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Livery in Miniature: 1960 Fiat Multipla


There’s a problem for people like myself who come across certain projects and say, “Yeah, but where would you find another one?” That’s how I feel when looking at this school bus yellow 1960 Fiat 600 Multipla here on eBay – sure it’s rusty, but where are you going to find another microcar that can hold eight passengers and doesn’t wear the Isetta badge? 


The problem with thinking you’ll never find another one is that it makes you commit to rash decisions without thinking things through. Now, if you’ve been hunting for a Multipla that you didn’t have to have shipped from Europe or some other far off place, you might be able to justify the cost savings as a reason for investing in one with serious bodywork needs; your threshold for justification is a personal decision, for sure.


Inside, this Fiat looks reasonable complete. The seller says it even starts up and runs! That’s pretty amazing, as the outside of the car makes it look like an entirely lost cause. The 600 is located in Texas, which would lead you to believe rust wouldn’t be an issue – but where this car came from previously might answer some questions about how it ended up in this condition.


One thing that can’t be denied? Bidders are hungry. There’s no reserve and the action is already north of $4,000, which tells me that folks who collect microcars and other oddballs are excited about the prospects of this project. Plus, the value of these unusual people carriers can sometimes surprise you with how much fanatics are willing to pay for a rare example like this Fiat. Would you take this project on? And if so, at what price?


  1. JW

    Not to be nasty but that thing looks like a turd on wheels. JMHO take it or leave it.

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  2. MikeG

    Try bead blasting that and see what’s left afterwards, probably a seat, 4 tires and a steering wheel. : (

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    • Jacob

      As the owner of an 850 sedan… I can confirm.

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    • Alex

      As a owner of 4 rusty fiat 500, I can only confirm.
      It’s a project for someone really good in patching with metal sheets and welding.

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  3. Fred W.

    Easiest way to fix it is to jack it up and drive this one under it.

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    • ccrvtt

      So THAT’S what it’s supposed to look like!

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  4. Joe Muzy

    And they said you couldn’t tell if a Studebaker was coming or going. Which is the front ?

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  5. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I want it, AND the Jeep FJ postal Fleetvan in the background. And did I spy a 1956 Dodge Canadian postal van too?

    Back around 1964 our next door neighbors had a Fiat 600 Multipla. [They had 4 kids and 2 large dogs.] One day we decided to see how many people we really could get into the Multipla. Well the answer was 18. [8 adults & 10 kids from ages 10 to 15]. And we drove it up & down the street. Not an easy task, as 2 people moved the pedals with their hands & feet, one person shifted it, and another person steered it.

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    • TC

      Bill, were those postal vans left hand drive, right hand drive or was the steering wheel in the center?

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  6. TC

    Reminds me of a joke I once heard, “how do you jamb 8 hungry Italians into a Fiat Multipla, chuck in a pizza and a bottle of vino and stand back”.
    No it’s not meant to be racist just funny!

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  7. brakeservo

    Is it a Fiat Multipla or just the idea that a Multipla can exist in that space once every single bad and rusted part is replaced? Current bid seems like way too much money just for an idea . . .

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  8. Rex Rice

    If the picture had sound, you could hear it rusting.

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  9. Allis128

    And I thought 6 in a Fiat 128 was a good job (4 adults and 2 kids)! That was with reasonable comfort for a short ride from the ferry dock to home. And a single driver!

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  10. Gerald Luck

    Some of you all are so shortsighted. Be a visionary. I see real potential here for a taxi or airport shuttle once the bodywork is done. A real business opportunity for a entrepreneur. Once this baby is painted put a taxi sign on it and you’ll have people standing in line- literally, to ride in her. Why, you’d have the cost of the project repaid plus the fun of driving her. You’ll be: The Talk Of The Town. That’s a good name for the taxi business too. Think about this, buy the old girl, get busy and have fun.

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  11. Wayne

    I love these. Reminds me of one in my youth. But I think this one is a better buy.


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  12. Howard A Member

    I’d love to comment, but this site is terrible sometimes. I don’t have near as much trouble on any other site, I’ll try again.( apparently, the server gets overwhelmed and my computer freezes up. Anybody else have problems, or is it my “backwoods innernet”)
    HA! ” turd on wheels”. Good one. The Fiat Multipla. For those that like this, and it is neat, probably haven’t spent much time in one. In the early ’70’s, I had a friend that worked at a Fiat dealer, and they took one of these in on a trade. We, ( 4 of us, and not hefty’s either) went for a ride. The experience was not unlike riding in a coffee can on wheels, and he never did get it into 4th gear, so about 35 ( wound out in 3rd) was about all he got. Great for the little alley’s of Europe, but in the US, not so much.

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    • JW

      Howard I used to have the same issues here posting but for some reason it all of a sudden cleared up, hope you have the same luck as I did. Cheers !!!

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  13. Car Guy

    Ugly and rusty too! Looks like this one spent it life as a beach van in Galveston….

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  14. Jim

    Well, looks like someone purchased the car and parked it over here in Florida…

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