    He will be lucky to get $1000.00 for the hassle of getting these piles of rot off of his unkempt yard. Heck, the buyer will need a backhoe or highhoe to load the piles of rust onto trailers.

    All that work for what?


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  10. Burger

    They look like anything left outside in the Portland-Seattle area for any time at all. Can’t begin to guess how many times I have seen situations just like this, … the collapsing buildings, the rotted, moss-covered cars, and the owners that just don’t comprehend the math of WET + LEAVES and NEEDLES and MOSS = CAR BE GONE !

    So many people who live by the motto:

    “Behold the field in which I grow my fxgks, and you will see that it is barren ….”

    These folks didn’t give a whoop to keep decent roofs on those buildings, take care of the cars. If experience tells me anything, they like cigarettes and beer, and are not to familiar with soap.

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    • HerbK98

      Burger – thanks for your closing sentence. Too funny. It made my day! ;-)

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    • Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

      What’s wrong with beer? My Dad used to drink Burger Beer back in the 60s. I could go for a cold Burgie right now!

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      • Robert White

        And what’s wrong with cigarettes & beer? Heck, I have smoked cigarettes for half a century and am a graduate of the George Burns School of Smoking too.

        I used to like beer until I learned that I was allergic to it, but I’m still not allergic to cigarettes thanks to being a George Burns graduate with distinction.

        Beer from Germany is good whilst the rest is terrible.

        Everything in & around my abode is in good repair with no moss or lichens gathered. All my fix it jobs are finished.

        Beer & cigarettes is not a good correlation behaviourally and would not indicate laziness or complacency.

        Always remember that correlation does not automatically lead to causality such that not all cigarette smokers that drink the odd brewski would be remiss in terms of yard work.


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    • Burger

      Well, although my thoughts reflect what I have seen, in the main, (the smokes and beer crew tend to be less concerned about things besides cigs and brew than others), no generalization is without exceptions. But with 40+ years chasing old junk and cars, the exceptions to the rule have been few.

      To be fair to the eccentrics/hoarders/fruit loops that collect junk and cars and let the world fall in around them, …. without these oddballs in the world, it would all be strip malls and vinyl siding. Nothing old and cool would survive. Rare is the old vehicle that is loved from new, and never allowed to go to seed. Most get to a point of falling apart and being placed in a neglected state, like these Caddies. Maybe in a garage, shed, or barn, but often outside, and all too often, left to accumulate the acid-producing leaves and needles to accelerate the decomposition of the cars. While I hate to see old and cool let to fall apart, at least they survive. The alternative is they got scrapped and gone long ago.

      As for unfamiliarity with soap, who amongst us has not crossed paths with “that guy” with the aromatic essence of smokes, alcohol, and a rich blend of dead skin, sweat, and other body fluids ? Got a whole fambly of these folks up the street from me. Crossed paths with another at the gas station today. Was standing in line to pay for a soda a couple weeks back. A female ahead of me was buying smokes and rolling papers. When she got close, I was reminded of the warm sensory glow one might get while exploring a restaurant dumpster in mid-summer.

      Some peoples’ kids !

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  11. Butchb

    I parted out a lot of vintage Caddy’s in the past. Knocking a Zero off the asking price would still be pushing it for these hulks.

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  12. Skippy

    OMG what garbage. I don’t see a single salvagable piece on or in these cars. I thin there are 2 too many zeroes on that BIN price. Too bad, too, since many of those parts, like the original bumpers, in good shape would be worth $$ if not rusted through. They will be lucky not to have to pay the salvage yard to come get them.

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  13. TimM

    Way to much cost involved in restoration of these boats!!! Not something I would take on!!! Reality sucks when you get into a project like this!!!

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  14. Andrew Franks

    Ken, I agree with you. The Seller has no sense. These cars should have been moved to a sheltered area to get away from Indiana WInters. The cars as they sit are worth $500.00 apiece, sight unseen. The cost in moving them to a competent restorer or to someone’s home will be a big number, you can’t do it yourself, and assume North of $100,000 apiece if you are going to do it.

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  15. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Regarding the whole hoarding thing…Burger makes a good point that without hoarders, many cars would be crushed and long gone. For you Mopar fans, make a pilgrimage to AMS Obsolete near Atlanta, for the most mind-blowing tour through the Georgia pines.

    But, then again, hoarding them outside isn’t helping matters either, right? There is definitely some aberrant gene in men that makes them bring in old cars, imagining against all logic (and financial where-with-all) that they will someday restore these cars. We’ve all seen it a hundred times.

    As delusional as it probably is, at least it is noble to imagine these cars back on the road again.

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  16. john c

    As these automobiles sit,…. if he sells them, he’ll have more yard to mow. I bet they are still there into 2020 and beyond. The owner probably got a package of rolling papers himself, and ‘fired one up’ as he decided a BIN price.

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  17. Little_Cars

    Based on the Barn Finds photos only, it doesn’t appear the collapsed building had anything to do with the storage of the Cadillacs. They look like any other piece of metal machinery left out in the weather for decades. I had to do a double take on the limo…methinks the seller should do a touch more research of Fleetwood and Fleetwood Broughams to extract the best number for this with all the coupes. Something like $1500 to me, to haul his metal off for him, sound about right? I won’t even complain about the seller’s abode, hygiene, or use of the King’s English.

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